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11/24/13 9:46 P

Thanks for the tips. I have tried diet coke i hated it. i do make my own chips in an active fry, which cook 700g of potatoes in a tablespoon of oil and they come out like deep fried chips but a quarter of the oil and fat. But really want to loose these last 10kg, so ill try the 21 day habit breaker/maker lol 😊 thanks again

BJM223 Posts: 4
11/24/13 5:01 P

How about finding a substitute? Or making your own so you know what you are putting in it? Try to drink diet coke if you HAVE to drink cola but try and drink water! It takes roughly 21 days to create a habit so challenge yourself and see how long you can go without chips and cola! Good luck! emoticon

11/24/13 10:36 A

Hi all, need some serious help. i have a BAD craving for hot chips (french fries) and coca cola all the time. so how do i stop eating them all together because that is whats holding me back from loosing my last few kilograms.please help :)

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