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1/31/13 1:25 A

Wow, minus the dogs, I am right there with you. Understand the need to prioritize. Have made myself To Do lists and actually find myself timing myself on some of my chores. I can unload the dishwasher in 4 minutes, while I am cooking an omelet for breakfast. Crazy isn't it. Make your list and put the most important things on top. Exercise. I read that your husband doesn't cook, but invite him to help chop veggies or at least keep you company in the kitchen (unload the dishwasher while you cook.) It will be time spent together. Keep up the good work, it gets easier.

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1/30/13 3:51 P

Some days I simply do not have enough time after work to do all of these:
B)cook a healthy meal
C)get 8 hours of sleep
D)spend time with my 2 dogs (1 is a puppy that needs training)

I work 4 10 hour days a week, the 3 days off are nice, but i am exhausted! I'm in the midst of menopause, my husband works construction and doesn't have energy to help much, and doesn't cook. I probably should have said "no" about the puppy, but he will be a good exercise partner when the weather is better.
I've been trying to prepare more food and cut up veggies on Sunday, but that takes a lot of time, and I still find myself cooking thru the week!
Sometimes I can exercise WITH the dogs if the weather is decent, but right now it is cold and raining.
I feel kinda overwhelmed in the evening with so much to do, plus there are a few other chores and hobbies I haven't even mentioned!
So what's more important to you- rest, cooking, or exercise? I know I really need all 3, I've been waking up with bad lower back pain lately, too! When I was younger I used to get so much more done! I want lose about 15 lbs, but overall health is important to me too. Any tips for juggling all of these things I want/should do? Anyone else feel like there's not enough time? I've always required more sleep than most and have had anxiety issues, but these aches and pains and being overwhelmed are different. I've always looked and felt young for my age, stayed fairly athletic, but I'm struggling now!

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