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FANGLE Posts: 1,821
11/29/10 9:10 A

For breakfast, an hour after my workout is over I have:

1 scoop Shakeology - chocolate
1 scoop Diesel whey protein - chocolate
1 scoop Elite 12 Hour - chocolate
2 tbsp all natural PB
750 ml water
6 ice cubes.

Delicious and is 565 calories...good meal for me.

ERIN4771 Posts: 4,347
11/29/10 8:53 A

hey there...i use gnc vanilla whey powder, mixed with greek yogurt, mixed berries and soy milk, i drink it after i work out, and it keeps me full for a few pretty much doubles as my lunch....the other thing is, if it's too much for one sitting, you can always split it, put 1/2 in a sigg mug, eat later....good luck!!

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
11/29/10 12:18 A

Put more "lean" protein on your plate to your regular meals- your in a healthy weight range and whey protein can act like extra calories when so close to goal weight..
Actual protein as less additives and carbs than protein powders..

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BACKPORCH01 Posts: 31
11/29/10 12:14 A

I didnt say I used it as a meal replacement.

I use it as a snack. A snack to FILL ME UP after a workout and as a way to get more protein.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
11/29/10 12:11 A

Whey protein is a suppliment out over your "regular" food it was never designed to be a meal replacement!

It can be very heavy in itself I have problems with my stomach digesting it with milk.. Putting it with other stuff in my eyes is overkill.. I still have to find a regular meal- it is not a complete meal, I body build and if I don't have my normal meals I get hungry too..

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BACKPORCH01 Posts: 31
11/29/10 12:04 A

For awhile I was mixing aria protein powder for women with a cup of skm milk or soy milk. It worked well.. but I found myself hungry within an hour or so.

But. For the same amount of calories I replace the milk with non fat vanilla yogurt.

I put the yogurt in a bowl, pour the powder in and mix it up. For some reason I actually like the gritty texture of protein powder so i don't mix it up too well. I know most people don't like that gritty taste but it mixes in VERY easily!

Give it a try.

What do you mix your protein powder with? And what type of powder do you use?


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