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10/10/13 11:56 A

Thank you! I saw someone on craigslist selling the kind kids use and was thinking about it. I will eliminate that now that you mentioned it. And what's funny is I have a store credit for TSC that I never thought I'd use! So I will check that out!

Keep the ideas coming, I love it!

I used my new stationary bike today btw. Fantastic. I have used my skier for years but have never owned a stationary bike. I'm primarily an outdoors runner but have a foot injury right now and my bikes are across the country from where I am so this is going to be fabulous.

Also not trying to carve out space to use my exercise ball, which takes up a lot of room etc.

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10/10/13 11:07 A

If you can find some more dense rubber flooring, it is very nice. We have 2 rectangles that are "gym grade" rubber flooring and 4 more that are actually the rubber mats used in horse stalls (bought at TSC for much cheaper). They say the stall mats are not meant to be used on gym floors, but it works just fine for us. You might have to grab a utility knife and do a little trimming to get them flush with each other though. I do Insanity DVDs in my home gym and having that bit of firm cushion really helps. It also makes the treadmill a little quieter and give me just a bit more cushion when running on that too. But it's not squishy. Our kids have the bright-colored interlocking foam things and I honestly wouldn't want to work out on them. They're thin and I don't think the interlocking part would stay together long term with my Insanity workouts. And, once an end pops up a little, you've got a tripping hazard, which you don't want in the middle of a workout.
It sounds like you've got a nice home gym in progress! Enjoy it.

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
10/10/13 11:07 A

Ok. I like to do Insanity DVD's sometimes and I didn't know if it felt weird or obstructive when doing those types of quick movements.

I used to teach group exercise at a gym that had a carpeted floor and you couldn't spin or do things that quickly with your feet due to the drag.

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10/10/13 10:30 A

My gym has rubber/foam flooring in the weight area and it's pretty dense and gives about as much as the commercial carpet you find in offices. I like it for when I do box jumps/etc because it's not squishy but isn't as harsh on my joints as landing on concrete would be. emoticon

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
10/10/13 10:14 A

I like the inspirational posters idea! It's actually dry down there, but we do keep a dehumidifier down there because there's a shower down there in the other room. Actually convenient to have a shower down there next to the "new" workout room!

I'm considering adding some colorful foam interlocking flooring but I don't know what it feels like to walk or workout on.

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10/10/13 8:46 A

Mirrors will create the illusion of the room being bigger and reflect light so that it's brighter. A dehumidifier will keep it from smelling too damp and retaining odors. Maybe add some inspirational posters on the walls?

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10/9/13 9:12 P

The nice thing is it may be cooler. If the few light bulbs aren't bright enough, maybe you could add some floor lamps.

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
10/9/13 5:19 P

Hi everyone,

I am going to make a little home gym, unfortunately it has to be in the basement. I have a ski machine, stationary bike, exercise ball, yoga mat, exercise tubing and a TV to watch Netflix while I use cardio stuff or to do workout DVDs or Yoga, and a bluetooth tower speaker to stream music.

However, the basement has pretty much no windows, paneled walls and a drop ceiling and just a few bare bulbs for lighting.

What suggestions do you have to make it a little better? I don't have to have anything fancy, I used to workout in a basement gym in college to lift weights and that was fine, but this is sort of cave like???


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