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5/7/13 7:48 A

thankyou for the replies M@L & MPLANE37:)

I am actually running (sort of) at a 10 incline (on a scale of 0-15 on treadmill).
At 10 I am really slow alternating between 5kmph when I am faster and 3kmph when I need to pause and rest as my legs would be burning by then. I guess I am a bit worried, that come race day, I might find the hill steeper due to multiple factors besides it actual physical steepness.
So I feel as you said, train hard race easy. And even though I am going at just 5kmph, it really pushes me those 20 mins and I will be gradually increasing my mileage over the next few months to a 42k uphill run.

MPLANE37, this is the second time you are helping me out. thankyou I really appreciate your advice :)

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Also, don't forget that a treadmill actually helps you run. Outside, no such help, unless you run downhill. To simulate running on a flat road, you must put the incline to 2%. Any incline of the race track should be added to that. So I am afraid you must use about 6% to simulate running uphill on a race track of 3.4% incline.

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5/6/13 2:22 A

.9 divided by 26 is indeed 3.4%.

Each level on the treadmill typically represents 1% incline. So to replicate this, you should vary the incline between levels 3 and 4 (the real hill probably has slightly steeper and slightly shallower sections anyway).

But for training purposes, you may want to train on a slightly steeper setting (eg. 5%). Train hard, race easy.


5/6/13 2:04 A


I am preparing for a race thats on Feb 2014. Part of it is on an elevation and I would like to use the % of incline on my treadmill for training.

The course:
The course is moderately flat from 0-10km.
Then from 10.1km to 36km its a steady climb of 900 meters.
That means an almost 1km incline over a distance of 26km.

The treadmill:
It has an incline level from 0 - 15.

Could someone help me calculate the incline % of the hill and its related settings on my treadmill please? I'm bad at maths.

I found this link
ademcalc.html and found the grade percent change to be 3.46
So how does that translate to the treadmill settings?

Thanks in advance.

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