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2/26/13 9:32 A

Thanks to all suggestions so far esp those from Beanbydesign. In theory I know what I should be doing but it is always helpful to hear it from someone else who has been in a smiliar situation. I already have a study schedule but haven't managed to stick with it for the last couple of weeks (being ill and keeping a friend's kitten while she is away have derailed me) but fully intend to stick to it this week.

I'm gonna try to focus on one thing at a time and stop allowing myself to be distracted by all other matters. I'm also gonna plan my snacks to avoid over-indulging. I've noticed that more and more I'm eating something when I have a coffee so am gonna knock that on the head right now before it becomes an ingrained habit.

Thanks again

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2/22/13 3:12 P

Its hard to study, work and look after family as well as trying to be good and exercise. Being where, done it. Its all about planning and organizing. And not thinking too much how stressed you are.

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2/22/13 1:24 P

This is what I did when I studied for the bar exam a few years ago, and while I didn't lose much weight during the 3 months of studying (I think I lost maybe 2 or 3 pounds), I didn't gain any weight either, which should be your primary goal whenever you're facing a time crunch.

1. I packed my fridge out with healthy snacks. I portioned everything out into 100ish calorie containers. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it only took an hour or two after I got home from the grocery store once a week, and then it was really easy to keep track of how much I was eating, since I could just keep a running tally of how many snacks I'd had throughout the day. Also, by keeping everything at 100 calories, I was able to keep a really wide variety of snacks in the house to choose from, so I rarely fell victim to the "ohmigosh, if I see another piece of chicken I'll scream I'm so bored with it" problem. If I didn't feel like chicken, I had nuts, popcorn, graham crackers, veggies, fruits, yogurt, granola bars, cheese sticks, etc. to choose from to combat the food-boredom issue.

2. Make a schedule and stick to it. This obviously means you shouldn't blow off studying when you've scheduled it, but it will also help you avoid over-studying. If you know you've set aside 2 hours a night (for example) to study, you'll feel less compelled to try to cram in "extra" at times when you could be doing other things. And don't be afraid to do those other things - exercising, cleaning, seeing friends, etc.

3. On the flip side of #2, don't be afraid to say no to social and family commitments - good, supportive friends and family will understand that you need to place your priority on preparing for these exams, and the people who aren't supportive don't deserve your time and energy anyway. Seriously - if someone asks you to do something and it falls during a time you've set aside to study, just say no. It's much easier to stick to a study schedule when you're not constantly trying to move things around to accommodate other people. Yes, this is a little rigid, but you only have a limited amount of time to prepare for these exams, and if people can't be patient with you during these next few months, then that's their problem, not yours.

4. Include some exercise in your schedule, but don't feel compelled to go crazy. When I was in study-mode, I set aside 30 minutes a day to exercise, and I usually just focused on doing something I enjoyed, like yoga or walking. I'd done more intense workouts in the past, and I do much more intense workouts now, but during that time period, the last thing I needed was another thing to stress me out, so I focused more on making sure that my workouts were enjoyable, and less on hitting a particular calorie burn while working out.

Hope this helps!

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2/22/13 5:32 A

What i would do is when i go to the gym or work out I record myself saying my notes and the things i need to study and listen to it while i workout. That way you go over your notes once or twice just figuring out what you need to record and listen to it over and over (which i find helps me study) you could always be dramatic and add music and stuff.. like for example, if you are studying history, you could put your workout into your studying. "the first person to fly was ... and they flew for ... " while doing exercises that resemble flight

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2/20/13 10:08 A

Here is an article with some tips and quick and healthy cooking ideas. These meals pack fiber, veggies and protein into a quick-cooking (and flavorful) meal.

Think You're Too Busy to Eat Healthy?
Quick Shopping & Cooking Tips for People on-the-Go

Coach Tanya

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2/20/13 9:29 A

I've just started studying again for exams that I'm sitting in June. I find it hard to juggle working full time; housework; family and social commitments, and studying. Add trying to maintain healthy eating on top and I reach my breaking point.

I'm a snacker rather than a planner where food is concerned. I find that even when I do plan ahead and buy in the groceries for some healthy meals, it simply gets left to rot or go out of date and ends up in the bin. If I batch cook, I either forget to defrost or simply am not in the mood for what I have defrosted, so again, it ends up in the bin. I can also become obsessive about food and then I spend so much time looking up recipes or comparing nutritional values that I don't leave time to study. The other problem is that I also end up eating junk food for dinner / snacks, which leads to me to bad habits encroaching at lunch too...

I don't want to risk this happening again so would appreciate any tips in remaining disciplined from others who have gone through this.

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