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10/13/11 10:30 A

1. Big Game = My hubby's Winchester 300 short mag is what I have killed 2 caribou and 2 antelope with (he keeps teasing me that he needs to buy me my own). Right now for whitetails I'm using a Winchester Model 100, 308 carbine. The gun that I've used for most of the whitetails I've taken is my mom's Winchester Model 100, 243 carbine (I absolutely love that gun...but my mom is hunting again. It is written in their will that I receive that gun and it gets passed on to my girls).

2. Water Foul = Remington 1100, 12 ga (lefty) No more shells ejected across my face!!!

3. Small Game = Rem. 22 and my bow (I love hunting bunnies with a bow)

4. varmit = I don't hunt these and have never felt the desire to...but my hubby likes to.

Turtledove, Congrats on your first deer! I have a hard time in the cold, too. Thank God for warm clothes, hand/foot/body warmers, and now hunting clothing for WOMEN! No more baggy clothes that don't fit right!

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10/13/11 7:55 A

What is your firearm of choice?

1. Big Game

2. Water Foul

3. Small Game

4. varmit

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Sorry to intrude in the man cave...but other than my hubby and kids, hunting is one of my greatest passions! I just returned from a caribou/black bear hunting trip in Quebec. Shot a decent bull, but no bear. Did lots of rock hopping, wading across rivers, and it snowed just about every day. It was a blast!

We try to go on one big game animal trip each year. I've been hunting for elk, caribou, bear, mule deer, and antelope.

Locally, I hunt waterfowl, whitetails, grouse, turkey, pheasant, woodcock, squirrels and bunnies. I took my neighbor girl (15 year old) with me deer hunting last year and she plans on tagging along with me this year (I have a double stand). Hopefully, she'll be facing the right way in the stand and can get her first.

I would love to take my two girls caribou hunting when they are old enough. Otherwise, on my bucket list, is red stag in New Zealand, a safari and possibly a big horn sheep hunt. All of which I probably won't ever be able to afford until I'm old and then I probably won't be able to handle the terrain. Oh well, one can dream!

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Hardcore waterfowl hunter here. Avid deer hunter, I manage to hunt pheasant, quail, and grouse a couple times a year. I used to hunt coyotes but, these days if I get a shot on one in was while hunting something else. My last coyote was what deer hunting

Working on a moose and elk hunt hopefully one of these days.

10/8/11 8:30 P

I used to go hunting with my Dad when I was a kid. We'd drive up to North Carolina for a long week-end and one of his college buddies would join us. My Mum and his friend's wife would wait at home, they only went with us if we were fishing, and we'd come back after lunch. I haven't been since I was seventeen or so, but we used to hunt:

Big Game: Deer and Bear (though more often the former than the latter)
Small Game: Turkey, Pheasant, Rabbit
Water Foul: Duck

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Big game: Deer, Bear, Elk, Moose

Small Game: Rabbit, Squirrel, Pheasant, Grouse, Turkey, Dove

Water Foul: Duck, Goose

Varmint: Fox, wolf, ground hog, coyote,

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