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JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
10/28/14 10:02 A

I've heard amazing things about BBL, and though yes, bootie is largely determined by genetics, I have heard it can help shape it a little through the moves.

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10/27/14 6:00 A

Most Brazil Girls put the booty wow when she doing exercise that's why Brazil girl butt so bigger and perfect so when you doing exercise put the booty wow which is lift your butt up and make your butt bigger.

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
6/23/14 8:04 P

Over at Marks Daily Apple (primal/paleo website) there's a thread in the Primal Fitness forum called "The Better Booty Thread". The women have been sharing specific exersises that have helped them shape their rears up. Lots of squats and weighted hip bridges if I recall. You can do it, but it's just not an instant process. :)

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6/23/14 6:50 P

I don't think there is anything wrong with targeting exercises to areas you want to work on--within reason. I think the main thing is having realistic expectations (not saying you don't). Some people do post these questions wanting a fast fix, to reverse genetics or to "spot reduce". Since the butt includes some of the larger muscles in the body, it is possible to alter its appearance through a good workout routine over time. Like any other muscle it can be built up over time--and this is typically a challenge for women so it takes time. If you already had a booty you were happy pre-pregnancy maybe genetics isn't your issue. Lucky you! Wishing you success with your goals.

ITSMYFAULT SparkPoints: (915)
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6/23/14 3:34 P

I already have had a larger butt area, but after kids the typical Mom duties didn't help keep it nice. I didn't ask for fast ways. I asked for help which I thank those who did. I will look into those suggestions. I'm a size 7/130lbs but have the pregnancy left overs. I want to tone and get my butt back to what it was. I know from numerous people there are workouts to do this, which is why I asked in here because google search can very well lead me in the opposite direction.

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
6/21/14 11:22 P

The size of your butt is often determined by genetics. I happen to have a big, round butt that will never go away no matter how many squats I do or how many pounds I lose. You can't change what kind of butt you have (flat or round). All you can do is lift and tone it.

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6/20/14 4:55 P

I did a 4 week BBL rotation (along with some other exercise--but I subbed the BBL strength workout for a full body heavier weight lifting workout and subbed the Cardio Axe for other dance classes). I did the rotation for fat loss. As you know you cannot sport reduce right? My hips/butt did not decrease in size at all but it did look rounder and higher (a little--it was only 4 weeks), I did lose a few pounds and the inches I lost that month were around the waist. I have adjustable ankle weights and would increase the resistance in the section where they use them in the workout called "High and Tight". Sometimes I could not do all the reps (it is fairly high rep) with heavier resistance but I would suggest upping the resistance and doing fewer reps if you want to see if BBL can help with your goal. High and Tight and maybe bum bum also have a section with looped resistance bands. I have a set of three that are in varying resistance and quickly moved to a higher resistance than the band it came with. I quite like the workouts called "Bum Bum" and "High and Tight" from the BBL set.

However for your goal, I actually kind of wonder whether the book "Strong Curves" by Brett Contreras would be better. Do you have access to heavier weights? It is a book that contains a few 12 week progress routines. Most are full body, though one is lower body only. One is bodyweight (though it includes some challenging body weight exercises like pull ups towards the end) and the other use weights or a mix of bodyweight and weights. The full body workouts have two exercises for the upper body each workout (one push, one pull), there are a couple core exercises (mainly planks variations) each time. So it is mainly compound exercises, but when it gets to the lower body it has some isolations (not many). I believe their are four lower body exercises each workout (a quad dominant like squats, a hamstrings dominant like dead lifts, a glute dominant like bridge ups often with a barbell, and an abductor (?) exercise). I did a the first four weeks of "Bootyful Beginners" and started noticing slight improvements at 3 weeks. I wasn't dieting so didn't lose any weight though. Vacation and an unrelated injury caused me to fall off the wagon, but I plan to return to it as it felt like a well designed program. You can do whatever cardio or yoga, activity you want but the Strong Curves program is weight lifting 3-4 times a week and after I learned the exercises I could do the workouts in 35-40 minutes (not counting warmup). Since it is a book it is considerably cheaper than BBL and probably better for building muscle. I got the kindle version so I can have it on my phone when I go to the gym and it cost less than $10 when I purchased it.

I also like BBL though despite the cheesy names and the cheese factor. Bum Bum is a fun cardio workout that you can feel in your lower body. And I found my balance and core strength sis also improve doing this system (though I was also doing a couple heavy lifting workouts a week). I just couldn't use the same dvd set every day for more than 4 weeks. I like dads for cardio and yoga practices, but prefer written workouts for strength workouts.

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6/20/14 2:36 P

Teddy Roosevelt once said that comparison is the thief of joy.

And unfortunately, women are taught to compare their bodies to those of other women, usually unfavorably.

You'd do better to give thanks for the body you have and work to make it as strong and healthy as you can.

That won't make you bootylicious, but it will allow you to feel good about yourself.

MCROW35 SparkPoints: (1,865)
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6/20/14 1:45 P

A lot of what comes into play for the female shape (top or bottom) has to with genetics. If you are born with narrow hips you probably won't have a very big butt, if you have wide hips it can be easy to get an overly big butt. However, making a big butt smaller is easier than making a flat/small but bigger.

The best thing to do is squats, that is the exercise you do if you want the best but your genetics allow. It is possible to gain some muscle mass in the butt which along with tightening it can give you a better butt. When you do squats and lunges you will get the best result by clinching your butt as you do the lift.

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,644
6/20/14 1:31 P

Completely agree ArchimedeseII - it's about genetics. Yes, you can make your glute muscles tighter and "bigger" but you aren't just going to wake up one morning with J-Lo's butt - she just happened to get the genetics to get that. I'm similar to her- my butt is just THERE. It's big when I'm big, it's smaller but still big when I'm at my thinnest. Some people would hate that, some people would love that. For me, it's a point of pride at the points I'm at my smallest BUT a huge issue when I'm at my largest as it makes me have to buy a pretty large size just to fit my butt in!

Be proud of the body of you have. Genetics can't be changed. Make sure that butt is tight and toned - and be proud of that!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,661)
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6/20/14 12:49 P


There really is no fast way to whittle away your waist or lift your butt.

Squats and lunges can help a person lift their tushie. But, you have to be consistent and you have to be patient. Contrary to what the infomercial says, it's doubtful that you will see a big difference in 30, 60 or 90 days. It took me months of strength training before I saw a subtle change.

Keep in mind that how many inches you lose off your waist depends on eating right and watch your portions. When it comes to losing weight, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition and portion control take the weight off and keep it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit. In short, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise. If you want to lose weight (as well as inches off your waist), you need to eat right.

Now as far as wanting a butt like J Lo or Kim Kardashian, you need to have had their parents. Genetics plays a big part in how we shape our bodies. If your body type is not small waisted or wide hipped, you're not going to end up with a body like KKs if you do the Brazillian Butt lift.

With time and consistent practice, you will eventually get a tighter butt and smaller version of your current shape. Most women aren't built to be 36-24-36. That's just not typical. So, if that's what you're going for, you're going to end up disappointed.

If you want wider hips, something contrary to your current genetics, you're going to need to get cosmetic surgery.

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ITSMYFAULT SparkPoints: (915)
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6/20/14 3:59 A

I am desperate to know what is best to get that bigger butt and smaller waist. I ordered Brazil Butt Lift but all the photos I see they are tighter and lifted but A LOT smaller. I want bigger. Any tips?

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