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TBENHAR1 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/16/09 8:55 P

The music has to be good and I mix it up often

PHILLYEXPAT SparkPoints: (0)
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12/16/09 8:23 P

Music makes all the difference to me with any exercise. When I do strength training, I listen to Garbage's "Bleed Like Me" album - the beats are just right for my weight rep pace.

Mix it up - new routines and exercises keep things lively.

And try and multi-task. Use dumbbells and do floor work while you watch TV, do squats while you're brushing your teeth, etc.

MARKAMURKA SparkPoints: (15,266)
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12/16/09 3:38 P

keep a log.
follow a structured program or a ST DVD works even better for me.
just 3 times 40 minutes a week - it's worth it

MOMMAPEARLS62 Posts: 1,132
12/16/09 2:52 P

Renew your mindset and your body will follow.

MINDY1TX Posts: 55
12/16/09 2:43 P

I don't make it to a gym anymore, so I found a fun DVD that replaces the motivation I used to get from taking classes at the gym. Try Turbo Jam and the sculpt workout on that DVD. It's pretty fun!

KJOY21 Posts: 29
12/16/09 1:56 P

I love getting work out partners for multiple reasons. One is you can't back out if you know someone is depending on you. Two, you have someone to talk to so that the time passes. Three, you want to keep going so that the other person doesn't see you as a weakling. And four, it gives you someone who shares/understands your overall goal!

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SLGREER Posts: 1,537
12/16/09 12:39 P

Gravity classes work well (total body workout) having to go to class forces me to do it! other than that I agree Music!

BH7272 SparkPoints: (17,363)
Fitness Minutes: (30,986)
Posts: 2,175
12/16/09 12:27 P

Make your trainer laugh! (If you're lucky, he might just lose count...)

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CHILADY0923 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/16/09 11:26 A

Great, Heart pumping music as well as keeping a log to track my progress and see how much stronger I've become. Also, it may feel weird in the beginning but standing in front of the mirror as you lift is a great motivator as you will see when you're doing it right and how much your body changes.

12/16/09 11:22 A


SLIMDEB1 Posts: 1,799
12/16/09 11:09 A

I really enjoy taking classes at they gym. You start to know everyone in class and when you miss a class they notice and ask where you were. It helps keep me accountable and I've met some great people. I also find it pushes me to work harder.

JHERTERT Posts: 138
12/16/09 11:06 A

The result! I split my lifting up for Tuesdays and Thursdays and the results of how firm I feel and strong are great! Keeps me going!! emoticon

FITWITHIN Posts: 26,160
12/16/09 10:17 A

Music, a log, and a training buddy.

KALYAS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,877)
Posts: 167
12/16/09 9:58 A

Do a Strength training workout video like P90X Legs and Back or Shoulders and Arms... They are fun rather than doing it all by yourself

AGN1964 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 105
12/16/09 9:17 A

Keep a log and watch how you improve.

DRACHEL341 Posts: 86
12/16/09 8:58 A

I just went to my first body pump class last night and it was awesome... feeling it today!

CEWOLCOTT Posts: 1,966
12/16/09 8:23 A

I'm a fan of body pump too. I like the class environment.

ATULGARG2 Posts: 460
12/16/09 3:58 A

Strength training is fun doing and watching the tight muscles.

KARENEJ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,332)
Posts: 482
12/15/09 10:52 P

I love strength training. I track it on my fitness page. I also like to the Biggest Loser bootcamp. You get a bit of everything.

NANAOF3LUVSJC SparkPoints: (18,655)
Fitness Minutes: (15,381)
Posts: 2,070
12/15/09 10:35 P

I love doing my strength exercises on my stability ball and that is fun for me.

12/15/09 10:35 P


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BILBY4 SparkPoints: (48,001)
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Posts: 2,150
12/15/09 7:55 P

Focus on what you are doing. I mean REALLY focus. 'Listen' to the feedback from your body as you do the exercise. See if you can do the movement with ONLY the muscles that are supposed to be involved. Relax the rest of your body. Control the movements. Observe the form of your breathing and adjust if necessary.
It's very satisfying to feel 'in tune' with your body and that's all the fun I need.

T_HENRIQUES Posts: 232
12/15/09 7:12 P

Every once and a while bring a friend for a friendly competition!

SPEEDYDOG Posts: 3,003
12/15/09 7:07 P

I change my weight workouts to see what happens. I am now lifting light weights with lots of reps. I am currently doing 3 sets of 20 reps with light weights.

Sometimes I will switch and do heavy weights. I find drop sets to be fun.

I have been lifting since I was 14 years old. I am now 52. Sometimes I think I lift because it is a habit.

I always keep a log so I can see where I have been. I like to experiment.

12/15/09 7:01 P

i like to circut train.
i'll do some OnDemand workouts that involve both cardio and weights so i feel like I'm not wasting time.

LALEWIS72 Posts: 70
12/15/09 5:55 P

Take a class at the local gym. I started taking a class called Women on Weights a few months ago. It helps me keep up with my workouts, and I work harder than I ever would have on my own. There is something about having the teacher there leading you that inspires you to do more.

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MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
12/15/09 5:02 P

I love to compete with my previous workouts.

BIANCO14 Posts: 1,056
12/15/09 5:00 P

Music, music really loud music you like if no one else wants to hear it use an Ipod


SILVERDREAMS786 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,100)
Posts: 215
12/15/09 4:39 P

Take pictures of your body every now and then too. Keep them on the computer in a file together so you can see how your progress has come along, and where you're going. After you get to your goal, it will be great to see it played along in a timed sequence.

SILVERDREAMS786 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,100)
Posts: 215
12/15/09 4:34 P

Having a partner to work out with is a great idea IMHO. It can be a friend, a neighbor, or even your own reflection in the mirror (if you entertain yourself enough! lol). It (having someone there) helps to be able to correct bad form, support weights for you if they become too heavy, and you can celebrate your successes together. Setting goals is a must, and reward yourself when you reach them. It gives you something to look forward to! I hope this helps! Keep up the spark!

AKM0615 Posts: 178
12/15/09 4:27 P

Keeptrack! You will be amazed how much your body can do. Every few sessions you will see that your body can lift more and you start looking toned. Sometimes you might not see a big loss in weight but the inches will be where you see results.

12/15/09 3:08 P

Definitely keep a log - but better yet - follow a program in a book or on-line - that way, you can feel a sense of accomplishment finishing stage 2, for example - programs usually have mini-goals and interesting ways to check and reveal your progress - and it's a structured way to improve your strength, so you don't have to do a whole lot of thinking, you just need to know what exercises to do that day and you can experiment with just how much you can challenge yourself.

I never used to like strength training because I was using the machines a lot - when I switched to free weights, doing movements that make sense because we do them every day (like dead-lifts - we all bend over to pick things up off the floor) - suddenly I really enjoyed trying new things and challenging myself. I feel really tough and cool doing things with the Olympic size barbell, instead of the machines. Plus, challenging myself to see how many pull-ups I can do at once is something I look forward to every time I am at the gym.

ARTEMISR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,633)
Posts: 516
12/15/09 2:26 P

I think keeping a log really helps. For me it's fun to be able to see how in just a few weeks on some exercises I've already doubled the weight I lift.

Also for me actually lifting heavy enough is so much more enjoyable than doing 50+ reps of light weights like I used to, to "tone".

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BIRDONFIRE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (18,699)
Posts: 202
12/15/09 1:55 P

Since I'm one of those people that likes to track my progress and challenge myself to do better each workout, I also keep a log. That and listening to my favourite music cranked up loud along with having my husband as a workout partner makes for a great evening! emoticon

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (201,527)
Fitness Minutes: (261,305)
Posts: 2,243
12/15/09 11:58 A

I'm not sure I'd ever consider it "fun"--I consider it a MUST! I do it 3 times each week to keep my muscles strong & maintain bone mass. I do it to be HEALTHY...not for giggles. :)

12/15/09 11:46 A

listen to music

keep a log and change exercises every few weeks

research new and interesting exercises you want to try

make funny muscle poses in the mirror afterwards... hehehe

SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
12/15/09 11:15 A

- I strength train with a buddy; we switch machines and keep each other going
- track your exercises, both in a book when you complete them and then on Sparkpeople. You'll be able to see your progress and this will motivate you.
- take a strength training class
- join a SP strength training group
- set some strength training goals and reward yourself for achieving these goals

good luck!

MEG200622 SparkPoints: (2,814)
Fitness Minutes: (590)
Posts: 34
12/15/09 10:54 A

My hubby is so great! He has made the commitment to helping me and doing this journey with me. When we do strength training it's very hard for me, and painful as well, since I have missing disks in my back. He is there doing it with me, and we laugh at the mistakes we do, or how funny we look doing it. Making light of the situation has always helped me. If I can laugh while doing my bridges, my superman, and my wall push-ups plus pilates, it's all the better. PLUS: Laughing tightens the abdominals which exercises them all the more!!

SOCCERMOM172 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,457)
Posts: 416
12/15/09 10:25 A

If you go to a gym, try Body Pump or Group Power, they're basically the same thing under different names, group strength training/circuit training classes using a barbell and set to music. I take Group Power once a week and love it. It's a great workout and it's fun.

CECILANN Posts: 1,398
12/15/09 10:21 A

I can't say I look forward to strength training ever. I just remind myself of the benefits and try to either listen to music or watch a show to get through it. I always feel good that I did it afterwards.

CARISSA81 Posts: 1,456
12/15/09 10:05 A

To be honest, strength training wasn't fun for me until I started to see improvement. Now I love it! I went from being able to do like 6 modified pushups, and now I can do over 20! It feels great and I love when I can feel that my muscles are fatigued! My only advice is to KEEP TRACK and as you notice improvement you will really start feeling motivated! emoticon

JMGNIAD SparkPoints: (15,394)
Fitness Minutes: (26,896)
Posts: 454
12/15/09 9:47 A

body pump! check your gym to see if they have it. so far i've been doing it for two weeks and i feel great. it was impossible for me to strenth train too, so check out the classes at your gym.

STOCKY! SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,605)
Posts: 376
12/15/09 9:38 A

If you go to a gym, check out some of the classes. They have aerobic classes that incorporate weights/bands...ect.

Maybe that might be more your thing.

MOEMOORE SparkPoints: (34,357)
Fitness Minutes: (40,447)
Posts: 393
12/15/09 9:18 A

I find if I "sneak" in strength training its not so bad. I have a couple small hand weights in the living room so I can do that while watching TV or surfing the net on the laptop. I also have some resistance bands that are so easy to carry around.

Speaking of which, I realized tonight I should get a second set of bands and leave a set at the office. There are only a few ladies in the office, and several of us keep a few things in the ladies room. Easy enough for me to keep those in there and do a few reps whenever I have to go!

BETHANYBOO Posts: 2,039
12/15/09 8:56 A

I don't love strength training while I do it, but I find it so empowering to be strong. Envision yourself being able to do push ups and chin ups and squatting a hundred pounds. Set up some aggressive strength training goals. Hopefully you will find it motivating when you gain strength and are able to start meeting those goals!

STRICK38 Posts: 69
12/15/09 8:53 A

That's a great idea, I should definitely keep a log.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/15/09 8:35 A

I do mine in front of the TV. It helps the time pass.

12/15/09 7:55 A

Being competitive with yourself is a definite help. I have fun doing the wii fit strength exercises. My son started football in the spring and is now into weight training too so it is fun to see his progress and show him where I'm at. I wish I had more friends to work out with, I think that would really help with motivation and the fun factor.

12/15/09 7:06 A

Keep a log. By doing this you can see if your improving. An improvement of 1 rep or 1 pound means your making progress which is exciting. I rush to the gym to try and break previous weeks work outs and think all the time about my eating because now I am eating to get healthier, stronger and faster. After a while you have to discipline yourself to stay away from the gym and rest rather than discipline yourself to get to the gym.

12/15/09 2:15 A

I know all the benefits of strength training, and i see how much better i look when I do my workouts regularly, but still I'm really not a fan of strength training.
So what do you do to make strength training a little more fun?

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