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CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,731)
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2/9/13 11:23 A

I really don't where you fall in the range is the important factor. It is staying CONSISTENTLY within range that matters. And for me that means making sure that I really enjoy the calories I am consuming and that I take the time to make sure my meals offer variety and good flavors to keep me satisfied and happy in the calorie range.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,567)
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2/9/13 4:15 A

PAMLICO-DAZE - I had a peek at your Nutrition Page to see what was going on. I would strongly suggest that you up the calories and/or drop some of your work-outs. With the hard exercise regime you have, you really need to eat more. This may be why you have found that when you eat at the lower end you don't lose, but you can at the higher end. Strange as it seems, we NEED to eat MORE to lose weight sometimes, and yours is an example of that.

Good luck,

EMELYN21 SparkPoints: (1,676)
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2/8/13 9:24 A

I eat at the middle and high end of my range. When I exercise, I tend to be at the high end. I try to vary it from time to time.

I also measure and weigh my food, including breakfast. On weekends, I pre-pack my lunch for the week as well as prepare my breakfasts in sealed, microwaveable bowls. That way I can pre-plan how much I'm taking in for the first two meals of the day. I usually cook dinner for the week on weekends as well.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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2/7/13 9:33 P

I aim for the low end, figuring that I probably consume a few more actual calories than I record. I try to read labels, measure, etc. -- but I am not perfect. I figure I probably underestimate more than I overestimate. So I aim for the low end to be on the safe side.

RASIRE Posts: 285
2/7/13 1:18 P

In one word, for me it's PLANNING. Planning ahead makes all the difference for me.

2/7/13 12:45 P

When I had 80+ pounds to lose I ate at the lower end of the range, simply because I could get full at the lower end of the range and was eager to have the weight come off faster. As I get closer to my goal, that same amount of food for the day is now middle or upper-range.

Basically I've eaten all over the range, and sometimes above it. Consistency of effort is the key to success, IMO, no matter what end of your calorie range you eat in.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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2/7/13 12:38 P

I found that eating middle to top end was more beneficial for me. I didn't join SP until I was about 6 months into it, prior to joining I was sticking to 1200-1300 calories, and while I saw decent loss for the first few months, I eventually hit a pretty long (6 weeks) plateau. At that point I joined SP and they originally had me on like 1300-1600 or something like that, I don't remember the exact numbers. I starting eating 1400-1500 and the pounds started coming off again for a couple more months. Then I hit another plateau, and I redid my goals, and I got a range of like 1450-1750, so I started eating 1600-1700, and that point is when I lost enough to hit my goal weight.

Now that my calorie range is for maintenance (1480-1830), I consistently eat 1700-1800, with splurging 1-2 weekend days and I've continued to lose an average of a half pound a week.

Also I do not exercise, so this was always puzzling to me, but I guess my body just burns a decent amount on it's own.

For what it's worth, I did my calculations on another site and they have my daily calorie expenditure as being 1927. So that made me wonder if SP puts things on the low side.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (82,009)
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2/7/13 10:08 A

Do what works for you! Sometimes, the minimum is just not enough calories. If eating towards the top end of your range helps with your weight loss, I say that's a win-win :)

PAMLICO-DAZE SparkPoints: (46,810)
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2/7/13 10:05 A

Thank you for your guidance. It is odd to me that when I eat at the lower end of my range I stay the same weight and when I eat more toward the top end I lose. Just puzzling.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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2/7/13 7:16 A

I ate at the low-mid range most of my weight loss and then I hit a plateau so I dropped religiously to 1200, broke through the plateau and lost 15 more pounds in 6 weeks. Then I plateaued again so I brought my avg cals up to 1400 and began calorie cycling between 1100-1650 cals. I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. This week weight loss has seemed to come to a hault again. I'm going to give it another week and then drop my calories down again for 2 weeks and then bring them back up to 1400 cals for 2 weeks. If it all goes as planned... after 2 weeks cycling around 1400. I'm going to start upping my cals by 100 cal per day every 1-2 weeks and ease myself in maintenance. Then I'm going to raise them up a bit more and start power lifting to gain some lean muscle mass.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,770
2/7/13 6:44 A

I eat at the middle/high range and I have not lost any weight. I feel better, but I'm trying to get in the habit of eating less -- I have a feeling I need to be in the lower range, but I get so hungry... We are about the same with the BMI thing.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/7/13 5:49 A

I eat in the middle. My range is 1200-1550 and my average calorie intake over the past 3 months is 1318.

It works in that it's feels like the right amount of food (I'm not struggling to eat it, nor am I feeling hungry all the time) and it's bringing about 1 lb/week weight loss which is what I want.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,567)
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2/7/13 5:08 A

I don't think that we can advise you where in your range to eat because there are loads of variables at play.

I suggest that i you are able, create a spreadsheet on your computer and every day put into columns weight (WHEN you weigh - I only do every couple of months) calories, exercise (I have 2 columns - one for walks and the other for other types of exercise) and general comments which may cover things like extra hungry - extra tired - awake or up a lot during the night, on the go all day, etc. Every now and then I average the calories. As a result of this I have discovered that an average of 1600 calories over 2-3 weeks and I maintain - less and I can lose but how much depends on how much under the 1600 cal's I am. Over that range and once again depending on how much over determines how much extra weight. I have also picked up on other patterns from the comments sheet. My Dietitian was quite intrigued to start with and now that SHE is seeing the benefits, she loves getting the spreadsheets. It takes very little time once you have it created.

I also always weigh my food for increased accuracy, and everything goes into the tracker.

Another thing that I did while losing weight was one day every two weeks I would give myself permission eat whatever I wanted, disregarding the calories. (Fortunately for me I very seldom ever want to pig out, so I never really went overboard.) To accommodate this I usually ate toward the lower end of my range. It didn't interfere with my weight-loss at all, and I lost steadily. Since I have been at my goal weight, I gave myself permission to have my 'free day' on a weekly basis, but still generally eat as In 'weight-loss mode.' On occasion it may be more like 2 'free days' - especially if there is a birthday, or I am out a lot during the day and may not have taken my lunch with me - but it could also be once in 3-4 weeks.

I hope that you find what works for you.


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/7/13 12:07 A

I eat at the middle end and high end. I am lifting weights so I need to do that. Lots of protein for that..

SPORTYLAWGIRL SparkPoints: (11,853)
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2/6/13 10:39 P

Well it's harder to eat at the lower ended of the range and I don't really try to because I find it hard to get enough protein, calcium, and iron. Over the course of my first month with Spark I averaged 150 calories OVER my range and still lost 9 pounds (with a barely overweight BMI to start). If you're anywhere in your range I'm sure you will be successful with weight loss.

PAMLICO-DAZE SparkPoints: (46,810)
Fitness Minutes: (34,007)
Posts: 1,215
2/6/13 10:34 P

Have you found you have more success eating at the high, low or middle of your calorie range? Any suggestions?

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