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12/26/12 3:41 A

A couple of things the trainer at my gym told someone who was almost at goal weight, but still had a lot of Belly fat:

1. Step up the cardio exercises
2. Watch the sugar intake (like in yogurts, dressings, juice, sports drinks)
3. Ditch carbonated beverages- it causes bloating- soda, diet soda and beer- get rid of it
4. Try Safflower oil and Borage oil supplements- they are NOT diet pills, they are supplements with CLA and GLA naturally found in our body, but usually in low amounts, they can help aid the fat cells in releasing excess fat during weight loss.

Best wishes!

12/26/12 3:14 A

Spot exercising does not help. The belly well go as you consistanty exercise and eat right. Unfortunately it was the last of my excess weight to go and the first to return when I gained weight back

LWLAR7 Posts: 9,164
12/26/12 2:19 A

Eat less

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (578,213)
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12/26/12 2:16 A

Do a lot of brisk walking. I walk five miles a day or more.

IRFU18 SparkPoints: (105)
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12/25/12 5:32 A

Hello again people! Thanks a lot for your comments and advice. I really appreciate it. I have completed day 4 of my road to getting rid of the ugly belly. I have created a thread to keep track of my progress and receive more advice on what I am doing right and wrong.

Here is the link :

TCANNO SparkPoints: (352,567)
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12/23/12 2:21 P

Well I have been trying to get rid of mine and it has only moved an inch i 5 moths.

Just keep at it but as someone said it will be the last to go.


CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
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12/23/12 1:30 P

Mine's gone down by cutting out sugars (not totally, but a lot) and gluten (breads, etc.) caused bloat.Daily calorie count is at 1100 - 1200.
Also, the target exercise that has firmed up and reduced the belly area is leg push-ups on our Total Gym...they are similar to doing squats. This works abdominal muscles, metabolism has gone up and the stomach area has reduced.


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DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
12/23/12 12:39 P

I'm another one whose belly is the last to go. In my case I also found that some of the distention of my belly was due to digestive intolerance that I hadn't had (or maybe known about) before trying to lose weight.

It may be, that once you have been exercising and improving your eating for a while, if that belly continues to be stubborn you could investigate if you have some kind of digestive issue. It is not uncommon for people to develop the inability to digest a particular food like gluten, soy or dairy, even if you aren't actually allergic or weren't previously intolerant.

I still have belly fat & flab that I have to work on, but the whole distention thing went away within two weeks of hitting on the correct food to reduce or eliminate. You have to be careful to maintain your nutritional balance & calories, and if you have access to a nutritionist or diet expert to help you that would be best.

Best of luck! You can do it.

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12/23/12 11:04 A


LWLAR7 Posts: 9,164
12/23/12 10:15 A

Still working 0n it

JASTAMPER11 SparkPoints: (57,593)
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12/23/12 10:09 A

My fat lands there as well. I too have this as the last place to lose. Thanks for the info

LINWASH23 SparkPoints: (86,372)
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12/23/12 9:44 A

Good information. Cutting down on sugar helps too.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
12/23/12 8:29 A

You just have to keep exercising and watching what you eat! There is no easy way.

IRFU18 SparkPoints: (105)
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12/22/12 9:06 A

Thanks JenniLacey and CHICCHANTAL . I think I have an idea how to go about it ... like Jenni said I need to try to lose as much body fat as possible and till I get to losing fat around the belly. Also do you think ab exercises will help?

CHICCHANTAL Posts: 2,135
12/22/12 8:22 A

The thing that gets me, is most of my bellypork landed there last, and it's going to be the last to go as well. My face is noticeably thinner, but my gut . . . still hanging in there. Hollow LOL.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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12/22/12 8:10 A

You can't target fat loss. It comes off all over your body as you lose weight by creating a calorie deficit from your maintenance calorie needs, a healthy/balanced diet, cardio and strength training.

My fat loves to go straight for my belly. We all have our problem areas and unfortunately they are usually the last to go. I still have a belly even after losing 40 lbs and at 117 lbs, only recently my fat loss has been coming mostly from that area and less from other areas of my body. Before I gained weight, I had pretty close to a flat stomach at this weight. It hasn't been the same since two pregnancies despite tons of effort into my core but I am starting to see progress lately. Unfortunately, if I ever want to see a flatish stomach again, I'm going to have to get to a lower weight than I would have before I gained weight.

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IRFU18 SparkPoints: (105)
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12/22/12 8:06 A

Hi Guys and girls,

Please help me by suggesting some basic exercise and diet to help me lose my belly asap! I am 170 cm and I weigh 80 kg. This is how my embarrassing belly looks at the moment ( I know its disgusting and I am ashamed of it. ) Help please .... merci!


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