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3/30/11 11:06 P


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3/29/11 9:30 P

New to me. Good info. Thanks

3/29/11 9:27 P

There is no such thing as "spot reducing." Once you lose bodyfat all over, the stomach will reduce as well. When it comes to the belly, it's 80% nutrition and 20% exercise!

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3/29/11 8:52 P

I too am not happy with my flabby tummy but everything I have read here on SP has said spot training doesn't work. It is about losing the weight and firming up all around (strength training)
I know in the past, I have done crunches on top of crunches until I hurt my neck. I bought one of those body by Jake machines. Neither helped much. I have tried other machines for abs and other exercises for ab workouts. I guess that is why I tend to believe what SP is saying, because I never got any real results from all that "spot training".

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
3/29/11 9:24 A

If I could have one thing done, bit would be a tummy tuck! Have a delightful day!

MOXIE22 Posts: 50
4/4/10 2:06 P

I have arthritis too and have found doing water aerobics at the Y has really helped. The most difficult part was finding a suit that fit. (sigh)

3/31/10 2:23 P

My cholesterol levels have always been fantastic, so I haven't paid attention, but, South Beach is supposed to have a positive effect of cholesterol (it is not really a low carb eating plan, but rather a good carb eating plan).

LVPANGEL55 Posts: 70
3/31/10 4:58 A

Did South Beach have a negative impact on your Cholesterol?

3/31/10 3:12 A

Yes, you can lose the jelly belly and you don't need surgery to do it.

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3/30/10 8:13 P

Lots of walking and strength training with light weights. Also try sitting on a balance ball as much as possible. My abs are in the best shape that they have been in since high school!

SKUNKY4 Posts: 1,086
3/30/10 6:45 P

Keeping 10 pounds for each child(four)and going through menopause has wrecked havoc on my stomach. I'm not looking for the lean, mean, stomach of a 19 year old, I just want to get rid of the heart killing flab. My fat is like jelly belly and I've heard you can't really tighten it without surgery. I also heard that the hard fat on the stomach is worse. Am I right??

SPARKLER1001 SparkPoints: (30,420)
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3/30/10 6:03 P

Congrats Rita, good for you! emoticon

RITAROSE SparkPoints: (166,052)
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3/30/10 3:05 P

As someone already said, genetics plays a big part. I've lost quite a bit and have slimmed down everywhere but my big belly! I can feel "space" between the fat and my insides and wonder if I will be destined to live with it? I am just 1/2 way on my weight goal and trying not to be discouraged. On an up note, this is the first time I've lost at least 20# and not had more of a "loose skin" problem. I think it's because I'm working out a ton, drinking a lot of water every day without fail and losing slowly. It's a very slow process after 50, but I'm happy it's coming off slowly because I never want to gain any of it back again. I have never felt more alive and energetic and upbeat! Hooray!

WORKID Posts: 3
3/27/10 1:44 P

I need this group SO bad! I'm a 59 year old apple. I'll be checking here for inspiration!

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3/26/10 7:06 P

if you go on the south beach diet, that will take the fat away from your belly, I don't know why it works but if you eat no sugar or bread for two weeks and follow south beach some how you lose it around your middle first. I am over 50 and I have a terrible pot belly. Iknow I just hve to go back to south beach and practice what I preach. it is so hard when going through menapause when your hormones are so screwed up to follow a diet...but sb works. I have done it several times.

3/26/10 6:46 P

I'm a 56 year old woman and I do have a flat belly and I most definitely did not have surgery and I know many other women my age with flat bellies.

PS In regards to the post above. Well, I am a South Beacher and I do not eat sugar, bread, pasta, or other refined carbs, so maybe that has something to do with it.

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LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
3/26/10 5:49 P

Over 50 [or even over 35, probably], a flat stomach for women is pretty much impossible, without surgery. We can all make it flatTER than it is, if there is still extra fat to lose. But it'll never get like it was when we were 18 [if any of you had a flat stomach then--I never did]. Walking and any cardio is good for reducing belly fat.

BABYFACE26 Posts: 2,804
3/26/10 4:39 P

just turned 60 and I have always had a big, big belly, since i was a child! lost 20 lbs at high school graduation, and for awhile, I had a flat belly. ..anyway, it's a POT, not a pouch, so at least you guys be grateful for not having as much fat there as I do! good suggestions here. Thank you.
I will focus more on cardio than I have. Its rough with the arthritis in my back/hip.

RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
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3/26/10 4:37 P

not gonna happen if your over 60. . .

NORASPAT Posts: 52,292
3/26/10 4:28 P

I do not believe you ever do. I can always hope for a miracle though.
What I want to see is BP down even more. Blood sugar -contolled and good lipid profile. Thats my goal

Pat in Maine

GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
3/26/10 2:03 P

I will have to say my stomach has flattened out considerably after losing weight and lots of exercise. I have lost over 40 pounds and I was expecting more belly flab to stay there.

SANDIELD Posts: 2,418
3/26/10 1:59 P

Lots of good info on this one. I too have that pouch and seem to carry most of my excess weight in the middle.

2/25/10 4:33 P

(1) Yes, if you lose enough weight you will be able to get your stomach flat again. But there is no way to spot reduce. The way weight comes off seems to be determined a lot by genetics and hormones. Myself (same age as you), the stomach is flat now, but I still carry extra fat on my thighs and arms. Another person would lose the extra weight from the thighs and arms, before it coming off the stomach.
(2) The answer to weight loss is creating a calorie deficit. Burn more calories than you are taking in.
(3) Many of us fifty+ year olds have, unfortunately, lost a lot of lean muscle mass over the years through a sedentary life style, dieting and failure to continue to challenge our muscles. The loss of lean muscle mass lowers our basal metabolism. To reverse this, do strength training. Be sure to target the large muscles to get more burn. Further, if you are losing weight now, you want to do weight training so that you lose the fat rather than losing more lean muscle mass.
(4) Strong core muscles will help you carry the weight around your midsection better - pilates, all sorts of plank exercises, and push-ups target core muscles, as well as crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches etc.
(5) Remember, your body gets more efficient as it gets used to any particular exercise, so you can't just keep doing the same thing. You have to change your work out program every 6 weeks or so and try new things (which actually makes it more fun too).
(6) In sum, you need to do it all - clean diet, aerobics, strength training (including core exercises) to create a healthy body.

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RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
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2/25/10 3:03 P

cardio, cardio & a little bit more cardio gets rid of the fat. Lots of muscle confusion (P90X) will get rid of the excess hanging stuff.

Just my take on things.

Ralph the Draftsman

WAY2WIN Posts: 612
2/25/10 2:50 P

From what I hear its, the cardio that gets rid of the belly fat. Mine has gone down, but the skin is stretched in that area from carrying most of my weight in my stomach, I don't know if it will ever be flat again.

DAVISY1 Posts: 654
2/25/10 12:30 P

still fighting that battle!!!

MYTIME2015 Posts: 267
2/25/10 12:21 P

I have found it is getting smaller as I exercise and simple diet change helped a lot! I quit drinking diet pop - this really bloats your stomach.

DEVORA4 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/25/10 7:20 A

Hi I just read the messages here and it is good to know that I am not alone emoticon

APRILLSCOTT SparkPoints: (0)
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2/25/10 7:02 A

I've been told cardio...cardio.....and some more cardio.

RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
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Posts: 4,405
2/18/10 12:46 P

I just turned 60. I'm down to 275 from 309 & the ring of flab(fat) is getting more prominent each day that I work out.

I've walked 300 miles in the last year, dropped 10% of my weight & lift 3 days a week.

I'm stronger, slimmer, sleep better, look & feel better BUT I'm sure that I need to do different & varied exercises to target the areas that I want to trim up.

Consistency is the answer, I think. Eventually... the ring of flab & surrounding tissue must firm up.

I have found that the diet books have left out the most important phrase of all. It all boils down to this...portion size, exercise...portion size, exercise... porti etc. etc. etc

Just my take on things.

Ralph the happy Draftsman

IDALUKE SparkPoints: (0)
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2/18/10 11:00 A

Hi Candi glad to hear from you, while I'm reading the spark book now for motivation, I need something to keep me motivated or I lose interest real fast

TCLADY Posts: 1,613
2/18/10 9:33 A

IDALUKE, Iam 64 and as you say have been battling the bulge since 22 when I went on birth control pills. Got it in line for a while in my 30's & 40's but then menopause kicked in there it went down the tiolet again. This time the battle came along with a breast cancer fight, no energy during radiation treatments so the weight piled on. Before joining here I went from 157 the last day of treatments (Jan, 5, o9) to 135 in mid Oct of 09 on my own but heard this was a great site for keeping trake of you calories, its a lot more then that and I will be here as long as the site is. Have a great day, by the way my name is Candi

IDALUKE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,566
1/26/10 2:02 P

I'm going on 59 yrs in March and I have been trying to get rid of my belly for a long time and still having trouble had 3 pregancy since I was 17 and had 4 kids twins was my first and gained 100 lbs lost most of it but never could get rid of belly so i still working on it. I've been exercising and dieting cut down on food in plate and no fried foods but still having trouble. I will look for the book in stores to read and see if helps, you guys have alot of great advise

TCLADY Posts: 1,613
1/26/10 1:15 P

hey measuring the belly sounds like a great idea. I will do that although I normally go by the way my one pair of jeans fit, if I gain a bit in the belly I can't wear them because they ride up to much. As i am now they fit well but would like it gone. Don't expect to look like I did at 20, lord come to think of it I was pregnat most of the time from 17 to 22, 5 times in all. 2 misses 3 babies. Last was born 3 days before our 5th anniversary. So really don't want to look like I did back then. Have a great work out everyone. emoticon

DARLENA3 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/24/10 7:57 P

I watched the infomercial for the pilates chair and fought back the urge to call. I will be interested in how that works. Please blog/message board on the process. Tired of the pouch but continue to do cardio and ab workouts and it is smaller. Flat - no...

ETHABES Posts: 37
1/24/10 6:58 P

That's a great idea. I'll be measuring that's for certain! Oh, and I must confess, I wouldn't mind wearing a 2-piece bathing suit ----- just one - more - time! emoticon

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PATHFINDER52 Posts: 752
1/24/10 4:33 P

Okay -- me too!
So, today, I gave in to the info-mercial and purchased (30-day risk free trial!!) the Malibu Pilates Chair. I'm not sure how many of the exercises my arthritic knees will let me do, but I intend to give it the ol' college try! (At least for 30 days!)

I'll let you know if the jelly-belly benefits from this work-out!

If you've read anything by Pamela Peeke, MD, you know what she calls that out-pouching: the meno-pot! She advises measuring it (from the pubic bone to the navel) just like the doctor did when you were pregnant to be sure the baby was growing, this time, though, to note how much of your "pot" you are losing!!


TCLADY Posts: 1,613
1/24/10 12:43 P

Morning everyone, I am 64 and have a jelly belly also. The trainer at my gym tells me that i can do sit ups all day long and it dosn't help the flab. Only cardio helps that, it is after all fat that is hanging over. But after a year, and 30 pounds lost, my waist is 30.5 inches and I can see over the belly if you get my drift. Its getting smaller by the month, it is work but we are worth every minute of it as we are working for our health. Have a great day everyone. emoticon

EYEONGOAL Posts: 1,439
1/24/10 11:37 A

I'm not sure whether or not I'll ever have my perfect stomach again, but I am sure that my stomach will be much smaller and firmer than it is now. If I end up with too much skin, I'll deal. I have no desire to ever wear a bikini and spandex inserts in my clothes may just have to be one of my best friends. My husband will still find me attractive, I will be healthier, and I simply won't worry about it.

P.S. I've heard of the "hangover pooch" also being called an "apron".

MCKM57 Posts: 227
1/24/10 7:40 A

i have the hangover pooch also. dont know if it can ever go away without surgery but i would never do that. i do curves smart every day but sunday. also sit ups and ab exercises. if anyone hs suggestions i too would be interesed. thank you

NAKIOMA Posts: 2,942
1/24/10 7:36 A

I've been looking for an answer to this one myself. I'm now going to the Y and doing water exercises for that area. I do weight training but that is more to keep the posture better and even though it doesn't eliminate the pouch it seems to help you carry it better and it doesn't show so much.

ETHABES Posts: 37
1/24/10 4:45 A

56 years old with a pouch abdomen. My question: Will I ever be able to get it flat again? If yes, how? Help me with tips! emoticon emoticon

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