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1/12/12 10:57 P

Call your massage therapist! I'm sure that s/he will be able to give you some insight on why you're in pain, and the best way to handle it. And please don't hesitate to speak up if you're feeling pain during a massage in the future. As a therapist in training, I know that people are sometimes reluctant to say anything when they're on the table, but we wish you would- the last thing your therapist wants to do is hurt you. Hope your shoulder feels better soon so you can get back to your routine soon :)

1/12/12 9:53 A

Yeah, I frequently have to get massages. It will be sore the next day its normal, and will go away the following. IF you work out but take it easy on that area and do something low impact (ie just walk) Do lots of stretches for that area. Actually Cold might work better than heat. As heat is usually only for stiffness and will aggravate an area that's inflamed while cold brings down the swelling.

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1/12/12 9:16 A

Yesterday, my daughter and I went for our Swedish Massage (for my birthday - which was last Wednesday). The atmosphere seemed very relaxing, the music playing was soothing... everything seemed like it'd be alright. My massage therapist worked on my right shoulder (what seemed like the majority of the time). I have a lot of tension in my shoulders, and I could feel the knots in the muscles... at first the pressure was fine... just right. But eventually it got to the point that I was so sore. Every time she would go over a certain area... I'd cringe.

This morning, I woke up with a very sore neck and my shoulder (the right one) is KILLING me!! Once our (my daughter & I's) massage was over, we both felt pretty relaxed... but once we got to the car, we had agreed that we were more relaxed because it was finally over!

This morning, my daughter says she's a little sore too. I'm hurting pretty bad... to the point that I'd like to put a heating pad on my shoulder and just lay down all day. I'm not sure if I should exercise or what. (I mean, obviously, I know I can still get on the treadmill and do my step-ups; etc.... but I mean, should I avoid upper body strength training for a few days?)

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