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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/17/12 12:22 A

Connecting up with others for motivation and support is absolutely allowed! Just sparkmail each other your email addresses, don't post them in a public thread! :)

Walking in a lazy river? I don't know if it's studied anywhere.

With the current you're doing less work than walking normally. You're supporting far less body weight, and the current is pulling you along so your distance covered isn't entirely from your own body pushing. So I would probably estimate tracking that at about 50% of what you'd get from walking on land.

If you can walk against the current (some pools disallow it) that is a different story. You're still supporting much less body weight, but now you have to fight against the current to cover the distance. The two factors probably roughly cancel, so I'd track that as 100% of normal walking on land.

1/16/12 2:48 P

Did you ever get a response? I hope to start walking in lazy river as soon as I get clearance from my doctor.
I am seriously considering knee replacement on both knees. I was told 5 years ago I needed it.
Like you I am a teacher, in Washington state.
Not sure what is allowed on this site but I am interested in email support and friendly dialogue.

TEACHLDY4 Posts: 1,416
6/11/11 10:33 A

I walk at the YMCA in the lazy river as part of my fitness minutes some days. The exercise list includes water jogging and regular walking but not walking in water...Does anyone know if this is about equal to regular walking?..I walk quickly,usually with the current. Thanks!

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