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6/1/08 5:25 P

Today is my cheat day and I've been looking forward to it ALL week.

I want pizza so badly, but I think I'll get the Lean Cuisine kind just to be good.

However, I've been craving Ben and Jerry's ALL WEEK! Especially Phish Food and Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. Ben and Jerry's is SO high in calories, though. Ack! I don't know what to do. I want it so badly. It's so good, but so sinful. DEVIL!

ANH2100 Posts: 600
4/27/08 9:45 A

My cheat say was yesterday and the only thing really i ate bad was some Mexican food for dinner where I ate grilled chicken breast with cheese,gaucamole,salad,and tortilla chips with salsa.So I guess not too bad.

DLASAGNA Posts: 2,420
4/27/08 9:36 A

Yesterday I had a pork rib with some awesome sauce, half a cup of (white! scandal!) rice, some peas and a white roll..... Oh and some potatoes au gratin for my snack.

It's only cheating because I didn't write it down... It probably didn't even make a dent in my calorie allowance yesterday. My friend is an awesome cook.

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MYSHARONANY Posts: 3,053
4/27/08 9:18 A

i start a round of antibiotics today so last night was pizza and wine for dinner. I was good the rest of the day so all told I wasn't horrible but it sure did taste good!!

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,677)
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4/27/08 7:05 A

homemade chicken potstickers with white flour wrappers, chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

4/27/08 6:08 A

Tomorrow is my cheat day. Hurray! However, I've already calculated my menu and I am going to stay within range, but skip the snacks so I can have a sinful dinner. Yum. Yes, I'm finally having my pizza. I can't wait. Also, chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Today was sort of a cheat day, too. We had a day at the park and ate hot dogs and potato chips. But we also played volleyball, kick ball, and then I ran for 30 minutes, so it's all good. Too much sodium, ugh. I hate processed food.

DIGIT88 Posts: 461
4/21/08 2:06 P

I slept over at my SO's apartment over the weekend. We went out for breakfast and I got eggs, hasbrowns, and toast with butter. Then we had a picnic in central park and I ate sushi! MMM. Then I got home late at night and ate my mother's leftover pasta from one of my favorite restaurants. I must have gone a thousand calories over, but I was right back on track the next day so it's not a big deal. Not to mention we walked for six hours that day and burned over 1000 calories.

AMANDARYAN1051 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/21/08 2:02 P

brace yourselves for this one:

friday nite: cocktails, more than i should have, followed by 4am pizza & cheese bread at this way fun late nite joint.

saturday: felt crappy from previous nite, did well during the day, until the bf decided taking me out for dinner, and then going out for dessert was a good idea. NONE of which was healthy or portion controlled by me! mmm club quesadillas, fried green beans & icecream

sunday: leftovers from the quesadilla, ok, not too bad, followed by the bf brining me a bottle of wine and pizza.

you have no idea how awful i feel. my huge bday party is this saturday, and if i dont fit in my dress, i'm going to be one grouchy birthday girl!

should have stopped then!

ANH2100 Posts: 600
4/21/08 12:11 P

Sunday is mine too.I ate good all morning sticking to my meal plan then dinner time came(it was my mom's b-day) and I actually ate fairly decent.I had bbq boneless,skinless chicken breast with green bean,small serving of mac-n-cheese,1 biscuit a small slice of Boston cream pie,and a slice of angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream.I think with all that I still stayed under my calorie highest calorie intake lol.

4/21/08 11:46 A

Yesterday was my birthday so I cheated by eating a couple homemade sliders, a few servings of cheese fries, jalapeno poppers, doritos, and about 3 rootbeer floats. emoticon
But I worked out hard before pigging out and also took a big old fiber swill and by morning I still weighed the same as my last weigh in. Yay! And of course now I feel all junked out and I'm right back on track today. I got rid of all the leftovers and don't even want to look at the bottle of rootbeer in my fridge!

AUBIE822 Posts: 923
4/21/08 11:40 A

Saturday I had a cheat lunch--Whopper with cheese and a Dr. Pepper! Yum! But I was good the rest of the day.

4/21/08 11:08 A

I had birthday cake and ice cream.

CLARABOO Posts: 131
4/21/08 10:53 A

I usually do a cheat meal instead of a whole day. Last week I had a huge slice of coconut cream pie for the first time in ages. It was well worth the calories!

JMAYSIE Posts: 495
4/21/08 10:38 A

Saturday was my cheat day. I had a small omlette with bacon, sausage, pepper and onions. For lunch I had these frozen chicken sticks which were quite nasty. For dinner I had a ribeye and a potato. I also had a few drinks.

MUNKOS Posts: 1,007
4/21/08 10:20 A

I don't really have set aside cheat days. It just happens when we have a special occassion or company or what not. This weekend unfortunately was friday night AND saturday night.

Friday day I was good all day: But went out alone with my sis for dinner and had prime rib, yorkshire pudding and a few drinks. Oh yeah, we shared potatoe skins. OOPS, LOL.

Saturday I forcefed myself before my friends Birthday dinner so I wouldn't eat much. I had tiny portions of lasagna, and a teeny tiny sliver of cake. I think I was in my calories for the day but just didn't eat healthy stuff.

But its okay, I hit my first goal a week early so I was okay with pigging out for a day or two!

J3NN.NET SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,210
4/21/08 10:10 A

On my last "free day" I had:

- Ribs
- Mac 'n cheese
- Pepsi
- A hot fudge sundae
- Gooey, delicious, real NY style pizza
- Soft pretzel with cream cheese

And a bunch of other things that amounted to about 5000 calories lol. I have another free day on Wednesday. So fun! hehe

GEOFROG SparkPoints: (346,550)
Fitness Minutes: (412,590)
Posts: 12,303
4/21/08 9:43 A

My splurge was a Tin Roof Blizzard from Dairy Queen, which was quite appropriate because it was snowing hard when we got there! Shouldn't have done it but sometimes it helps to cheat once in a while.

MYSHARONANY Posts: 3,053
4/21/08 9:26 A

I wouldn't exactly call it a cheat day since I hadn't eaten much the rest of the day. But on Saturday I went to some friends for cocktails before dinner. Unfortunately I am on antibiotics so no "cocktails" for me. Just drank about 1 1/2 liters of club soda ;-) Anyway, she had some homemade guacamole (of which I ate too much) with some tortilla chips. She also had the Snyder's Jalepeno pretzel bites. YUM

So I wouldn't exactly call it a "cheat day" but I wouldn't say I was on my best behavior.

4/21/08 9:20 A

Me and my man bbq'd hot dogs and smokies, and had potato salad! we had all the fixin's too....cheese, tomatoes, onions, sourkrout...yum!

DRAMAQN Posts: 1,063
4/21/08 9:20 A

I usually don't have a cheat day where I eat a bunch of high fat items, but on my long run days, I do allow myself to eat more than usual! I usually have a pretty big lunch and dinner. It's all healthy, but its also a lot! :)

4/21/08 8:54 A

Suprisingly I had subways for cheat day. Not bad if I say so

DLASAGNA Posts: 2,420
4/21/08 8:54 A

Saturday my hubby and I celebrated our anniversary, we were going to go all out... So what did we have? *shrug* Half of a mexican combo plate... Involved half a mexican egg roll, half a tamale, and one deep fried puff ball made of mashed potatoes and jalapenos... Oh, and some awesome avocado salsa. After which I got a small slice of key lime pie... Oh yeah... went all out. Ha ha.... *sigh* I fail at going over limit.

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NOTBLUSHING Posts: 19,516
4/21/08 8:42 A

I eat whatever I want to everyday. I never have "cheat days".

LARESAMAC Posts: 712
4/21/08 8:17 A

Saturday after my long run is my cheat day. This Saturday I ran 15.5 miles and burned 1600+ calories so I figured a day of splurging couldn't hurt! I had Cheetos (haven't had those in years), marshmallows, ice cream and wine (which I try to restrict to one day a week anyways). It makes me feel human again and I can go back to being cognizant of what I eat for another week.

SAVEDJEN Posts: 37
4/21/08 8:10 A

I guess yesterday was my cheat day. I am a firm believer in weekly cheating! In the past I cheated 2 days, but now that I'm "back on the wagon", I'm going to limit it to Sundays, unless something special is coming up. As for yesterday, I didn't eat anything HORRIBLE, just too much. We went to a place called Maid-Rite, about 30 or so min away, and we don't go often, so it's a real treat. They serve loose meat sandwiches, but I can't find the calories anywhere, but I know they aren't as big or filling as burgers from anywhere else, so I at 2 for lunch, and brought 2 home for supper. But I made sure to get some excercise and I don't feel too guilty. Today starts a new week! Sometimes my cheat day is a trip to Golden Corral, and, well, you wanna talk about eating like an 8 yr old......LOL

4/21/08 6:46 A

Otherwise known as "Eat Like An Unsupervised 8 Year Old" Day.

Sunday is my cheat day, the one day where I try not to worry about calories and snacks and nutrition etc. I still find that unlike most people, I am unable to go over my calories on cheat days. I really try, but since I don't work on cheat days I always end up sleeping late, decreasing the amount of hours I'm awake therefore not being able to eat much. Usually I come under. Mostly on my cheat days I don't follow the 3 meals/2 snacks rule and I eat like a total 8 year old.

Today I had a coca cola slurpee, after months of staying away from them because I hate to drink calories. But you know what? It was awesome. Also had a bag of Doritos and ended the whole affair with a Cadbury creme egg. Food of the gods!

Next Sunday I might eat a slice of pizza or drive to Sonic for some delicious goodness. I haven't been getting enough fat lately so I'm looking forward to it. There's also these new Cherry M&Ms I wanna try. All of this followed by an hour of work out cause I gotta repair the damage lol.

What did you eat on your cheat day?

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