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9/26/13 5:26 P

I'm afraid I don't have any tips for you but am very interested in the replies you're getting since I'm also having trouble meeting my protein quota & can't imagine why as I eat quite a lot of protein. Yesterday, I had milk with whole oat cereal, yogurt, goat's milk cheese, a BLT wrap with turkey for lunch & turkey sausage, rabe & white beans with 1/2 slice of whole grain bread for dinner. All of that added up to a protein count of only 55, just short of the goal of 60-135 that my nutrition tracker is giving me. Even the day I had steak for dinner, my count was still short. I'm not sure what more I can add without going over my calorie limit. Am beginning to think the suggested protein counts are inflated.

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8/20/13 5:51 P

The protein powerhouse in my diet is low-fat/fat-free dairy. Specifically 2% cottage cheese and fat free Greek yogurt. I've had days this week with over 95g protein and still on the low side of my fat ranges. And this is with a predominantly vegetarian diet at present. This also leaves plenty of calories for enough fruits/veg/whole grain to get me up to 40g+ of fiber.

One thing to keep in mind, you can work these protein foods in by swapping them for something you usually eat, as opposed to adding it. Replace one serving of pasta (200 cals/7g protein) with one cup of cottage cheese (200 cals/27g protein) and you've just netted an extra 20g protein without any change to your calorie count. If that makes sense...

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8/20/13 5:18 P

Thank you everyone for the great tips. I will try them out. I also just realized I could get SP to give me meal suggestions so I may give that a go as well.

Fingers crossed for some eventual downward movement on the scale!

8/20/13 4:04 P

protein powder, watch for low sugar and carbs though, Its expensive but I think worth it if trying to loose weight. I get my protein shakes at Costco. Amazon has them too

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
8/20/13 11:13 A

eggs, egg whites, almonds, almond butter, cashews, walnuts, lean red meat, fish, white chicken, turkey, lean pork chops, protein shake (lower carb ones).

Also look at adding more fiber to your diet with fruits and veggies. They will help keep you full as well and eventually your carb cravings will go down.

When you eat rice and pasta, crackers.. are they whole grain? LIke brown rice, whole grain or whole wheat pastas? Maybe low fat triscuits instead of other crackers?

8HEATHER Posts: 63
8/20/13 10:45 A

Do you like fish? fish is almost pure protein - low fat - low calories/ounce and YUMMY (IMHO)...For lunch I buy canned salmon for my salads - so good. Others on my list are greek yogurt, high protein tortillas (read the labels - not all are created equal), cheese in moderation, cottage cheese, chicken, eggs or egg whites, beans. I used to be a carb junkie too until I started watching my intake of protein and fiber. Now that I tend to average around 20g fiber and 80g protein I am often LOW on carbs and "have to" have a dessert at the end of the day to bring those in range (sometimes I do, sometimes I just don't worry about it). Read the labels on everything - you will get in a groove where you know how much protein is in different products...

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SE2832 Posts: 31
8/20/13 10:01 A

I start my day off with scrambled eggs (1 egg, 3 egg whites, and 1/4c part skim mozzeralla cheese) and it's a protein powerhouse. That gets me off to a good start. I then to a mid morning snack of lowfat yoghurt mixed with a serving of Fiber One.

That combo really works to keep from getting really hungry during the rest of the day, gets my protein and fiber up, and leaves calories to use for later.

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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,299
8/20/13 8:33 A

Lean proteins include chicken and turkey baked or grilled without the skin, beef with the fat trimmed off and fish.Pork offers plenty of protein without too much fat, if you know what type to buy. Look for tenderloin, top loin, rib chops, sirloin steak, or shoulder blade steaks.

Beans and nuts are also good choices of plant-based proteins

Pumpkin seeds are especially high in protein, low in calories and fat.
Sunflower seeds have protein & almonds are particularly high in protein.

Nuts are an excellent source of gas-free protein, as well as chicken, turkey, beans, peas, fish, cottage cheese, and peanut butter, Parm and Romano cheese. Barley has good protein, Yogurt, cottage cheese, flaxseeds, pistachios, lamb, lentils,beef jerky, lobster, crab and tuna too.

They have a nutty flavor and a touch of pumpkin's sweetness. They are high in phosphorous and are a good source of magnesium and zinc, iron and copper. 1 Ounce has 8 Grams of protein making them a smart snack or salad addition. Pepitas are already shelled....I buy mine at Super WALMART.

Gouda is a good source of protein. Get the low fat version and eat 1 ounce sliced thin.

Wasabi Peas are high amounts of protein, which add up to 4.3 g per 1-oz. serving.
Get at Trader Joe's or WALGREENS

Pine nuts...a tablespoon of pine nuts eaten right before a meal will help you eat less because this healthy pinolenic acid triggers a rise in two hormones that turn off hunger.... according to reports made by the Journal of Lipids in Health and Disease...throw some on a salad.

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/20/13 12:54 A

Add meat, cut carbs. Meat is the easiest way to up protein. Have a 12 oz steak, and your protein will be fine. If you can't fit that in by cutting carbs, try some chicken, which is lower calorie.

The best way to make sure you hit your ranges, is to fill it in the day before, and then if it isn't in range, just move things around till they are. Then all you have to do is eat what you planned.

If protein is a concern, then start with that as the base of each meal, add fat if necessary, and the rest is your carbs. 20% of 1550 is 310 calories, so 78 grams of protein. That's 26 grams per meal.( X 3 ) Have chicken strips on your salad at lunch, have a chili with ground beef, and beans for dinner, or a stir fry with veggies, brown rice, and duck. Have a HB egg for a snack, with some cheese. Even some vegetables have quite a bit of protein. Protein is kind of the forgotten macronutrient, since everyone is either worried about carbs, or fat.

Carbs are easy to find, so making sure your fat, and protein are taken care of is what you probably need to focus on. After you get those set, you will have loads of ideas for carbs, and just add them in, till you reach 1550.

JDDAIRY Posts: 225
8/19/13 11:54 P

I often use whey protein powder mixed with nonfat or 1 % milk. I have also mixed it with water, but using milk makes it a little creamier. Also, let it set for about 15 minutes before drinking it - it will be creamier.

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8/19/13 9:45 P

I like Vitatops spread with a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cinnamon Cream Cheese spread or a 1/2 Tbsp of crunchy peanut butter. It feels like a huge treat & keeps me feeling satisfied!! You can find them in the frozen section of many grocery stores or order online. They are SO good!

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8/19/13 8:16 P

I'm really trying to focus on protien as well. (I don't track yet, cause doc and i are working on portion size and balanced diet, first).

I have included a greek yogurt smoothie w/ soy milk, fruit, and pasturized egg whites. (either from pasturized eggs, or from the carton, so you can eat them raw).

it really makes a frothy smoothie, and it has 2 serving worth of protien in the one shake!

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,138
8/19/13 8:16 P

white meat chicken or turkey

and I find if I have enough protein, I'm not nearly as hungry all the time

HARDER77 SparkPoints: (12,650)
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8/19/13 8:06 P

Egg whites, turkey bacon, almond butter and greek yogurt are my sources of protein.

MIAJOEB SparkPoints: (205,432)
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8/19/13 7:33 P

Well all I can think of is beans... it seems to me since you are a" carb a holic" That eating beans like pinto, garbanzo, black red, canallini etc, Just boiled with water will keep down the fat content of other sources of protein and always seem to be a satisfying addition to any menue.
Use lower fat meats like poultry and fish and eggs. Well good luck and have fun exploring Spark People.

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8/19/13 6:23 P

I've been actively tracking my food using SP for about a week now (despite registering about a year ago!). I'm trying to follow SP's suggested caloric intake (1200-1550).

I have found this first week really, really hard. I am normally a carb freak. I basically live on bread, pasta, rice etc and when I snack they tend to be crackers, chips or pretzels. I had already gone over the 1550 limit (by quite a bit) in three out of the six days I've tracked so far. Apart from feeling constantly hungry, the next major challenge was getting to the range of suggested protein levels. Even on days when I have exceeded my caloric intake, my protein levels did not always meet the minimum suggested.

I have been trying to track my food throughout the day so I have an idea what I can eat. A few times I have gone out specifically to try to buy some protein. I'm not sure why I've not been able to get as much as I should as I am not a vegetarian so I eat practically everything. Some days when I've made more efforts to eat proteins then my calories and fat levels also increase.

Does anyone have any ideas how to increase my protein intake without a large increase in calories and fat levels?

Thanks for any tips!

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