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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/14/13 1:03 A

It isn't hunger within a few hours, it is cravings. I had the same problem when I ate processed carbs. I was hungry all the time. I tended to eat good most of the day, but would be starving by 6 p.m. I would also feel dizzy and lightheaded, but it was blood sugar issues, not hunger. I doubt anyone on this site actually has been hungry, unless they starved themselves/ had eating disorder.

Take a look at your carbs, and start cutting out the worst ones. They are causing these cravings, and if you remove the carbs that cause these cravings, you will never feel hungry again. The remaining carbs are not an issue for you, and you can enjoy them. Sweets, fruit juice/pop,pasta/rice,bread,potatoes,corn,a
nd wheat are likely culprits, but not necessarily all of them. Paleo will strip them out of your diet, and after your cravings are gone, you can test each on individually, and add them back in if they do not cause you any issues.

Take a look at the foods you eat before you binge, and what you binge on. Those foods are your trigger foods. These will be carbs. Nobody binges on high protein ( meat/eggs ), or high fat ( mayo/macadamia nuts ) foods. They binge on foods that contain carbs, and usually ones that have had chemicals, preservatives, sugar, and salt added to make you want more.

Stop and think about it for a moment. They know what triggers cravings. Do you really think that they wouldn't use that knowledge to make you eat more, so they can make more profits? Paleo/ Atkins/ low carb in general works because the foods don't cause you to be hungry, so you eat less. I may eat 2000 calories a day, but I used to eat 1600 on a balanced diet * + the 1000 calorie binge at night *. So overall I eat less, and that is why I lose 1-2 lbs every week.

If you decide Paleo isn't for you after trying it, I would still recommend that you pay attention to the types of carbs you consume. That may be enough to alleviate any cravings. These feelings are not normal, and you should never feel hunger/cravings.. EVER. Fresh fruits, veggies, beans, cheeses, maybe brown rice/quinoa, and plain oatmeal ( add fresh fruit ) can provide you with quite a lot of carbs without eating the junk they are pouring into our grocery stores. Along with eggs, meat, fish,fowl, and healthy fats, you can eat a varied diet, that doesn't cause cravings, and probably eat more than you plan to right now, and lose, because you won't have those binges, which are normal for people eating higher carb processed junk, and why they track their nutrition on Aug 10th, and next on Aug 14th. They spent 3 days wondering why they can't be normal, feeling guilty, and working on the proper re-start

I hope Paleo works for you, and you actually get to experience the effects. It is wonderful to not feel hunger, and just eat at your scheduled time, with scheduled meals. You aren't unusual. Most of America is in the same situation, and obviously struggling. Almost 60% overweight, and diabetes is common in teenagers now. It is the food, and like everyone else, the only answer is to not eat the food that causes these cravings.

Don't restrict any calories, worry about fat, just focus on real food, and get rid of cravings. After that happens, you will find that the amount of food you need to feel satisfied slowly lowers down to a normal level, and you lose weight every week. Till you get rid of the cravings, you won't be able to eat low enough calories to lose steadily. We eat when we think we are hungry, and food is easily available. No one has that much willpower.

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FTSOLK Posts: 1,400
8/14/13 12:31 A

I have not been at my computer, on this website, for a few days. My replies have been brief as I dislike posting long replies on my phone. It's just a pain.

This was definitely physical hunger. Dizziness, stomach growling, hunger- for a whole week. The problem is, I was getting hungry within an HOUR of eating. I would eat a breakfast of eggs, spinach, kale, and cherries and need to eat an hour later. My activity level has really not increased too much. I've only been burning maybe 50 to 100 calories more in my workouts than with Coach Nicole, but I also ate more- and I was eating better foods.

So, after the kale and eggs and all the "right" foods did NOTHING to satisfy my hunger, I ate a bunch of crap and was actually able to go more than an hour without needing a snack.

I'm currently on a little paleo challenge/trial to see if just eating clean without focusing on calories will help me- for now, at least. I'm considering that maybe I cannot deal with changing my diet and restricting calories all at once (I jumped right back in with cutting out most processed foods AND going back to my calorie ranges after taking several days off) may be too much.

AUGUSTREADY SparkPoints: (1,560)
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8/12/13 7:52 P

Given what you've posted before and how you are responding here, I doubt your issues are related to physical "needs".

If you are serious about losing weight there is something fundamental you are going to have to change.

Your attitude!

Without a doubt, the way you think about food is what's derailing you every time...

You say you are "hungry, hungry, hungry" but then rather than eating something filling that will keep you full, you choose junk food.

Why is that?

Why don't you choose a sandwich, or salad or something else high in nutritional value, but lower in calories than burgers and chips?

What is it about the bad food that "turns you on", as clearly, junk food is like a drug for you.

You need to get to the bottom of why you are consistently falling into these patterns and do something about it...if you need professional help to get to the bottom of it all, do it!!!

MCASKEY6 SparkPoints: (29,040)
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8/12/13 7:40 P

I would suggest a snack, a piece of fruit or a piece of cheese; just something to take the edge off the hunger until your next meal.

I have 3-4 snacks a day. One at 10:30am, one at 3:30pm, one around 7pm, and if I'm feeling hungry I have something around 8:30 or 9. But I make sure they stay within my 1600 calories a day.

DEB4299 Posts: 831
8/12/13 2:40 P

I have days where I am hungry all day, just hungry.. You either work around it or give in to it.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,400
8/12/13 1:28 P

No, I did not have a snack in between breakfast and lunch because there was only a 3 hour gap in between. I do not have time to eat every hour...

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/11/13 1:31 P

You've increased your exercise, it makes perfect sense to me that you would be hungrier on the same diet as before.

Whenever one changes something about the nutrition & activity balance, your body has to re-adjust. So it's normal you would have this period of re-adjustment. It's probably not the first time it's going to happen!

I would go with what others have said. Stay hydrated. Do most of your eating earlier in the day (if possible). Increase your intake of protein, decrease your intake of sugars, and possibly also increase your intake of plant-based fats (although, usually when I increase protein, the fat increases too. They just seem to go together in most of my food sources).

Also, because of the increased activity level, you might actually need more calories than you have currently planned.

CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,731)
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8/11/13 12:47 P

Everyone is different, but for me carb rich foods will always leave me "hungry" and stomach growling for more. No matter how much I have eaten. It could be that the excesses you had are what is causing the "hunger" as they were all carb rich. When you are filling hungry try going for protein and/or small amount of healthy fat. Will stop any carb/insulin swings that could be part of your problem. Just a thought

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,183
8/11/13 12:39 P

protein for breakfast is very important to me to keep from starving the rest of the day.

also make sure that you are getting enough fluids. there have been studies showing that people who are dehydrated can interpret those signals as hunger especially if they are starting out eating healthier.

JUDY1260 Posts: 1,570
8/11/13 10:17 A

OK, I just took a look at your public nutrition tracker for Aug. 9 (which would have been "yesterday" according to the date of your original post). Your breakfast consisted of a Chobani yogurt and some berries. You mentioned that you pigged out on a half a bag of chips and then really lost control at dinner. According to your tracker, the potato chip binge is listed as lunch. Did you have a high protein/filling snack between breakfast and your lunch of potato chips? A half cup of cottage cheese with fruit would keep you going for another hour or two. I also suggest having more than yogurt & fruit for breakfast because it obviously isn't enough for your body.

Also, I'm sure you already know that binging on chips for lunch wasn't the best solution to your hunger. Plan a sandwich with protein (turkey breast & cheese is good) or a healthy salad with protein (egg or grilled chicken are good choices). Make sure you get plenty of protein at every meal and snack to keep yourself from getting ravenous.

Once I took a look at your food tracker I immediately saw why you struggled on that day. Potato chips alone aren't a sustainable lunch, even if you had been able to stick with one serving.

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ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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8/10/13 11:33 P

Perhaps getting a little more fiber would help to give you that "full" feeling.

Also, there is nothing wrong with eating in the middle of your range -- and even at the upper end ocassionally. That's why it's a RANGE and not a specific number.

You also might be feeling a little hungrier than usual because you have increased your exercise a bit. That would be expected.

Try focusing on eating enough HEALTHY things with plenty of fiber to fill you up as well as plenty of good nutrients -- and cut back on the pizza, cake, chips, etc. That may solve your hunger problem.

Good luck!

FTSOLK Posts: 1,400
8/10/13 11:24 P

I'm already eating at a range of 1500-1900 calories a day to lose 1.5 pounds a week. That seems a little high already, and I've been eating near the middle to top of my ranges.

Perhaps my body is still more used to processed garbage AND higher calories, so cutting both at once was a mistake. I am considering trying a paleo-centered, clean eating challenge (eating primarily a paleo diet, though I will have some dairy and a little added sugar- mostly honey or maple almond butter... And I will indulge in non-paleo food while eating out in moderation. That means if we go to CPK, I might have a slice of my friend's pizza or split an appetizer, but I will order the cedar plank salmon with the asparagus and arugula salad instead of the corn succotash- with or without cheese since I'm not eliminating dairy entirely- instead of my usual pizza and appetizer and dessert. And, while I still can. I will go for the summer berry dessert over half a slice of cake).

I'm just considering that maybe focusing on the quality of my food might work best for the time being without worrying about calories and measuring, etc. Maybe it will give me a chance to learn to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full.

JUDY1260 Posts: 1,570
8/10/13 9:45 P

Try increasing your calorie range. It sounds like your body is sending you a message that it needs more fuel.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,400
8/10/13 9:35 P

No. TOM is over, but I'm still hungry all the time.

KPA1B2 Posts: 785
8/10/13 8:22 P

I've had days like that. Is it close to TOM?

FTSOLK Posts: 1,400
8/10/13 4:53 P

I've been STARVING this past week. No matter what I eat, I am hungry within half an hour.

I've been working on eating more real foods and cooking more- though I have not completely eliminated sugar and processed foods, I have cut back. For lunch today, I had tuna steak with a sunbutter sauce, spaghetti squash, cherry tomatoes, and cherry seltzer, Breakfast was two eggs, spinach, kale, cherries, and a teaspoon of chipotle olive oil.

Yesterday, the hunger pangs got to be unbearable, and I caved and ate more than half of a bag of chips. This was followed by a dinner out where I polished off half a pizza, half an order of crispy Mac and cheese bites, half an order of sesame ginger chicken dumplings, and half a slice of red velvet cake. My best friend- a 22 year old male- didn't even finish his half of the pizza, but I polished it off without it phasing me.

I have been pretty good about staying on track for the past several weeks, though I did get somewhat off track at the end of July/beginning of August due to vacation and Birthday celebrations, I have been back on track fully (save for yesterday) since Monday. I can't imagine that one week (or less) of being off track is enough to completely reset everything- especially since I wasn't dealing with such extreme hunger before- and my appetite wasn't nearly as extreme when I was off track.

I did start the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution on Monday, and I have been continuing my 10,000 step goal that I started near the end of June, but I'm not burning too many more calories than I did doing some of the workouts in the Coach Nicole 28 Day bootcamp DVD program (according to my heart rate monitor).

I just don't get it. I was eating fewer calories before, but I wasn't this hungry. It's nearing the point where I want to throw in the towel because I am just so hungry, and filling up on veggies isn't doing diddly squat!

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