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3/4/11 7:20 A

GETNFITGUY has it right. The short and intermediate goals are the big deal. The long term goals are usually byproducts of the shorter goals. "I want to lose 50 pounds", "I want to look hot for my wife" ... OK, ya, those are all fine and well, but that's not a real good motivator/goal for the now. For me in particular, my short/intermediate goals are usually competitive in nature. I play a number of sports and run races. If you find yourself with a group of like minded folks, a little inner competition will form and it will motivate you to stay on task.

For example, I've signed up for Warrior Dash with a bunch of guys this May. I've laid out a plan to train for this competition. I have my plan broken down week to week. I need to improve from week to week.

This is just an example. Maybe your real motivating goal is keeping up with your kids, excelling in a sport, being able to walk a mile, whatever. It all starts with a goal and a plan to get to that goal.

Having large, vague goals like "I want to be healthy" or "I want to stop traffic" isn't going to work. Those are likely byproducts of more functional goals and not real goals themselves.

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3/2/11 10:43 A

Keeping the edge on can be tough. You have to stay focused and motivated. How though? Focus and motivation can come from many different areas and will be a little different for each person.

Make short, medium and long term goals. If you're 215 and want to get to 185, for example, also have those shorter goal weights in there of 205 and 195. When you get to 205, reward yourself with something small. Maybe its a couple CD's, a new video game for your gamers or maybe go get a massage. Then focus on your medium goal of getting to 195. When you get there, reward yourself again. This will all help you stay committed to the end result of getting down 185, or whatever your goal weight is.

Also, if getting to the gym is tough and if you feel like you don't have the energy try some supplements. Overall, I don't think a lot of supplementation is good, especially long term, but it can be pretty helpful for when you get stuck or plateau. I got a free sample from a trainer of Cellucor D4 Thermalshock. The recommended dosage for this is 2-4 a day, but let me tell you - you only need one. It's got 145mg of caffeine and then a bunch of herbs including Yohimbine, but it's Ephedra free. I'm not a believer in taking pills for results, but this product definitely gives you a TON of energy without that nasty nauseous, shaky and "cracked out" feeling. Maybe try some pre-workout sups to get you going. Jack3d is another pretty good one. With either of these, after about 10 minutes you're not going to want to sit idle and will want to get to the gym.

You could also take the health statistics angle. Get some health stats about heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure and just being overweight in general and put them up in a place you see multiple times a day. Example "If I go to the gym today, I'm cutting my chance of heart disease in half". People that don't exercise are twice as likely to get heart disease - the #1 killer in America.

This will be a constant reminder that unless you take steps to be healthier, you have a higher chance of dying early. If dying isn't a motivator, I don't know what is.

Take a picture of yourself with just boxers/underwear on from the front, back and sides. Then put it up. As you lose weight and get more fit, those pictures will be a constant reminder of not only how far you've come, but they will be a motivator to encourage you to not ever let yourself get that way again.

Also, you could "fine" yourself or penalize yourself for skipping workouts. If you're scheduled or supposed to do 30 minutes of cardio on "x" day and you skip it, put $100 in an account that you've set up. $100 is a good chunk of change, and if you hold yourself accountable and are real with yourself you probably won't skip much. If you do, after a year you might have a decent savings built up for something special - if you deserve the reward of course. You could also penalize yourself with no tv for the next 1-2 days or no computer/internet games/access.

It's all about being creative. Hope some of this helps, and good luck keeping up with your weight loss goals. Stick with it and you can do it. It will start to become a part of your daily life and you will reach a point where skipping a workout doesn't even cross your mind.

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3/2/11 10:06 A

I need some help with this right now myself because I've been a little lax here lately. I've not been abusive with the food, but I've slipped out of the 'weight loss mode' and have unintentionally slipped into plateau.

I need to beef it up and think 'loss' again. Even though I'm maintaining, this complacency has got to go. Otherwise, I'll slip back into the 'abusive' lifestyle once again really soon without realizing what has happened.

I think the answer to your question [keeping the edge on] is what I need to remind myself. "To Stay Focused". Remember that each bite of food makes a difference. Including that small handful of M&M's. [Just happens to be a temptation I've yielded to a lot here lately. And that's got to stop.]

I had to go out a few pages to find this post. But this post was something I needed for myself today.


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1/27/11 4:23 P

I was on the edge of Hypertension and had a sore lower back. If I wanted to stay off meds and feel great, I had to change my sluggish lifestyle.

What motivates you?

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1/27/11 12:06 P

I keep the edge on by scheduling races for myself. I started with a 5k for which I used a couch to 5k training program. I've since progress to some longer races and I only compete against myself to see if I can improve my times.

I've made new friends from doing races and b/c I was enjoying myself some of my old friends started doing them as well. Now I have training partners.

Everyone has to find their own reasons to keep that edge. What is yours? I'll say this, anything is possible if you want to work for it, so when you are deciding what will keep the edge on for you don't underestimate what you can do. When I started this journey in 2007 I could barely swim 1 lap in the pool and could not run a 1/4 mile. I decided my edge was going to come from giving myself 4 years to do an Ironman triathlon. I did it last summer completing my goal on schedule. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE is you want to work for it. Find your edge, go get it, and have fun every day doing it!

1/26/11 6:56 P

I have lived the yoyo diet since I was in my teens. I began sparkpeople last summer...another try to lose weight. I lasted a week.

In December, I went to the dr. and left with instructions that I was going to have to get my tryglicerides under control and reduce my blood pressure. Not once did hte dr. say that I needed to drop wait. he did tell me that i needed to monitor my food intake to make sure that I was not eating unhealthy foods. I came back to this sight because it is an easy way to monitor.

I have reached a point that i could care less what I weight, what my waist size is, or what I look like without a shirt. I do, however, care about being able to stay out of the hospital, walk up a flight of stairs, and most importantly, watch my children grow to see what they become, and to be too old to die young.

Weight loss is a bi product of living a healthy life. Let the desire to be healthy be your motivation, and focus not on the extrinsic things of the world, but concentrate on the things that really matter.

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1/26/11 6:10 P

Hey guys I alway go through periods where I want to lose weight then I fail, any tips how to keep the edge on for me?

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