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NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
3/31/13 9:37 A

since you mentioned that you're not tracking everything on the lower cal days, i only looked at the over 2000 set.
you seem to be cooking 4 cups of kale in 1 Tablespoon of olive oil. Cut that back to 1 teaspoon and you'll save 80 cals.
you also seem to eat eggs a lot for breakfast. and i know people say eggs are incredibly filling. but i know that for me eggs do nothing to fill me up. i am as hungry when i finish eating them as i was when i started. unless i eat them with something i already find filling in the first place. it may not be the case with you, but it might be worth it to entertain the idea that you could find a more filling option.
a serving of almonds [nuts in general] is 1/4 cup. sticking to that instead of eating four servings will save you around 600 cals. if you want a munchy food, go for air popped popcorn. five cups is about 150 cals.

you should also start paying attention to what time you eat and then when you are getting hungry again. this can help you pinpoint foods that aren't keeping you as long as others and you can work on tweaking those things to make them more filling.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
3/31/13 9:24 A

lots of great suggestions

hope you can implement those that make your journey to health successful

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
3/31/13 9:06 A

It's okay to be a little hungry. Most of us felt that way when we first started. I would try to really listen to my I just a little hungry or am I starving? If I'm just a little hungry, I try to drink some water. If I'm within an hour of one of my meals, I force myself to wait. I needed to train myself. If I'm starving and I'm over an hour out from a meal, I choose a low calorie healthy snack that either satisfies the hunger pain (an apple, some pretzels) or the particular craving that I have (salty, sweet).

If I'm close to bed, I try to go to bed hungry. A little hungry anyway. It doesn't kill you and that's the trigger I need to have my fat storage burned.

3/31/13 12:10 A

Thank you all for your input! I apologize for the delay, I'm still getting used to the SP site and I didn't realize anyone had replied to my post.

Becky, what probably happened was I didn't log all my food. I'm still working on getting used to logging everything and also some things I don't know the value so it didn't get logged. I'm working on being consistent. :)

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3/28/13 10:50 A

Those tips are really great -- whole foods will fill you up much better than fast-digesting junk food -- but if you just cut out over a thousand calories a day from your diet, then you're going to be hungry for a while, there's just nothing much you can do about it. It does get better -- a lot better -- after a while as your body adjusts, but it may just be something you have to put up with for some time.

That said, there's no rule saying you have to start with the whole hog. If cutting out 200 calories a day at a time (or whatever) would be easier, there's no reason you can't try something like that. Depending on your size, the level of exercise you're able to get in, and the rate at which you wish to lose, it's possible you could achieve satisfactory weight loss at more than 1500 calories a day, too. Make sure all your ranges are set up correctly.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,295
3/28/13 10:36 A

Foods that help keep you full are foods that digest slowly.

Blueberries, strawberries, apples, pears, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, butternut squash, winter squash, beans, cauliflower and carrots. Barley, Kashi Pilaf, Brown rice, Wild Rice all in small quatities, Fage 0% Greek Plain Yogurt with any kind of berries will also help keep hunger at bay. Maybe try black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans. Also switch to Thinly sliced rye it digests slowly. I used to eat White and Wheat but both gave me a sugar surge and made me crave more foods.

Almonds and walnuts, have roughage, protein, fat, minerals & micronutrients which makes the body burn excess calories.

Also lettuce, cabbage and broccoli, act as a natural appetite feel full for a long time & burn large amounts of calories during digestion. Protein also takes a long time to digest...chicken, turkey, Mozzerella,pistachios, lamb, lentils, lobster, crab and tuna are some food sources. Pumpkin seeds are especially high in protein, low in calories and fat or get Pepitas which are already shelled. Flaxseeds too and Chia Seeds. Egg Whites too, I love "all Whites" egg whites as they scramble fluffier than most brands and dont have that awful yellow color.

Make some air popped popcorn daily and keep on your counter. Popcorn is loaded with vitamins and benefical nutrients. No butter, no salt...season with cinnamon or sprinkle a "little" parm or romano cheese ontop. When hunger stikes grab some popcorn.

Hope these suggestions help you.

3/27/13 8:29 P

I looked at your food tracker and there are 4 days listed.
The first 2 days contain calorie amounts of: 2350 and 2585
The most recent 2 days contain calorie amounts of: 1385 and 1377

So I am confused. Where you hungry on the days you consumed over 2300 calories or just the most recent 2 days when eating 1380???

If you are hungry on the 1380 days---then eat a little more. I imagine your range goes up to 1550 calories. Be sure to use foods with filling power.... fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains. Avoid the foods like animal crackers (480 calories), 1 cup almonds (824 calories), ice cream, etc.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

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3/27/13 7:58 P

There are a few thoughts that cross my mind:
Have you suddenly dropped the amount of calories you eat?
Have you suddenly changed your diet in general?
Are you eating plenty of fruit/veges daily?
Are you eating a good amount of protein, and enough fats (healthy oils)?
Are you regularly allowing for some healthy snacks?
Are you using your Nutrition Tracker to help yo identify what is happening?
Are you doing loads of exercise which will cause the extra hunger?
Are you breast-feeding?

Have you spoken with your Dr to see what is going on? Sometimes there are medical conditions which can contribute to this, and also so medications, so a Dr's appointment would be beneficial!

I hope that you find out what the problem is!
Take care,

3/27/13 7:48 P

So I am trying to lose 35 pounds after having two kiddos. I've been fit for my whole life (even after I had my son) but after my daughter was born, I just tossed caution to the wind. Stress, a very clingy baby, and a few other factors caused me to be constantly stuffing myself with food (mostly sugary & high carb stuff) and of course I gained weight. (Not to say that it's not my fault - it totally is.) Anyway I've never had to work to lose weight before. I'm following the SP diet plan and I'm just HUNGRY a lot. I am trying to figure out if it is psychological hunger or if I really do need to eat a bit more. Would love any insight or tips.

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