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emoticon Just the answer I am looking for I know it might sound obvious but thanks it is good to hear from message board! Thanks I will try that learning to say "No" & Fridays I can get through the night when done sparks before! But it is Saturday I struggle My husband does not work till Tuesday! Off Monday! So thought before on SP Back on now! Why not Drink well had in January in past 2 small bottles wine! This Early Year! (Was going great lost nearly 6 Pounds!) on a Thursday not Tuesday when we get the money for shopping or benefits! why not do it Thursday & not Wednesday! PLUS NOT FRIDAY!! ah maybe Saturday/ Sunday! Don't really touch it on a Monday because weekend just gone! (Out of Way.) Or maybe I can buy the non alcoholic beer/wine which I have had before! Ok all right. Maybe I could have something for when I get in on a Friday/Saturday that I can look forward to remind myself of not having a bit of a hangover the next day! Maybe meditation on here SP OR & Posting a topic to others what you have had WEEKEND. Put some stickers round my kitchen cupboard fridge reminding of my success & BEFORE THEN WHY I'M DOING IT!

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Welcome to sparks so glad you are back

Take a few minutes to make up a sparkpage making it public and allowing members to post a message to you on it

Also take a time regularly to participate on all the groups you have joined as you will get a lot of encouragement there

Cutting down on alcohol when tempted while at moms = I am not a drinker but I would think it would be the same as with food - just because others are doing it you don't need to. And if your mom is asking you to join her when you say you don't want any then it would be wise to cut the visit short if she is not willing to help by not offering it to you.

Take it one day a time - plan the night before what you are going to eat and then stick to the plan.

If I can be of help please just ask

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7/29/13 11:05 A

I am back!! I feel heavy, hot sticky in this summer UK weather! One time last month I had diet Coke with lemon in & water with lemon in all
day! 2 Cans diet coke in the EVENING a bit after my water with lemon in taking water bottle to mums! Oh I had a jug of water asked mum & put some Ice in! No ice here! How do I cut down on the alcohol & when at mums not be tempted? Even though my mum likes a drink? What can you do differently in the evenings? Loved my ready meals with baked beans! filling up & maybe a diet lemonade in the evenings! (week.) Like to have the beef meals ready made high quality! to try & get some protein! Should I do some exercise in the evenings? & how why do the weekends fall flat?

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