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NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
2/2/11 12:39 P

I am lucky that I am able to snack if I need to at work. So breakfast or no breakfast I usually have something around 10 a.m. I don't believe in being hungry, if I am hungry I eat. It doesn't matter what time of day it is either.

On the other hand I don't eat if I am not hungry. Today I didn't get hungry until 0830. I get up at 6, so it was 2.5 hours before I had breakfast.

If it doesn't work for you don't do it.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
2/2/11 12:16 P

Try working in a planned mid-morning snack to see if that works for you. Smaller, more frequent meals and snacks can be a helpful tool in meeting weight loss goals while also helping to maintain satiety throughout the day. Here is an article that you might also find helpful.

Eat More Often, Lose More Weight
The Benefits of Eating Several Small Meals Each Day

Coach Tanya

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BLUEPLATE Posts: 655
2/2/11 11:47 A

This is true for me, too. The bigger breakfast I eat, the hungrier I am, all day long.

Eating a bigger breakfast doesn't make me less hungry at dinner--I'm just as hungry as I would be if I'd eaten a small breakfast, if not more so. What this means is that if I eat a big breakfast, I usually just end up eating more calories that day.

It doesn't seem to matter what kinds of food I eat--it seems to be quantity. More food in the morning means more hunger all day long. I can't explain it, but that's just how it is for my body!

Everyone here has had good ideas, and I agree that breakfast is important, but for me, very small breakfasts are best.

I've also learned, however, that skipping breakfast altogether is just as bad--if I don't eat until lunch, I'm *starving* (and likely to overeat) by dinner.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
2/2/11 11:05 A

Consider forgetting about "breakfast food" and eating a small lunch or dinner in the morning instead. There's no reason you have to eat eggs or cereal in the morning. Breakfast is an ideal time for things like beans, broccoli, cabbage-- anything that has a reputation for being hard to digest. Eating those things in the morning gives your body the whole day to break them down. (In countries where people traditionally eat a lot of beans or lentils, it's quite common to have them at breakfast.) Or have a cup of soup and half a sandwich, or a salad-- whatever. Eating a sweet breakfast is mostly a 20th century American thing; it's not really normal in most of the world.

If you give it an honest try but changing what you eat really doesn't work, then give up on it for a while and monitor yourself carefully. If you can get in all your nutrients, feel healthy, and control your weight without breakfast, then maybe YOU don't need it. Breakfast is important for the huge, vast majority of people. That doesn't mean it's important for every individual person. It's kind of like the carbs debate-- for most people, roughly 50% of calories from carbs is a good level, but there are outliers who can't eat nearly that much, and other outliers who do better if they eat much more and keep their fat percentage low.

It's usually best to assume that you're pretty average until you have evidence that you're not. Try what everyone has suggested. If, after trying many different approaches, breakfast still doesn't sit right with you, then you might NOT be average and you can work on discovering what works for you as an individual.

JAMMYBEAN Posts: 798
2/2/11 10:11 A

Breakfast is not may favorite meal-at least not within the first hour of getting up, as I've seen recommended, but I have made the effort. I try for a mix of protein, carbs and fat, about 350-400 calories and I am hungry again pretty much within a couple of hours-the same place I used to be when I didn't eat breakfast at all!

My SP daily nutrition analysis says I am getting in the proper amounts of everything, but criminey, I get hungry. emoticon

IBHLKING Posts: 1,341
1/14/11 12:59 P

I used to not eat a lot in the morning and in the afternoons found myself hungrier. Dietician Becky suggested I shift more calories to the morning and after a short while I did notice a change. Eating more in the morning actually made me less hungry later in the day. Now, I eat 6 times a day (3 meals, 2 snacks and dessert) and my body usually tells me when it is close to time eat. I take this as a sign it has used up the fuel I provided and needs more. If I get really hungry before it is "time" that usually is a sign I didn't eat enough.

I do agree with others than having cereal for breakfast doesn't seem to hold me very well. My staples are yogurt parfaits (berries, yogurt and granola garnish) and veggie omlettes but I mix in a lot of other things for variety.

LIVINGPROOF006 Posts: 918
1/14/11 12:52 P

I was like that for such a long time, so like you, i just didn't eat breakfast. But since starting my new fitness program I now eat breakfast and it only took a couple days for that problem to sunside. I workout as soon as i wake up, shower, get ready for work and then have breakfast. I always have protein and carbs and i love it.
Stick with it, have healthy snacks around when you need them, and you will see a change.

PHIGBEE Posts: 2
1/14/11 12:48 P

Yes. Usually I have Fiber 1 cereal, Special K Protein or Kashi Go Lean with almond milk, plus 1 T. of pumpkin seeds on it. I think that covers all of it, Pro, fat and carbs.

Then snack/mini-meal is banana and 1 oz. almonds.

DIONALLEN32266 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,092)
Posts: 189
1/14/11 10:36 A

I don't know if you already do this, but you should always have protein with your breakfast. My breakfast normally consists of protein, carbs and fat. I have noticed when I eat only carbs for breakfast, I am hungry again in about an hour.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/14/11 10:29 A


Perhaps your body will respond better to more frequent meals and snacks. Check out this article.

Eat More Often, Lose More Weight
The Benefits of Eating Several Small Meals Each Day

Coach Tanya

PHIGBEE Posts: 2
1/14/11 10:02 A

My problem is very similar. I get up at 5:00 a.m. I try to eat breakfast when I get to work--between 6:30 and 7:00. By 8:30 or 9:00, I am starving! I usually workout at lunch time so I try to have some nuts or something about an hour before I work out.

I have tried various breakfasts and NOTHING seems to keep me full until lunch time. And it can't be my metabolism kicking in as someone else said. I say this b/c I have been the same weight for years.

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
1/3/11 11:26 A

The same happens to me!!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/3/11 10:10 A

A carbohydrate rich breakfast can be metabolized within a couple hours leaving you hungry. Be sure you are having a breakfast balanced in carbohydrates and protein/health fat serving to help. The egg white to oatmeal is an option and so is adding 1/4 cup of walnuts (protein and healthy fat) or a cup of skim milk (part used in cereal and the rest to drink). Here are some member suggestions that might also help.

Members Share Their Favorite Breakfasts
Healthy Ideas from SparkPeople's Message Boards

Coach Tanya

ROSA2K11 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,710)
Posts: 318
1/3/11 1:46 A

Building off of Runandrun's response:

I saw someone mention earlier today that they like to add egg white to their oatmeal to thicken it while upping the protein content. This might work for you!

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CHEF4RENT SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 815
1/2/11 11:51 P

Only one month ago I dealt with the same problem. I have in the course of one month I have totally changed my lifestyle concerning this. I now have a moderate breakfast eating about 35 % of my calories I will consume in the day. I then progressively get smaller with my meals and have an average of 6 meals per day. It was very difficult for the first little while; however, I now plan my meals for the entire week and prepare most of them on Saturday. Anything that can be prepared ahead and frozen I do, and everything else I prepare the night before right after eating my smallest meal of the day, dinner. It has changed the way my days go (they are now much smoother with fewer cravings).

RUNANDRUN SparkPoints: (52,584)
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Posts: 3,308
1/2/11 11:40 P

I used to be the same way. I started eating a bigger breakfast and it usually gets me through to lunch. I try to make sure I get some kind of protein instead of just cereal or oatmeal.

1/2/11 11:35 P

That hunger is a great sign that your metabolism is kicking in, which means your body is burning calories... which can only be a good thing! It's really important you get a good breakfast, especially if you plan on exercising too. Something you could do is have a healthy snack (banana, or some almonds) around 10.30/11 or when your hunger pangs start.

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JABS84 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 5
1/2/11 10:50 P

I know how important it is to eat breakfast. But when I get up and eat early I feel hungry and want to eat all day. I don't understand. That is why I hardly ever eat in the morning.

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