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9/28/12 9:46 P

100lbs is possible to do depending on you how big you are. I was 360lbs the begging of January last year and was 260 by the end of January this year. You just have to keep in track with your goal and know your doing it for yourself and no one else. Finding a workout/walking buddy is great and tracking everything you eat is a must.

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9/28/12 1:25 P

To start, log all your food, every single bite. Be brutally honest with yourself on portion sizes you're eating. don't guess, weigh or measure it.

Once you see where you're eating your calories, then you can start to make changes. Maybe you're eating way too much fat or not enough protein or too many carbs. Whatever it is, you can start to make changes.

Don't set a deadline of losing 100 lbs in a year. It's possible, for sure, but not for everyone. Start with an amount of exercise you can reasonably do. If you can't do 30 min of cardio 3 times a week, start with 10 minutes of cardio 9 times a week. Even if it's just walking to the corner and back, it's a start.

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9/28/12 11:17 A

I started this process 2 years ago. I've lost 65 pounds. I lost the 65 pretty much the first year, so this past year has been more about maintenance. My intention was to continue losing but with lots of changes (country, job, lifestyle, etc...) I was only able to hold my ground. Now, I'm back full force and still hoping to someday get to my goal of 135 lbs. lost!

One thing I want to say is that I feel great! I feel great in clothes. I feel great in my leaner, stronger body. I have better balance. My skin looks great. I started feeling better after the first 10 pounds, and continued to feel great even when I wasn't able to lose.

Water aerobics was my savior in the beginning. It tends to attract older folks who don't make you feel too judged and it's easy on the joints, however, as you get stronger you can increase the difficulty substantially by jumping higher or doing actions bigger or faster, so it's also effective.

For me 100 pounds in one year wasn't possible, but I've really enjoyed the journey and believe that through the right mix of self-love and self-discipline, I'll make it there!

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9/28/12 11:02 A

Thanks for the discussion

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9/28/12 6:14 A

I lost 100 lbs. But it took me 2 years, and I doubt I could have done it faster if I had done anything differently. The thing is, even if it does take you 2 years, or longer, isn't it better to have done it after 2 years than not at all? If you lose 60 lbs the first year and 40 lbs the second year, you're still starting the 2nd year 60 lbs lighter.

So I wouldn't get too hung up on deadlines. As long as you start now and are persistent, you'll always be lighter than you were before.

When to go to the gym - it will depend on your own schedule. My gym is quietest between the hours of 9am and 3pm. I have a flexible schedule that allows me to go when I want, so I go between 8-10am. This way I avoid the crush of people but there are still a few people around to say "good morning" to. At most gyms, the busiest times are after 5pm. I also don't like to go when lots of people are there, because nothing is more annoying than waiting for equipment!

How many days/week to work out - this will depend on you and your schedule. I like to work out 5 days/week. That's a personal preference. Some people do 3x/week, some 7x/week. It's important to build rest into your week. It's important not to overtrain (this is when you do strength training of the same muscle group two days in a row). Make sure that your program includes strength training (this is essential to helping prevent loose skin after 100 lb weight loss - saved my skin literally), cardio (this will improve your cardiovascular fitness), and flexibility (as in stretching after a workout).

All foods are good and bad... it depends on how much you eat and why. As long as you track your calories and nutrients you can be sure you're getting enough of the good stuff and not too much of the not-so-good stuff, and your diet will naturally fall into step with that as you try to get your trackers lined up right. Obviously vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and fruit are good things to eat. Simple sugars, trans fats, high-sodium foods, and overly processed foods are things to eat in moderation.

Use the Spark diet plan to get started. You probably will want to add your own favorite foods and recipes but at least it will give you a starting point and you won't have to struggle to figure out what to eat.

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9/28/12 5:42 A

Spark has a team for this named 100+ pounds in 1 year.

I would suggest starting by joining this team. Here you will find members who are doing it!!! and sharing how they are doing it. Looks to me that they have weight loss challenges and goals to help you lose 25lbs a quarter. 4 quarters, 25lbs = 100 lbs in a year. 25lbs in 3 months sounds a lot easier than 100lbs in one year. Or if you will 3 pounds a week.

Start out with breaking things out into small achievable goals...They add up and they are not as overwhelming as 100lbs in a year!

The only other suggestion I have is make sure you see your doctor. To ensure that you are cleared for exercise. He may also be able to refer you to a nutritionist who could guide you to healthier choices and meal plans. Best of luck to you!!!

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9/28/12 3:13 A

You could make a start by tracking everything you eat. I agree with the person below who suggested cleaning out your cupboards/pantry. That's very helpful to do early on.

As for your gym questions, you should ask the front desk at your gym when it is the least busy. They definitely know stuff like that. They should also be able to help you get started. In my experience, every gym I have joined offered me at least one free session with a trainer or some other professional there to help set up basic workout.

Best wishes.

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9/27/12 11:31 P

good luck in this. u can do this..........first off get all the junk food out of the house. if it isn't there u can't eat it. plan your meals as you will make better choices in what you eat. Include some exersice in your plan. start small with attainable goals. Like loosing 2 lbs. a week. Give your self non food reward for goals reached. Track all your food as you will be amazed on how much you really do eat.

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9/27/12 11:18 P

Great info! Thanks so much for your experience. I have 59 pounds to lose and it feels like it might as well be 1000 pounds.

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9/27/12 10:49 P

Instead of setting a goal of losing 100 lbs in a year, I would set smaller more attainable goals so you don't want to give up if you don't reach that 100. Like, to start off with, a good 2 lbs/week, losing it slowly will help keep you from gaining it back and if you have some health issues and don't know what your intial fitness level is to start off with, that would be an easier goal for now.

My SIL just had gastric bypass surgery and they told her that she won't likely lose more than 150 lbs in the first year. Some gyms have lifestyle fitness and diet assessments, check into yours to see what they have to offer, they may be able to start you off on an easy beginning fitness plan.

As for the diet, I started a food journal immediately. I started one before I made any changes because I needed to see what I was eating and my calorie intake. I was brutally honest with myself and was horrified to discover I was eating 3000 cal/day. I would gradually cut my calories back in 200 cal increments and started to become more mindful of what I was eating. I started off with small dietary goals, like the first thing I did was stop drinking soda. That was a weekly goal, then the next week I would cut something else out, like fast food burgers, etc.

As for fitness, I started out small there too, I did water aerobics twice a week then added Zumba and workout DVD's at home. I was very self conscious but was determined to stick with all the changes that needed to be made. I also rewarded myself, not for weight lost always, but for my weekly goals. A favorite reward is taking a good book to a sunny park bench and reading a few chapters.

One other thing I did, was to buy "The Spark" book, although I bought it on my Kindle from Amazon not from this site, but the book is very motivating and explains all this in greater detail, how to motivate yourself, how to set goals, how to stick with it, how to reward yourself, and some basics about nutrition and fitness.

I have found, also, for me, having a fitness buddy or mentor helps too. It not only makes me hold myself accountable, but if I know I have a buddy waiting on me to walk with or work out with, I can't let them down and end up going even if I feel depressed. And, exercise is addictive, eventually. At first, I felt like I was going to throw up and pass out, but after you build up some endurance, I think you will find your depression lifting and you will want the euphoria a good workout will deliver.

I was in your shoes 2 years ago, so I know just what you are going through. Use all this site has to offer, reach out, find supportive people, not just here, but in your offline life.

Hope this helps!

Blessings, Michelle

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9/27/12 10:28 P

I can't really say whether 1 year is enough time to lose 100 pounds, but I can certainly tell you what worked for me. I had great success. I just had my first baby and now I'm working on losing weight again.

Every night before I go to bed, I plan what I'm going to eat for the next day. THat way I already knwo when I wake up that if I follow what's on my plan that it'll work out perfectly. I normally try and stay as low in my ranges as possible in case I'm still hungry and want to add something.

As far as exercise goes, I did the 30 day shred with Jillian Michael's. It's not easy and it doesn't work for everyone, but it worked wonders for me. I did it every single day for 30 days and lost a little over 10 pounds. It was a great jump start for me and I kept losing from then on!

You can do this! Sparkpeople is such a great tool, but you have to use it for everything. The more you track and the more accurate everything is, the more you'll be able to learn what is and isn't working for you.

Good luck! Message me if you ever want some more motivation or help!

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9/27/12 10:18 P

I don't know if this goal is too far out of reach but I want to lose 100 pounds in one years time. The problem is I have no idea where to start. My health has gone downhill in the past 4-5 years mostly due to my depression which has caused me to develop bad eating habits and I just can't get motivated. I have access to a gym but I need help setting up a good work out program, how many days a week I should work out etc. I'd also prefer to go to the gym when not many people are there but I don't know what times are good or bad. Another thing I need help with is a good diet plan. What types of foods are good/bad to eat etc. I realize I may not lose 100 pounds but anything is good. I'm just tired of feeling depressed and unhealthy, its a bad cycle. Any help is really appreciated.

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