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3/8/13 9:31 P

I would dr about losing weight cause it could be that you are on the high end in normal. Askif you could up the hormone just a bit.

I have no thyroid and in remission of thyroid cancer. I struggle with my weight because my hormone flexuates from middle of normal to highest. You wouldn't be able to lose much weight in that much time safely and healthy.

So talk with your dr. He will help u out the most. See if msybe he will refer you to a nutrionist...


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3/8/13 9:34 A

Yes, I am on medication and my tsh,t3 and t4 were all normal last month.I am something around 149 cms.
I do know that it is not healthy to do so.
My main goal or call it the ultimate goal is to achieve proper form and good health by the end of this year.
I just wanted an opinion.
I was just feeling really frustrated with my health. But I am good now.
And Thank you for guiding me.
You have given me the support I needed.


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3/7/13 1:18 P

I agree with the others that a .5-1.0 lb. weight loss per week is the most you should expect (and really, even .25-.5 would be reasonable).

I also wanted to point out that the vast majority of your weight loss will be as a result of diet rather than exercise. If you set your reasonable goals in Spark and follow the nutrition ranges they give you, that will be your best bet for effective, healthy weight loss.

3/7/13 11:06 A

Are you on medication for your thyroid? If you are and your levels are good there is no reason you cannot lose weight. If you are not on medication go to a doctor ASAP and get blood work done to you can get on medication. For weight loss you are looking at an unrealistic goal. Try not to focus on a number or a time period. Just eat right and exercise and the weight will come off. The weight did not go on fast so there is no reason to think it will come off fast.

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3/7/13 10:20 A

Let me put it quite bluntly.

You are not going to lose much, if anything, in 15 days.

That's simply not enough time for your body to make ANY kinds of changes. How tall are you? At 138 lbs, I suspect you're already at a healthy weight, unless you are VERY petite. It is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to lose a lot of weight fast. If you were over 200 lbs, you could aim for 2 lbs per week.

You're not fat enough. You have unreasonable expectations about your weight loss ability. You are trying to do too much, too fast, and I suspect these are vanity pounds. (They may not be, but I have little information to go on.)

There is no quick fix. You are not going to lose anything significant in 15 days, not without hurting your body. Especially since you have hypothyroid, which can make losing weight significantly more difficult.

Get some Spanx, adjust your expectations, and realize this isn't going to happen that fast. Go to your event realizing you're probably going to look about the same as you are now. Set a more reasonable weight loss goal of no more than about 3% of your total weight loss goal per week, and set aside time-based goals entirely.

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3/7/13 9:35 A

What I'm trying to say is that it is very unlikely you'll lose more than 1-2 lbs per week especially at your weight. And to boot you have hypothyroidism so even that may highly unrealistic for you. A .5-1 lb loss is more reasonable. I just don't want you to get disappointed. You may lose some water retention as Motivated suggested if you cut back on your sodium but that is not the same as fat loss. It is temporary and will return if you increase your sodium intake again.

BUT... considering you're taking up an exercise program, most people actually gain or don't lose any weight for the first couples weeks/months when beginning an exercise program. When you start exercising, your muscles retain fluid (glycogen stores) to prepare for the next time you exercise and they need to tap into that store. This leads to fluid retention which will cause the scale to either remain stagnant or your weight to increase. You may still be losing fat but at the same time retaining fluid.

Losing fat takes time and again, at your weight... those changes will be subtle and slow. It is unlikely you will notice much of a difference in your appearance in 2 months time. The Spark program is about making healthy lifestyle changes because those are the only kind that lead to permanent changes as opposed to yo-yo dieting. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

I would suggest introducing an exercise program that includes both cardio (to burn calories and improve cardiovascular health) and strength training (that has a plethera of health benefits in addition to combating lean muscle/tissue loss while losing weight).

Spark has plenty of fitness videos to get you started if you go to your "Articles and Video" tab and then "videos". Some cardio and some strength training. You can also go to your "My Fitness" tab and in the box where you add exercises there will be the suggestion for the "workout generator". You can use it to develop a strength training routine based on your level and what equipment you have, if any (you can start with body weight exercises).

Suggested cardio: 30 mins (high intensity) 3x a week minimum.
Suggested strength training: 30 mins 3x a week (full body) with a rest period between ST days to allow your muscles to heal and rebuild. Lift heavy so your muscles reach exhaustation (you cannot perform another rep in good form) in 8-12 reps before moving up in weight/resistance.

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3/7/13 7:23 A

Thank you for the advice. I'll keep that in mind. so i should try to loose like 4-5 lbs max that should be like 2.5 kgs in a month. Could you please suggest an exercise routine.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
3/7/13 6:47 A

10 kgs in 15 days??? Not healthy, and not gonna happen. (Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, or negative - just blunt and direct).

As a reference point, a healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss is 1-2 lbs (0.5 - 1 kg) per week.

One thing you can do is to try to cut down on your sodium (salt) intake. Less sodium = less retained water. Many people find their body letting go of several pounds of water in the 1st week or two of cutting their sodium intake. It's not fat, and it's just a one-off effect, but it is healthy.

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3/7/13 6:40 A

That's impossible and unhealthy. The most you should expect to lose is 2 lbs/week. You would have to create a deficit of 77 000 cals in 2 weeks. You would literally have to eat absolutely nothing for those two weeks and exercise around the clock. A good portion of the loss would simply be fluid/food gain/lean tissue loss.

The healthy amount to lose is 1-2 lbs per week. At your current weight, you should only expect to lose .5-1 lbs/week. Heavier people can lose weight faster because they have a higher BMR (they burn more calories at rest and at exercise). A person like you who is already in their healthy BMI will be lucky to create a 3500 cal (or 1 lb) per week deficit. By eating in your spark range and maybe burning 2000 + cals a week through exercise. Which believe me, as a smaller person is really hard to do. You'll have to do high intensity cardio for approximately an hour most day of the week in addition to strength training to combat lean muscle loss (which will likely cause you to retain fluid and scale loss will be stagnant for the first couple weeks).

So if I were you, I'd put that very ambitious and impossible goal aside and concentrate on a more realistic goal for yourself. Like improving your health, diet and fitness. Since you are already likely a healthy weight for your height.

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3/7/13 6:22 A

Hi, I am 21 and 62.5 kgs. i have hypothyroid and would like to loose at least 10 kgs for an event in 15 days. Could you please suggest something, anything to achieve good results. I do not want to look weak, I wan to loose weight but in a healthy way.

Thanks in advance.

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