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5/23/13 1:05 A

Please be very careful with back issues. Rest and ice are your friends.

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5/22/13 2:52 P


If you've pulled a muscle in your back, the last thing you should do is exercise later today. You should consider laying off any exercise for a couple of days. Give your back a chance to rest and recover. If you try to do Insanity now, you risk making that injury worse than it already is.

You WILL NOT derail any of your efforts at weight loss if you need to take a couple of days off from your exercise routine. In fact, part of a healthy lifestyle is learning to take days off when you're injured. Listen to your body, if your back hurts, you shouldn't exercise until it's fully healed. If you exercise while it's weak, you really do risk hurting yourself.

Take it easy a couple of days. If it still doesn't feel right after a couple of days of ice and rest, give your doctor a call. Back injuries need to be treated with care.

KJACOBS1111 Posts: 592
5/22/13 1:05 P

Ice it for 15 minutes a few times a day...put a towel between you and the ice pack. Do not use heat, it will feel good at first, but makes more inflammation.

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5/22/13 12:41 P

Hurt my back yesterday during my workout. I must have pulled a muscle or something. Its not as bad as yesterday, but I don't want it to start hurting when I work out later. I made it to the 3rd week of Insanity without missing any days. Does anyone have any ideas on how to relieve the pain? Other than aspirin?

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