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3/12/12 4:23 P

check out the low carb diet section of has a lot of information including suggestions on books,websites,etc.It's a lot easier to transition rather than the cold turkey approach.

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3/12/12 4:20 P

seeds-flaxseeds can be used instead of eggs in some baking {flax eggs},there are numerous recipes in the low carb diet section of thatre pretty tasty {I reccomend the foccacia bread and muffins}.there are recipes for other seed meal/flours.

coconut oil/coconut butter-tasty fat spread especially good for vegans.notrecommended for people with high cholesterol.coconut butter has a slightly sweet taste.both are solid below room temperature.

coconut milk-used in place of dairy milk,not recommended for those w high cholesterol,slighty sweet,tropical taste,best to go for lower fat varieties.real coconut milk is canned {those cartons of 'coconut milk' arent actually coconut milk,theyre just a soy based non dairy milk w coconut extract{'coconut like'}}

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3/12/12 2:32 P

The basic sources of your healthy fats are nuts, avocados, fish and olive oil. So increase your servings of these foods. You might, for example, start cooking with olive oil not because the pan needs it, but because your body does! Also, if you have enough fat in your meat to cook it - maybe you need leaner cuts of meat?

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3/12/12 12:23 P

Cheese is a tasty addition to your vegetables!
Avocado, vegetable AND fatty!
eggs, delicious and versatile, 0 carbs.

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3/12/12 12:09 P

Nuts are a healthy source of fats but low in carbs.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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3/12/12 9:34 A

I posted on here a couple of days ago, wondering whether my eating over the recommended percentage of carbs and under the recommended percentage of fat was a problem and was told that I should try and correct it... but I don't know how!!

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I'm a student so I am trying to lose weight on a budget - a lot of my money goes on fruit and veg these days!! I rarely cook with oil, particularly if I'm cooking meat because I find that there is usually enough in the meat itself. What can you suggest?

Thanks :)

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