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2/26/15 10:33 A

I had my thyroid removed and have serious bouts of fever/hot flashes and then I'm freezing cold, all in a matter of minutes. It's never ending and very uncomfortable. The medication is finally regulated, but I still suffer. I'll take the cold over the hot though. Layers can be added and subtracted, when you get down to skin there's not much left to do but take cold showers.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,210
2/26/15 8:30 A

Yes, I wear a sweater in the house, even when my husband has his shirt off, he always wonders, plus I have extra blankets just on my side of the bed, even after we moved to Texas!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (600,231)
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2/26/15 12:23 A

My little sister goes through that.

JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (319,671)
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2/25/15 7:17 P

me too

SUNNYD76 Posts: 1,578
2/25/15 3:06 P

I am right there with you. I am so cold all the time. I can get temporary relief with a ton of blankets, a hot shower, etc. I am tired of constantly dressing like I live in the tundra though.

I get my levels and meds checked every 6 months and they keep telling me that now I am on meds that they are normal. So, I guess this is something I just need to live with.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
3/30/14 10:03 P


ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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3/30/14 8:19 P

Me ! Me !

Well ... at least in the winter. I do well enough in the summer, but once the temperatures drop below 50 degrees F. outside, I suffer from constant cold big time. This past winter was horrible. I would sit in my office at work wearing wool trousers, a long sleeved shirt, a long sleeved wool sweater, a wool jacket on top of all that ... and still need a wool blanket across my lap. That's no way to have to spend my days at work.

I have less trouble at home because I can turn the thermostat up. I keep it warm enough inside and then I am fine with long sleeves and a big, wooly bathrobe, warm socks, and slippers.

It really wore me down this winter and no one is happier to see the arrival of spring than I am.

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (64,375)
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3/30/14 5:41 P

I have struggled with having a low thyroid for the past 10+ years and aside from the fatigue and difficulty losing weight one of my biggest issues is always feeling cold. Even lying in the sun on a tropical island I can feel cold inside. At night I have both hot flashes and these intense cold flashes which is a feeling like ice running through my veins. It is not the chills one feels after a hot flash, it is feeling cold inside even when my outside body temperature is warm to touch. I am always wearing a sweater and turning up the heat, it drives me crazy. I get my levels and my meds checked every 6 months but nothing seems to help. Intense exercising helps but the cool down can be brutal. A hot bath sometimes brings relief but it never last for long. I would love to wear a sleeveless blouse in the summer but I always end up having to put on a sweater. Does anyone else feel cold all the time?

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