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8/18/11 4:03 P

My husband doesn't understand because he's not a woman. He doesn't have hormonal changes happening, he wasn't programmed to nurture (man genetics) and he doesn't think like a woman..... You know I was waiting for a very long time for him to "understand" days, weeks, months went by all the while I sat (literally) and waited! BUT truly it was I who didn't understand, I didn't understand that my life, my future was in fact in my OWN hands. I decided to stop waiting for this wonderful man to understand something the he never could,.....( the body and mind of a woman.) That's what led me to SparkPeople! I am full of hope now and I've taken the responsibility of my life from him.........Thank You Baby for not understanding, because maybe if you did I would not have found ME again. emoticon

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8/18/11 12:57 P

I didn't say I wasn't wanting to talk at supper, just not as much as he wants to. I don't mind a little conversation, but if it interferes with my nutritional goals (I tend to eat more when distracted), then it can be an issue. I didn't come on here to be told how petty I am, I was asking for ideas on how to deal with it, whether that be talking to my husband about it, or working on my own issues to make it work. Thankfully, my husband is a really understanding man and is willing to work with me on this.

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8/18/11 12:31 P

Don't want to sound mean, but what a thing to complain about. There are thousand of wives across the country who'd love to have their hubby sit and talk to them like that. Also, think about it - you're eating healthier and loosing weight - looking great and not wanting to talk to him at supper. He may be feeling a bit insecure.

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8/17/11 1:42 P

We each eat dinner at different times because of our work schedules, so I think he gets lonely while I am eating. I don't mind a little conversation during dinner, but when he tells his stories, he stands in front of me and expects me to stop what I'm doing, watch, and respond every few sentences. I explained to him during lunch today that I am trying to change the way I eat and need to be able to enjoy the food I'm eating instead of just shoveling it in without thinking about it, and that this is going to take some focus on my part. I also let him know that I don't mind some conversation, but would appreciate it if we could save the longer stories for after I'm done eating.

8/17/11 1:19 P

Maybe before dinner you can sit down for a cup of coffee, water, lemonade, ECT. Then when it is time for dinner there will be no conversation left.

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8/17/11 1:15 P

Conversation around the dinner table was a very important time of the day for my family, and I cherished it! It was great to keep each other in the loop, and also to discuss topical issues of the day.

Why are you not interested?
Any way you can listen "to him yammer on incessantly" BEFORE you sit down?

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8/17/11 12:23 P

I've tried to explain to my husband that, when I am eating, I would like to enjoy my food and not have to talk too much or listen to long stories about what happened at work that day. He just doesn't seem to get it. He still interrupts my dinners to tell me his long stories about things that happened at work, then gets mad at me when I get frustrated that I can't focus on enjoying my food. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this across to him so I can enjoy my food, not just shovel it in while listening to him yammer on incessantly?

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