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5/4/13 9:16 P

You are so welcome GyorgyB,

I am with you on the idea of keeping moving, it seems even more of a priority than when I was younger. Move it or lose so to speak with James Hilton's ideas in Lost Horizons in mind.
Moderation in all things.

Have fun on your ride!! emoticon

GYORGYB Posts: 76
5/4/13 2:23 P

Thanks Rebecca!
I like it and I been trying to do things in moderation and even moderation!
Very useful info! I appreciate it very much.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (416,791)
Fitness Minutes: (218,105)
Posts: 22,840
5/4/13 1:30 P

emoticon GYORGYB emoticon

The cardiologist in this Ted Talk link may make you feel better about cutting down on your running...

GYORGYB Posts: 76
5/4/13 1:29 P

Thanks for your info and taking your time.
I will manage. I will keep my running priority no. 1 and I will struggle through the bike part.
If your friend can do it I will try too.

5/4/13 1:06 P

I have a friend (who is fifty-something years young), who runs marathons and occasionally does "centennials" (one-hundred mile? km? bike races) through our local mountain range on her bike. She seems to seamlessly move back and forth between the two and has never mentioned that training for one lessens here ability to do the other afterwards.

GYORGYB Posts: 76
5/4/13 12:38 P

No this is not about food, it is about training and exercising. I been running fatefully to keep my heart in shape and also the rest of my body. And I am doing a pretty good job of it.
The problem I am seeing that I signed up for a Grand Fondo (it is a bicycle ride in a scenic area abut 120 to 180 km long) and now I have to train on a bicycle a lot. This will not give me much time to run also. I am afraid that giving up my running will set me back and after finishing the ride I will have nothing to fall back on!
I know I should ask a coach regarding this but I thought some of you might have done this kind of things.
So if you can, give me some suggestions. Oh yes! I am 72 years young.

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