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12/26/12 12:25 P

Be interesting to see what foods are considered healthy

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
12/26/12 7:10 A

If you didnt know....and have Humana Insurance

The “Vitality HealthyFood” program is available at all Walmart stores. After accepting Humana Vitality’s terms and conditions at or, and taking a brief HumanaVitality Health Assessment, members will receive their “Vitality HealthyFood” card for 5% savings on items that qualify for the Great for You icon. When a member goes to Walmart for their grocery shopping, the 5% savings will be loaded as credits to each member’s “Vitality HealthyFood” card within five business days for use on their next trip. Available initially to more than 1 million HumanaVitality members, the program will expand to additional members early next year. HumanaVitality members should check with their employer to verify its enrollment status in the “Vitality HealthyFood” program.

The Vitality HealthyFood program is not available to all HumanaVitality members and is only available with certain plans or products offered by Humana

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