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7/23/13 3:42 P

If I have consumed more sodium than I'd like, then I'd eat a banana (the potassium) and try to drink a little more water.

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/23/13 2:53 P

For another super easy strength program for beginners, a member posted this

It's really easy and it might help you out

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7/23/13 1:59 P

Yes, strength training can be a bit daunting at first, but its really quite easy, especially since you have access to a gym. Here is a link to the fitness plan generator on Sparkpeople. Click on the hyperlink on the name of the exercise and it will take you to a demonstration of the exercise. Print the list out and take it with you to the gym.

Here is another link to a 30 minute workout plan:

Also, there are some great videos and other resources under the Fitness topic on this site.
Good luck to you!

XXNIAMHXX1 Posts: 18
7/23/13 12:25 P

Oh and also, I do about an hour of cardio. About 30 minutes on the treadmill (quite high intensity with a high incline), then 15 minutes of both the elliptical and the bike. From about 2 minutes into the workout I sweat like crazy and my blood sugars are amazing (but can drop if I don't monitor every 30 mins) so I'm sure I'm doing enough there.

XXNIAMHXX1 Posts: 18
7/23/13 12:23 P

Thanks again for the amazing responses!

I am not doing strength training :( I honestly do not know where to start. I think I'd feel a bit stupid to ask someone at the gym where to start because it's mainly a male gym and I'm quite short and I look younger than my age (18).

I tracked my food constantly for about 3 months, although I don't do it anymore I know for a fact I'm eating right. I decided last month to take a picture of everything I ate for a week and there was no surprises there, so I know I'm well on track with eating :) I still eat a small bit of chocolate per week but it's within my calorie range. I major in maths in Uni so I have a pretty good memory with remembering calories, but since this was mentioned I will start tracking again from tomorrow onwards! :)

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/23/13 12:03 P

I've been doing the C25K program (coolrunning) and I noticed huge changes in 2 months. It's an 8 week program and today I'm wearing a smaller size and there are visible differences. I've also been eating healthy and until recently my strength training has been sadly intermittent. I know it can also give you some significant changes so imagine what I'd look like if I'd done both. emoticon

So basically, what are you doing for those exercise days? Is it intense? I find when I'm done 30-40 minutes of running, I'm done. There's no more in me. When I strength train, I can feel it the next day - nothing serious - not pain and short term - but my muscles know they did something.

If you're not tracking EVERYTHING you eat, start. You might find that you have some extra calories sneaking in - for me it was creamer in my coffee, I just never thought about it at all.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,319
7/23/13 12:00 P

Too much sodium and not enough water intake. Fruits and veggies can hydrate as well. Maybe try spinach, strawberries, grapefruit and broccoli, artichokes, romaine, tomatoes, zucchini, radishes, cucumber, celery.....

Watch your sodium count, from now until then...also eating an avocado can combat puffiness by balancing excess sodium and reducing water retention...Salty foods cause water retention and make bloat worse....

Too many Carbs can cause bloating ....such as rice, potatoes, and pasta, beans and peas maybe avoid thoese the week before...

Have fun!

7/23/13 11:13 A

Are you doing strength training? I notice a difference in my body- Esepcially my arms- after just 4 weeks of strength training. I would add some or add a little bit more. Not crazy, but an extra day or 15% heavier weights, or 3-5 extra reps or something.

XXNIAMHXX1 Posts: 18
7/23/13 9:22 A

Thanks guys :)

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/23/13 7:04 A

great responses.

Continue to improve your menu, eliminating added sweeteners (even the artificial types, which often add to bloating).

The greatest advise is the last comment, though - it's not about you - you're there for support.

Just have fun and enjoy the company of all in attendance, and make it the best day possible for you both (you and your sister).

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7/22/13 9:31 P

1) Wear clothes that flatter. Trying to fit into something that's too small for your body is a recipe for disaster! You get clothes that fit you... you don't get a body that fits your clothes. If your dress isn't great, work with what you have... have it altered to fit you if you need to.

2) Watch your sodium intake. I d on't mean just the salt on your food, that actually accounts for only a small percentage of most people's sodium intake. Watch for processed foods and restaurant food. Keep your sodium low, as too much can cause water retention.

3) Stay hydrated. Being properly hydrated is the single best thing you can do for yourself. It helps fight bloat, keeps your skin and hair looking great, AND helps fight cravings, since we often mistake thirst for hunger. Keep water on hand, and avoid sodas and liquid calories.

4) Whole foods. Nothing makes me feel good like whole, prepared foods low in crap and high in nutrients. It changes how your whole body feels!

5) Have reasonable expectations. Understand why you're there, and know that you're not going to make a massive transformation in your mind or our body in just 8-10 weeks. You're just not. You can't make yourself feel good if you're not already working on that. :) These things take time.

6) Remember that this isn't about you. You'll be on stage, but NO ONE will be looking at you... this is about your sister. You're there to support her. Looking great is irrelevant. :)

XXNIAMHXX1 Posts: 18
7/22/13 6:37 P

Hey guys, I should first already state that I am not looking for any quick fixes, I have already lost 16 pounds since March/April by not eating as many takeaways and sweet things and generally having a healthy nutritious diet that I am happy with, and by excercising 4-5 days a week. I am happy with the consistence of my weight loss and all that.

But I am maid of honour for my sister's wedding in less than two months and was wondering if any had any tips? Such as how to avoid being bloated on the day, and anything else I can do on the lead up to be more confident about my body. I know I'm posting this a bit early but I'd like to know a bit in advance!

Hope I'm in the right forum, thanks everyone!

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