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2/14/13 11:06 A

Hi Beckie,

I completely agree with you and normally I know that!!! But with BR, since the workouts are only 30 minutes, Jillian explains that she keeps you moving throughout the entire workout to get the cardio effect while you are doing strength work so you get the best results possible in the least amount of time. So I was trying to keep up based on this philosophy and trying to get the best results possible.

So now I am back to my dilema of whether I should continue with the workouts and just back off a bit (go at my own pace) or go to something else for a little bit and then try this again. emoticon

emoticon for your feedback. I appreciate it.

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2/14/13 10:52 A

Proper form is key, not how fast you go.
From Way back with Taebo I could never keep up with his fast paced moves. And have learned that in all of my other workouts as well. Keep form and at YOUR pace. Just find a new focal point to focus on and not on the people on the TV on how fast they are moving.


2/14/13 9:10 A

Hi Coach Jen,

I lost the first 42 lbs without tracking food. I am a plant-based vegan, so my food is typically low calorie anyway. Then I hit a plateau so that is when I decided to add exercise into the mix. When I did a 90 program before, I didn't track my nutrition because I thought I didn't need to seeing as how plant foods are low calorie anyway. But not matter what you are eating, taking in too much will results in no weight loss. That is when I decided to try tracking my food and the BR workout program.

The first two weeks of BR didn't have any plyometrics or anything. All moves were static. However, this week the movements started to have movement with them. No plyo yet, that is in the next set of workouts that would come in weeks 4 & 5. For instance, first two weeks we did standing lunges (static) then this week we started doing backward and forward lunges (movement). While doing the moving lunges we are also doing some sort of weight lifting with our arms (overhead press, hammer curls, etc.). Also we started moving with squats this week as well. Any program I’ve ever done, I’ve never had knee pain like this. I did Chalean Extreme which had a lot of the same moves this program does, however all the moves were static, no of them were moving like this program is.

I don’t have a medical issue with my knees and I try to do the moves in proper form, she just moves so fast sometimes. So I think you are right in that I am not ready for these moves and I might be slacking with my form at times in order to keep up with her. emoticon I think I am going to back off for a little bit, do something else that isn’t as intense and build up to this workout program. I will complete it, I know I will. It will just have to wait a little while.

emoticon SO MUCH Coach Jen!!!! You helped immensely.

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Hi Dena

If you weren't tracking your food before and you are now, I think this is a big reason for your weight loss. The majority of your weight loss progress comes from diet, not exercise.

Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. From what you've described, it's not typical muscle soreness, which probably either means you're not ready for the exercises in this workout, you're not doing them with proper form, or there's some other medical issue going on with your knees. I'm assuming this workout has a lot of plyometric moves (jumping lunges and other jumping movements) which are advanced exercises.

My advice would be to go back to a workout that doesn't give you pain. It's not worth the damage you could be doing to your body by just trying to push through.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

2/14/13 8:16 A

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

I need some help and advice. I am not sure what I should do or how I should proceed at this point. This is my third week of Jillian’s Body Revolution (BR). I really love the program and I have been getting amazing results!! I haven’t measured yet, but I can feel the difference in my cloths. Also, I lost 1.5 lbs this week for a grand total of 7 lbs in the 3 weeks I’ve been doing the program. That is better results than I ever got in the full 90 days of doing ChaLEAN Extreme (CLX)!!!

So here’s the problem. I am experiencing really bad knee pain. The pain is all around my knee cap. It hurts when I walk, stand, sit, extend my leg, bend my leg, etc. Anything I do it hurts. The only time knees don’t hurt is when I keep it still. But then I go to move it and it hurts. I am experiencing more pain in the left knee than the right, but they both hurt. Last night I felt really bad. I was sore, exhausted, and my knees were killing me. I ended up going to bed early because I literally felt like I was sick (fatigued, aches all over, knees hurt, etc.) I even took my temperature to see if I had a fever, that’s how bad I felt!!!!

Now, the first two weeks of BR I was fine, no problems except the usual muscle soreness and we did static squats and lunges during the first two weeks. Well, every two weeks of this program the workouts change and they gradually get more difficult. SO the beginning of this week, my 3rd week, the workouts changed. They were more intense and they had a ton of squats and lunges (forward, back, and side). The moves are dynamic now instead of static. Now, I never got even the slightest knee pain when I was doing CLX and there are a TON of lunges and squats in the one while you are lifting heavy weights. The difference with BR is it is faster paced and she moves you through the workout circuits fast so while you are doing strength you are also getting a cardio effect as well.

I am getting great results with BR and I am really upset right now because I don’t know what to do. Is the knee pain possibly just “muscle” soreness or am I really hurting them? How do you tell? Do I stop BR and go to a different program until I lose some more weight and get stronger? Do I continue on with BR and just modify, hoping I don’t make the stress on my knees worse and/or injure them? I feel like I am being too cautious and trying to wimp out, but then again do I have to kill myself to lose weight? Part of me is saying yes because look at the amazing results I am getting in just three weeks of BR and they are better results than I got with 90 days of CLX!!!!! Then the other part of me is saying the great results might in part be the workouts but the other part might be due more to the fact that I have been tracking my food intake along with exercise, which I didn’t do with CLX. The tracking the food might be playing the bigger role here. So should I start a different program (less intense) and keep tracking like I am now and hope I get the same results with that (less intense) program?

I really don’t know what to do here. Can anyone offer me any advice and/or guidance? I am at a loss as to how to proceed. This is really killing me because of the results I am getting. I really don’t want to stop because I am getting amazing results!!! Results I’ve never gotten from a workout program. But then again I don’t want to injure myself and/or cause permanent damage.

I didn’t work out this morning due to everything mentioned above. I was feeling so bad last night I figured my body could use the rest. Now I am debating whether I should do the BR workout tonight or just take it easy and go for a walk instead. I am just not sure what to do or how to proceed.

emoticon this is so long and thanks for reading if you made it this far. emoticon

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