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Most people don't know how to get rid of cravings...from my experience this is what works for me and I'll explain why.....

Put your cravings to rest! Cheesy Fries...sounds like you are craving the salt in the cheese and fries....Salt addiction may cause food cravings...There is a lot of salt in bread and cheese and breakfast cereals

Eating too much salt boosts the production of insulin, the hormone that tells the body to store fat. The more insulin you have, the more fat is stored and the more weight you gain. A person's body sometimes has trouble maintaining stable blood sugar...diabetic or not!

When blood sugar drops, even in normal people, you will crave floods that will increase blood sugar for a quick fix. A sugary or diet soft drink can do this, as well as, a pack of crackers, pasta, bread...those carbs will do it.

When you crave sweets and carbs there can be an underlying problem. Your cells are being starved.....and your cells are unable to unlock to allow glucose inside them. The cells don't get the glucose you need and thus you are hungry and get cravings. Starving cells crave sugar and carbs...and then the insulin will instruct your cells to store fat.

#1 carb-fighting hormone.... insulin, lower your blood sugar, and boost fat loss. ... the less insulin the more you can lose....

High Fructose Corn Syrup is the #1 worst carb.

Lean proteins, seeds and nuts of all kind, low fa,t low sodium cheese, turkey, chicken without the skin, fish, berries of all kinds and Daisy cottage cheese will help ward off can a protein shake....these can help to feed your cells without causing huge swings in blood sugar....High carb diets also lead to cravings.

Being overweight means that your insulin doesn't work as well to control blood glucose levels. Being active at least 30 minutes a day even in sets of 5 or 10 minutes will improve you insulin levels. Just walking can help. When you are insulin resistant ( and normal people can be insulin resistant at times) your body converts every calorie it can into fat, even if you’re dieting. And it won't let you burn fat when you exercise....even if you exercise like wild!

Please see a medical professional for individual advice as this is not intended as medical advice.... Always discuss with your doctor what medical treatments and changes in your lifestyle will better your condition

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