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2/17/13 5:48 P

I figured as much, I prefer smoothie's a lot of the time and they help fill the void found a recipe for a chocolate peanut butter smoothie that was just shy of 300 calories...tasted amazing.

Thanks for the help from everyone, step closer to figuring out the diet part of my plan.

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2/17/13 4:39 P

When I make a smoothie I make it quite thick, and often put in some oat bran. I find it very filling, and it also helps to take care of thirst, too! When I make them I make a BIG one, so I can 'snack' on that until the next meal and know that it is doing a good job :-)


2/17/13 1:20 P

I have been making smoothies with a small amount of all natural low fat vanilla yogurt, frozen strawberry's and bananas. Sometimes I make the peanut version of that. Was just curious if it's wasting calories and not filling enough to have something like that?

2/17/13 12:34 P

Ya, I have been trying to eat better, but when it comes to choosing what I should eat is becoming the problem. I try not to eat cereal in the morning because it just makes me hungry in like an hour. We started eating whole wheat bagels, but they are basically just doing the same thing. We usually have some kind of chicken everyday, just need to spend a bit more money on chicken, and make sure I can eat the right portions in mini meals. Generally I call them mini meals, but I don't actually eat a meal, it's usually healthier snacks which probably leads to my problem. Once I get a set idea of good things to eat I should be ok.

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2/17/13 11:40 A

Gradually add more fiber to your mini-meals. It's difficult to get enough fiber (25 grams a day is recommended - and that's just the 'starting point' for me!) With your fiber, if you have some low-fat protein, it will be very satiating and not very caloric. An example is some high-fiber bread or crackers (GG crackers at Whole Foods or are the highest in fiber that I've seen) with some tuna (canned, in water, drained, and pureed in the blender with some capers and a little onion) or non-fat cheese you've seasoned yourself.

But most important - in my opinion - is to stand at your desk if you possibly can. Have your chair off to the side and stand instead. I raised my computer keyboard and monitor and now I stand instead of sitting. I can't say that it has affected my weight loss dramatically, but it is definitely healthier. I remember taking a transatlantic flight and worrying about deep vein thrombosis. Then, going home and sitting at my computer for hours! Finally, realized I can stand at the computer, and have ever since....

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2/17/13 10:45 A

I agree with the idea of more fat, and protein, and less carbs. Of course I am a low

I used to be hungry till I lowered my carbs, and upped my fat. As a guy I already ate 25% protein, so I just changed the types I ate.

Fat is hard to up at first. I like cheeses, and nuts. Macadamia nuts are my favorite @ 90% fat, but it is healthy fat, and it helps eliminate hunger. With 3 ozs of pre-cooked chicken, or a 1/2 cup berries and 2 ozs. of cheese, you can have a snack with carbs, fat, and protein. Oils can help up fat intake when cooking meat. Maybe do meat and vegetable stir fries. You can do one with a T of oil, 3-6 ozs of meat, and 3 cups of vegetables.

Carbs are the answer though, to your hunger. There are better alternatives to every macronutrient. Fat can be eaten in ice cream, or in fish. The problem with the ice cream is the carbs, especially the sugar, whereas the fish has protein, and no carbs. Even among carbs, you can see the obvious difference between a doughnut, and a cup of spinach. The problem is that some carbs that are healthy in limited amounts are eaten on a regular basis. Cereal, bread, noodles, potatoes, corn etc. These aren't unhealthy, except that in some people they trigger cravings, and not cravings for spinach.

You might notice that you can have eggs, and a cup of raspberries and be full till lunch, but 2 cups of cereal and a banana will leave you starving. The problem is, you sabotaged yourself twofold. One you ate very low fat which doesn't help with hunger, but then you ate a bunch of sugar, which causes hunger.

You do not need to cut out carbs like I did, but when you are filling out your trackers, think of the glycemic index of the carbs you are eating. Have berries, apples, melons instead of bananas and oranges. Have some nuts instead of a sugary fiber bar, or some cheese and pre-cooked meat ( not processed which is loaded with salt, and sugar ). Some turkey, or ham chunks with an apple, and cheese can be a big snack, or a small lunch. Don't be afraid to get most of your carbs from vegetables. Nothing wrong with eating 10 servings of vegetables, and 2 serving of fruit. Of those vegetables, leafy greens, beans, broccoli, mushrooms, are less likely to spike your blood sugars than corn, potatoes, and beets. Obviously you would prefer to eat more of those to limit cravings, and have the corn, potatoes, and beets in more limited quantities. Fresh vegetables are better, if possible.

If you pay attention to the types of carbs you eat, you should be able to eliminate hunger. It is not a normal thing to be feeling while you are eating 1800 calories. I eat 2200 calories a day, and walk 90 minutes a day, 7 days a week. I eat at set times, and then just because I need to, not from any hunger. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to eat.

Hopefully you can regain control. I wish you much success.

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2/17/13 12:24 A

I just had a quick peek, and going back to the beginning of Feb, most days you are above that number of minutes, including 16th, 75 minutes; 14th, 54 minutes; 13th, 49 minutes and 11th, 83 minutes. I THINK the 11th the time includes weights. Still, it just might be why you are extra hungry.

I will say this, tho' - kudos to for doing that amount and that type of exercise.


2/17/13 12:14 A

Fitness is set for 45 minutes of Cardio for 6 days a week supposed to burn like 2080 calories a week

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2/17/13 12:11 A

When you set your fitness tracker, did you put in all of the exercise you are doing? It doesn't sound like enough calories for what you are doing. Perhaps you could reset it, making sure that you have all your exercise added in and then save it, and see if that gives you a different calorie amount.

IF you are eating toward the lower end of your range, perhaps going to the higher end might make a difference - it won't interfere with your weight-loss!


2/16/13 11:33 P

I do insanity 6 days a week following the program with a protein shake after each workout.

Working on finding another program along with it to work on strength. My daily calories say to eat about 1800-2100 which is easy when i'm working because i'm always hungry just trying to find the best stuff to eat to keep me full is what i'm looking for.

We use a whole list of healthy recipes that only cost you about 300 calories - veggies so I spend roughly 400 if that for dinner. Trying to find more balance in what I eat.

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2/16/13 10:56 P

I just had a peek at your fitness tracker. You are doing quite a bit of exercise there, so you WILL need to eat more than the proverbial "Joe Blog" to accommodate it.


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2/16/13 10:54 P

If your stomach is growling it is actually TELLING you to eat more, so that is what you should do! That is a queue that you seem to be missing.

Do you know what your daily calorie intake is? AND how much exercise and what type of exercise are you doing?


2/16/13 10:48 P

Usually my stomach starts growling.I can ignore just a standard thinking i'm hungry, but I feel my stomach growling is basically they easiest way to do it. I dont really have much to eat right now for mini meals. Usually we make grilled chicken, and some kind of side like rice and then I just find a veggie to make..and I eat small portions of that, but right now we havn't made anything so I have just been finding the small things we have.

I'm fine at my house, but It is a mixture of being bored, and my stomach growling that causes me to eat more. Like you guys have said I think I just need to drop carbs down a little bit and focus more on protein and fat.

I have been losing a bit of weight even when I wasn't working out. Been sitting around 194 for the past couple weeks waiting to be able to push over that.

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2/16/13 4:17 P

Protein is key to staying full longer... And more dark greens :)

2/16/13 4:07 P


Anyway, I second what Unident said. Getting protein and fat in every day is key. Perhaps add your watermelon to some plain greek yogurt, and sprinkle in some almond slivers. It's all about balance.

Also at lunch try to get 4 oz of meat with some extra veggies. Roasting veggies with just 1 tsp of oil and some herbs brings out some delicious flavors. You can buy butternut squash that is already cut up at the grocery store now which is amazing. You can do virtually any veggie. If you make a big pyrex of veggies on Sunday then you can put them into small servings for the week to go with whatever lunch you decide. Just google roasted vegetables and you will see a ton of recipes - just watch the amount of oil.

I for one am not a fan of celery either and you've got to find foods that you love to make this work! otherwise it feels like you are punishing yourself.

p.s. oatmeal made with milk fills me up all morning, way longer than made with water. You can add blueberries or bananas and add any nuts you want to make it taste the way you like it. If you need a little sweetness try 1 tsp of honey. You can also make it on Sunday and put it into containers for the week!


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2/16/13 3:55 P

The other thing that crossed my mind is this; have you recently cut back drastically on your calories? IF SO, then perhaps it would be a good idea to go up a bit and gradually work back down.

When I cut back JUST 250-350 cal's a day I suffered horribly with nausea, extreme hunger pain and light-headedness. I even got woken up during the night by them. I had to go back up and drop down in small increments to allow my body to get used to the change.


BRIGHTGIRL5 Posts: 910
2/16/13 2:18 P

I went through this exact same thing. At the time, I too was working a job that I sat for 8 hours. It helped me to eat a bowl of oatmeal with a few almonds or flaxseed for breakfast. I also kept unsalted sunflower seeds on hand. I have to say that having 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed helped me lose my weight nicely AND helped keep me satiated until lunchtime.

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2/16/13 2:10 P


How many calories does your mini meals consist of? Is there a balance of carbs, protein, healthy fat?

You say you 'feel' hunger or 'feel' starving.
What physical signs are you having?

I ask because the red flag statement here is " I work 8 hours virtually sitting and doing nothing, I pace back and forth to kill time". You want to make sure you're having signs of actual hunger or are you just desperate for something to do with yourself?

JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
2/16/13 1:23 P

I like to make a pot of bean soup on the weekend to have for lunch all week. It is very filling.
Here are three favorites;

Quinoa minestrone
White Bean and spinach

2/16/13 1:14 P

thanks for the advice. I found some bare naked pecan trail mix that worked fairly well today. Havn't been a big fan of the texture of celery, but also havn't had it in a while. I'll try heading a different direction with the food I bring.

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2/16/13 3:32 A

I agree - you need balance - healthy carbs yes, but also quality protein and fat. Think of a hard boiled egg; think of a few nuts; think of yoghurt; think of a sandwich made with quality whole-grain bread (high fibre, good protein, low fat (saturated) and low sodium) with some skinless chicken or some turkey or other non-processed meat on it. Add some salad to it, too, if you want. Take some celery sticks and dip in peanut butter or hummus (protein, healthy fats and a little fibre.) Make a dip out of avocado, lemon juice and maybe a TINY bit of garlic, to help up your healthy fats. Try a cold baked potato with the filling mixed with cottage cheese, plain yoghurt, and finely chopped celery, capsicum, parsley, spring onion, or whatever else takes your fancy. If you like mush up the flesh of the potato with some tuna - choose a flavoured one like tomato and basil. YUMM! The cold baked potato has a lower GI than a hot one, and because of this will fill you for longer. By adding the tuna or plain yoghurt and cottage cheese you are adding protein.

Good luck,

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/15/13 10:34 P

Every food item you listed is a carbohydrate.

Fats and proteins satisfy MUCH more than carbs do.

Include nuts, oils, avocado, cheese, even meat. If you must have a piece of fruit (and fruit isn't bad), then have a small handful of nuts and seeds with it. Not just a piece of carb-loaded fruit with no fat or protein.

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2/15/13 10:32 P

Snacking on vegetables might fill you up faster. I can eat half a watermelon without a problem and not feel very full, but half of a red bell pepper and I'm good. Snacking on healthy fats, such as nuts might help as well. Just watch your portions. I buy raw almonds, not salted or roasted. I can't control myself with salty almonds/peanuts/cashews/whatever it is.

2/15/13 10:04 P

I have been going into mini meals to try and avoid overeating. I eat to the point that i'm content, and not full but find my self in about an hour most of the time hungry again. I work 8 hours virtually sitting and doing nothing, I pace back and forth to kill time, but I can't seem to find the right food to bring with me to not be hungry. I bring apples, bananas, nature valley oats and honey, cantaloupe, watermelon. No matter what I bring I can't stay content, I feel that I'm starving even when I drink a lot of water. I can't seem to stop it, while i'm working, and even with healthier items I consume almost half my calories before I get home. my calories are supposed to be between 1800-2100. Please help finding better more filling food.

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