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10/21/13 10:54 A

I think for coffee, if they ask how many cups, 1 cup = 8 ounces. So if you are drinking 12 ounces, that would be equal to 1.5 cups in the tracker. If the tracker isn't doing it by cups, and is doing it by servings, then you have to know what the serving size is to track it correctly. A lot of people neglect stating what the serving size is and it make a huge difference if you drink 12 ounces and the serving size is suppose to be 4 ounces. Hope that helps.

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10/19/13 11:19 A

Hi Debbie. I don't know how to multiply but coffee doesn't have calories. You just need to count what you put in it, if you don't drink it black. When I have more of something I track, I just add it too the tracker again, or copy it there is a button for that on the Nutrition Tracker page.

I think the walking/shopping is much harder on our bodies than walking with out stopping. The standing can be really hard on my lower back and knees. You can map your route using the mapping function on the fitness tracker if the stores you are going to are outside. In a mall, that wouldn't work.

I have a FITBIT Zip and love it. I never had a lot of success with the pedometers that are not electronic.

Wishing you much success in your journey to a fitter, healthier you.

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10/19/13 10:40 A

Hi Debbie, can't help you with the coffee question, but for walking and shopping a pedometer would help. I bought the spark activity tracker and a lot of others on this site seem to really like the FitBit which is available at Target. I found out when I'm at work I walk about 4 miles a shift (RN) and do a lot of bending and lifting, pushing and pulling so when I work that is my workout, but when I am off I found out it is harder to get some mileage on these old feet.

Also maybe you can do some chair exercises for the upper body when you are sitting. Sounds like your lower body is getting a good workout.

Have a great Saturday. -- Mary

10/17/13 4:48 P

Ok. So today I drank my half of the coffee pot (6 cups)- 3 cups of the very large mug size (think it was 12 oz.) how does one multiply in the tracker?

Also how does one track the walking you do when out 'shopping'?

Heavy exercise for me is being up on my feet for three hours with intermittent car rides. By that time I'm in enough pain to take aspirin or so type of inflammatory drug and I'm walking like an old woman in need of a cane.

Meh. Getting old is not for sissys.

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