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1/30/13 12:52 A

I was hungry all the time and I use sensa. Now I'm not overly hungy and I am making healthier food choices. emoticon

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1/29/13 11:58 P

You're the BEST Nirerin! Thank you SO MUCH! I think one issue I have is I often think about number of calories without considering other factors (fiber, protein). Looking forward to looking at some articles on protein sources...


NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
1/29/13 7:41 A

first of all i would really like your dhal with cumin and cauliflower recipe.

secondly, you do have to remember that liquids don't count when it comes to satiety. they skip the line so to speak, so having a few hundred calories of them a day is still going to give you the calories, but none of the fullness that eating those calories would.

third when you eat frequently, you have to eat less at a go. i eat about eight times a day, at about 200 cals a pop. when you're eating 200 cals a pop and you need to be full, you need to be eating more vegetable matter.
for monday;
- if you do want to juice, try and limit it to 100 cals a juice and once a day.
- i don't know if you're like me, but eggs leave me just as hungry after eating them as when i started. so i only eat them with things that already fill me up.
-have half the pita [60 cals], an egg [70 cals], cheese [50 cals] and half a cup of a more filling vegetable like broccoli or zucchini or yellow squash or peppers [somewhere around 30 cals]. you'll save 30 cals and you'll be getting a lot more food that your body actually has to digest. digesting food is what slows down your body and helps keep stuff in your digestive tract, which means you stay fuller longer.
- cut back your dhal to a 325 or 425 cal portion
- have half your larabar with a serving of fruit [apple, orange berries]
- have your dates with either some cream cheese or tofu or some crackers
- have half a skor bar

for sunday:
- same juice limits as monday, try to keep it to 100 cals and not more than once a day
- if you're trying to make oatmeal heartier, add something that will give you substance, not a sugar rush. a lot of people like adding canned pumpkin. a lot of people like cooking an egg into the oatmeal. a lot of people like adding nut butter. all of these will add some combination of fat, protein and fiber, which should help you feel fuller longer.
- pair something substantial with your applesauce. the chia seeds add 3 g fat and 1 g protein, but you need a little more than that since the applesauce has none of that to speak of. some whole grain crackers or cheese with it or even a small salad with nuts and cheese.
- for the red lentil pasta, cut back to 100-150 cals of pasta. double the mushrooms. add a cup of cauliflower [25 cals, 2g protein] and perhaps take out a Tablespoon or two teaspoons of your tomato sauce.
- have your orange with something that has protein and fat: nut butter, nuts, cheese, etc.
- have your almonds with a fruit or veggie

for saturday:
- try switching to a greek yogurt if you're going to add jam or honey to it. it's a little more substantial for the calories.
- have your snack crackers with vegetables or fruits. you'll get more bang for your buck eating the foods than juicing them.
- consider cutting your black bean soup in half and adding a 100 g potato that you bake and cube into it. potatoes are the most filling food i can eat and that would really bulk out that meal and fill me up way more than beans ever would.
-also consider doubling the peppers, tomatoes and onions when you make black bean soup and even think about adding in some cauliflower, squash and carrots. it will add more bulk to your soup and bring the calories per cup down.
- if you want to add oats to your afternoon yogurt, try making granola. clean eating has a really great recipe, but even if you're just adding sunflower seeds and a touch of honey and oil so they don't burn in the oven, that should give that a little more oomph and staying power.
- for your tomato sauce, my olive oil rule is you don't need more than a teaspoon per person per serving. if you cut that back to four teaspoons, you'll save 80 cals in the recipe, or 20 cals per serving and 2 g fat. if you can cut that in half, you'll take out 120 cals for the recipe, 30 per serving, and olive oil won't be the first item by calories in your recipe. if you want a little more flavor, consider adding in some peppers.
- your after dinner snack of nuts, try having that on a big green salad. or mix it all together and use 1 T of it to top a vegetable soup. it's a lot of concentrated calories, but no bulk.
- don't have your banana plain, have it with nuts, nut butter, cheese or something else that has protein in it.
- have your granola bar with fruits or veggies. and consider having half to help account for the calories of the fruits and veggies.
- have your crackers with cheese or even with a veg type spread [hummus, bean dip, etc]

for friday:
- your breakfast is 350 cals. the banana is sugary. the jam is sugary. and if you're looking at 75 cals a half cup there is also a decent amount of sugar in your yogurt. so 2/3 of your breakfast is on the sugary side and you have 50 cals of chia [with 3 g fat and 1 g protein] and 50 cals of hemp heart. you need to boost the protein in that and add something that has some substance and volume, be it cheese, a side salad, steamed broccoli, a veggie omelet. use that as your breakfast and have the banana as a snack with some additional protein.
- mac and cheese. if you make it by the box, you get about two one cup servings. if you load that boxed mix up with veggies, you can get four or five cups out of it. broccoli, squash, zucchini, cauliflower, peppers, spinach, carrots, peas, eggplant, beans, corn pretty much anything goes in mac and cheese. and you know what happens when you do that? instead of getting 2 300 cal cups out of that box? when you add a cup of veg, we'll say 60 cals a cup because i don't feel like doing the math for everything you could add in, that brings the total cups up to three and the total cals up to 660, or 220 per cup. you save 80 cals per cup by adding a cup of veg. if you add a second cup, your total goes up to 4 cups and 720 cals, or 180 cals a cup. if you add a third cup, you're up to 5 total cups, 780 cals total and 156 cals a cup. so you're still getting the volume, just fewer calories and more nutrients you actually need.

so the general idea is to make sure that everything you are eating has a little bit of protein, fat, carbs and fiber in it. if you're aiming for 200 cals, the more you can replace higher cal items with veggies [not totally, but partially] the fuller you should be. the more you replace juice with actual food, the fuller you should be. the more often you eat, the smaller you need to keep your meals. so instead of having a latte and a granola bar, you might have a latte, half a granola bar and a cup of steamed broccoli with cheese. you'll save calories and have more food.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/29/13 5:09 A

Eat more protein and fiber

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1/29/13 4:16 A

I took a look at your blog. No wonder you are hungry! You are having a lot of liquid calories--juice, lattes, etc. They may not be unhealthy, but they certainly won't help you be full.

Also it doesn't seem like you eat very much protein. If I were you I would start tracking to see if you have a protein deficiency. That could certainly be contributing to your hunger.

Best of luck! I'm sure you'll find a way to solve it.

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1/29/13 1:15 A

My first question would be, where did the 2000 number come from? Is this a number that you decided or is it the number that SP decided for you? You should be eating within the range that SP designates for you. When it comes to how much exercise you're doing, enter in an average. Do not count the work that you do because that doesn't count as exercise. Just you walks. If you walk on average 5 hours a week then put that in. It doesn't have to be perfect. If you only walk 4 this week and walk 6 next week, it's ok. Once you have the appropriate number of calories from SP it will be easier to see what you should be eating. Also, why don't you use the tracker?

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1/28/13 11:20 P

It's hard to offer advice without knowing where those 2000 calories came from. For example, I wouldn't be full from 2000 calories of cake throughout the day, but I don't think I could actually eat 2000 calories worth of broccoli in a day because I'd be stuffed. I agree with the suggestion to eat more protein (though again, without seeing what you're actually eating, that's hard to say for sure) and/or fiber, as both of those things can help fill you up.

1/28/13 11:12 P

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I eat my amount per day and at times I feel starving before bed. Try a smoothie full of fruit and some veggies. The fiber in them will fill you up. Maybe add some protein for extra fullness. As long as you are not binging on junk eating a little more won't hurt you. It's okay to snack on fruits and veggies.

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1/28/13 10:51 P

I need some sound advice. It's really difficult to know who many calories I need to eat per day to lose weight, because I can't calculate how many calories I am burning. It always changes. I don't "work out" per se, but I walk everyday, and am often on my feet for hours at a time at work.

I have consumed 2000 calories today (check out my spark page - I don't track, but I write out my calories in my blog), and I am about to go to bed, but I am still really hungry (as in, if I went to bed without having a snack, I would wake up at 3 am from hunger).

Any advice?! I am trying so hard but feel defeated. (Note: Last time I lost weight - Yes, I have re-gained some - I was able to lose on 2000/cal per day, but I was going to the gym for lengthy workouts.)

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