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9/17/12 11:51 A

Thanks Russell... I want to get my movement going... I feel so confined... I have been on so many diets over the years and when I have been denied something, I want it more.. lol .. human nature... Small steps, right ?? lol..

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
9/16/12 7:10 P

Jenni.. I couldn't lose without doing low carb, and exercise over 300 lbs is hard, and can be dangerous. Exercise will increase as weight decreases.

What you need is a diet, that doesn't leave you hungry 3 hours after your meal. The combination of macronutrients affects this, not willpower, not exercise. If anything, exercise just made me If you could eat, and feel no cravings, how much easier would dieting be? Hungry people eat. Yes, the proper amount of calories is important, but the type of diet that allows you to eat that amount, and feel full is what really matters.

I can eat 1700 calories of subs, fruit, veggies etc, with a cereal, or oatmea. Problem is, I can't stop myself from going to eat 2000 calories at Taco Bell, or Pizza Hut, if I eat that food. So I cut out bread, pop, noodles, rice etc, and lost 113 lbs so far. Kin of drastic, but I have health issues, so I was willing to take that step.

A nutritionist may be able to make smaller corrections, and make a world of difference.

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9/16/12 7:01 P

Thanks Russell... I have tried everything over the years...I know I have found with my knowledge of addiction and how I have tried clients, that I need to find that balance in life... I wish I had realized this 30 years ago when my mother first told me counting calories is key... and having everything in moderation... I wish I had done that ... I have been tested over the years and appear to be ok with foods.. I just need to limit food and move my butt.... moving is what I need to learn to do ....

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9/16/12 6:55 P

What is an average day's menu for you?

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9/16/12 6:41 P

Jenni. I started at 361, and was always " hungry ". I ate a lot of sweets, and fast food,even after being diagnosed diabetic, and having an ICD ( pacemaker/defibrillator ), implanted in 2003. I tried the diabetic diet until Spring 2009, and lost 20 lbs ( over 7.5 years ). I got a copy of Atkins, and started reading, and the next day began. I lost 140 over the next 3 years, and never felt any hunger. It is more than just hunger, or a habit. Your body craves it. Many on here don't really understand. They need an extra snack at bedtime, and it messes them up, but it's not the incessant drive to get a pile of food late at night from fast food, which you eat, and then feel like poo, swearing to be better tomorrow.

For me, low carb turned that switch off, and you need to find what works fo you. No one will succeed by willpower. I would suggest a nutritionist, who can help you understand how food affects you after you eat it. Most of us have a general idea.. Carbs raise blood sugar, Fat satiates, both of them fuel the body, and protein builds our muscles. Simple huh? Kind of like saying an engine is a metal thing that has boomies inside. Thats why we have experts.

Once you address the issue of cravings, then you will easily lose the weight. I talk to a lot of people losing a lb a week, eating tasteless food, and being hungry all the time, and I can't even imagine how they do it. They are stronger than I am in that regard.

This is not something you overcome, it is physical. I found low carb by luck, but a nutritionist can make the search a lot quicker for you, and get you on a diet with results, and free of cravings.

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9/16/12 6:21 P

Awww Thanks.. God Bless you too... I am working on staying within my guidelines today... minute by minute I am hanging on... thank you!

9/16/12 5:05 P

Your welcome!!! Hey we are all in this together. We all have our struggles and we are here to motivated each other!!! God Bless!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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9/16/12 12:23 A

Thank you Skinny... you really put in some great items and time into the reply and I appreciate that so much! I have to remember that there will be good and bad days, this is not supposed to be easy ... anything worth having is worth working for.. I literally have always wanted my cake and to eat it too.. and I need to remember, that is what got me so uncomfortable.. I am working on learning to respect my body.. and when I do, I will not want to fill it with junk.. peanut butter is a great idea and it is good for protein.. Someone also mentioned mealtimes.. that is what I struggle with, since my schedule can vary... yet I need to set them and forget what anyone thinks.. thank you all!!

9/15/12 11:45 P

I can relate. Before I got back on sparkpeople about a month ago...I didn't have to be hungry to eat. I just ate because I wanted to eat. Regardless of whether it was boredom, stress, whatever. It is definitely emotional what you are going through.

I read First Magazine. It really got me started back on SparkPeople. There are some informational stories in there, and some great suggestions. The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So you have to decide, do you want to keep doing what you are has that been working for you?? Probably not good. So you have to really want it. You are going to have good days and you are going to have bad days and on the bad days you just have to forgive NOT Quit...and move on!!

It will get easier. You have to take one day at a time. If you fail to meet your targets for that day, take the time for yourself to review what happened and what you could do different. Then make one change the next day, and keep going until you meet your targets. I eat salads but I like salads. They fill me up. Any foods with protein and fiber are feeling. I am a carb junky. Pass me the sweets and chips please!!:) NOT ANY MORE!! :) There are substitutes. For instance, popcorn is a great alternative for chips;. Blue corn chips is a healther version of chips too. Another alternative is baked kale chips (yeah I know but they really are good and good for you!!) To make these you tear off the leaves spray with olive oil spray season to your taste with seasoning or just salt bake at 350 (I think) for 10 minutes. The edges will start to brown. They are very light and flaky but give you that light crunch. Another alternative I have found that satisifies my chip craving is Cheese flavored mini rice cakes. They tast delicious and are a healthier alternative.

For the sweet cravings, the chocolate rice cake satisfies my chocolate and sweet craving. You can use these for a snack with a little peanut butter. You can also put 1 or 2 marsmallows on it and microwave for 20 seconds and put another rice cake on top and it is like a smores but with alot less calories. You have to remember nothing is off limits but ther ARE LIMITS. You can have what you want but in moderation. Make sure you key EVERYTHING in the tracker. As painful as it is to do on bad days, I force myself to do it. You learn from it,forgive yourself, don't quit, and move on.

My other suggestion is green tea. Studies show drinking 24-36 oz of green tea a day helps to burn 2x's as much belly fat as those who didn't drink it. The key is you don't want to load it with sugar. It is not the best taste in the world with no sugar so here is what I do. I put a 4C flavor packet in the bottle! The 4C powder comes in different flavors or you can use Crystal Light or other flavor packets made with splenda. This way you get the benefit of the green tea, you get your water intake, and it tastes great! Now I have noticed this week since I started the green tea that I do not have the cravings that I usually have. The water I'm drinking has to get some credit for that too. I do NOT like water but I have developed the habit of getting my water in. Using the green tea or just the flavor packet alone with the water. Water truly does make a difference.

Another suggestion is just to stay busy. I found I could stick to my plan until I go home...and it was because I was bored or not busy and I have 2 kids and a husband so I have plenty to do but not enough to occupy my time away from food. After all as soon as I enter my house, my thoughts are on ....DINNER! I could do well all day and then while I'm trying to figure out dinner....I've already eating 400 calories in snacks!! I knew that was my weakness so I think about what I can make for dinner before I get home and start cooking immediately with my water bottle in hand. This not only helps me to get my water in but keeps me from snacking like a mad woman.

You can do this. One small step at a time. You can do it!!


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9/15/12 10:50 P

Spark has some seated workout videos that you might check out if standing and walking are difficult for you right now.

Maybe take up a hobby like knitting or bead work that keeps your hands busy. When you get the urge to eat, try having a glass of water, and then setting a timer (maybe 20 minutes) and working on your project until the timer goes off.

You might also just try scheduling your meal times if you're able to, and close off the kitchen when meal times are over (put police tape or a sign across the door if you need to). The more you can stick to a schedule and eat the right portion of calories at each meal (this could be three meals, or even six small meals if that's easier, so long as they are on a schedule), the easier it will become, and the less you'll be preoccupied with food in between meal times.


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9/15/12 10:40 P

Thanks Deb!! I sometimes get impatient, because I want this weight off, yet it didn't come on overnight either... this took years to get to and I know I need to give the progress time as well.. :)

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9/15/12 10:38 P

Get yourself down to your local library and set yourself up with a subscription to 3 healthy magazines. Head down once a week and always pick up 3-4 healthy books - whether they're on fitness, food, or general lifestyle.

Whenever you feel this way, grab one and read a chapter. You don't even necessarily have to follow the advice in it. And hey, some of those books may actually have bad advice! But surrounding yourself with positive healthy information can help reframe your brain into thinking positive and healthy in those weaker moments.

If standing/walking are so hard for you, look up chair exercises. Put on some groovy music and just kind of jiggle around. It doesn't have to be choreographed, or even coordinated! Lift a leg on one beat, and the other leg on the next beat. Wave your arms like you just don't care. LOL.

There's heaps you can do to just be that wee bit more active, more healthy, more successful. You don't have to be 100% super salad-loving gym-bunny overnight. That's pretty unrealistic! But if you make ONE good healthy choice each day that's a great start. In a couple of weeks you might be making TWO good healthy choices every day. That's all it takes, and only time stands in your way.

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9/15/12 10:34 P

I wish it were that easy... I have been in this situation for years and feel awful calling my friends everytime I feel "hungry". I have no kids, which is one thing I know I am hungry for... It is a struggle... I almost have a hard time recognizing real hunger.. I know what I need to do also is move and exercise.. yet that is so hard.. i can barely walk at times and standing for more then 1 minute hurts..

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/15/12 10:18 P

It's tough, isn't it?

You've recognised that this isn't food hunger. This is habit hunger. Great! First step done - acknowledging the problem! :)

Now that you know that it's not really FOOD that you need, maybe next time try distracting yourself? Go for a walk, do a puzzle, phone a friend for a catch-up conversation, tidy the back room, or go play outside with the kids. Putting your mind onto other things can help you 'forget' about that hunger - since it's not real hunger you're experiencing.

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9/15/12 8:54 P

Does anyone else have this constant hunger?? I crave something sweet, then I eat it, not even enjoying it, and then I want something savory.. I know this is something emotional, because I am ALWAYS hungry, although not physically... is anyone else struggling with this?? How do you work through it ??

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