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1/27/14 5:41 P

I noticed I have been getting very hungry to, even though I have just eaten a meal. I try to drink something and find something to do to distract me. I think my body is just getting used to my reduction in calories.

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1/27/14 4:09 P

No, I wait to get hungry to eat then eat till I'm full. I eat low carb.

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1/27/14 4:00 P

Hi thank you ALL emoticon for your response. I don't have any digestive issues, and it's not gas. Im still adjusting to changing my diet and it doesn't always happen. But it's so annoying when it does. I'm just really glad to know i'm not alone. I do need to add more protein to my diet, I just don't really know how?

XXJDXX Posts: 117
1/24/14 5:34 A

I noticed that I could eat a dinner plate sized portion of General Tso's chicken and be hungry immediately after. I also noticed the same thing when eating carrots or broccoli. I knew I shouldn't be hungry, but my stomach was growling like I hadn't eaten all day.

My problem was that if I was feeling weak (as in not enough self control) those hunger pangs would cause me to eat even though I knew I shouldn't and didn't need to. I try to eat protein rich foods and that seems to quell the hunger pangs for me; I make it a point to never finish a meal and be hungry because then it's all I think about.

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1/23/14 5:14 P

do you have digestion issues. Are you eating gassy veggies and reacting to a change in your diet? and if the 'growl' is gas...have you tried Beano

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1/23/14 5:09 P


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1/23/14 5:00 P

Does anyone out there ever get hungry or have their stomach growl, directly after or while eating? This has been happening to me a lot lately. I don't give in, but i do get grumpy. I just drink lots of water. It doesn't go away as quickly as I would like it to.
I'm hoping someone out there has an answer or can relate.

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