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1/17/12 5:04 P

Your body is telling you that you need something more. Not more intensity or time, just something else. I do a mix of zumba, pilates, yoga, elliptical, and weights. It keeps things interesting and my body always seems to be challenged. So add in something different to your regular routine. Weights would definately help. I also love work outs on a stability ball.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (79,152)
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1/17/12 4:39 P

May be you are overdoing it. Try to take a break for a few days, see if you will miss working out again. It may be very different the next time you workout after your break.

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1/17/12 3:00 P

I feel good and have extra energy.

1/17/12 2:21 P

If you're not a fan of lifting weights, you can do a whole body workout just using your body weight or a resistance band. That will still get your strength work in, and it'll give you something to challenge yourself with (personally I find body weight exercises harder than lifting weights).

Good luck!

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1/17/12 1:39 P

Try a boot camp or body pump class. A lot of times they don't really feel like you are just lifting!! :-)

KGERS202 Posts: 13
1/17/12 1:33 P

Yeah I've never been a fan of lifting weights. I know it's super important. Perhaps I should try a strength training regimen. Thanks so much BDD

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1/17/12 1:33 P

another vote for - "change it up" - good luck.

KGERS202 Posts: 13
1/17/12 1:31 P

Great ideas! Thanks Blondie! :)

BDD923 SparkPoints: (6,407)
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1/17/12 1:19 P

Do you switch up your workouts? Do you do strength training or purely cardio?

I would try something new. Try a fitness class... Yoga, Zumba... something just completely different! If you aren't doing ST I stongly suggest to add that into your workout schedule as well!!

I hope you get your groove back :-) But it sounds like you are doing great!! Maybe reward yourself with a new outfit or a new pair of running shoes!!

BLONDIE_182_182 Posts: 130
1/17/12 1:17 P

It sounds to me like you need to mix your workout routine up. You sound bored with what you are currently doing. Try something fun. I hear zumba is awesome. Take a boot camp class. Anything that keeps you moving and is fun to do. Personally, I love Turbofire for days when I am bored with running and strength training. It pushes me but its out of what I normally do. I also love doing yoga because it helps me recharge.

KGERS202 Posts: 13
1/17/12 1:06 P

Hi, my name is Kate and I'm 22 years old. I've been on my weight loss journey for about a year and a half, and in that time I've become a runner. I enjoy running and working out in general, but I've noticed an awful trend. I used to feel so great after working out, so accomplished and it was like my body was thanking me. Lately, it doesn't matter if I run a half marathon, I never get that feeling. I can work out for 2 hours in the gym (and I mean actually WORKING OUT... not just sitting around watching other people do it) and not feel that way. In comparison, it feels like my body is saying "is that all you've got?". At first, I thought it was just a sign that I need to push myself more in the gym and during my runs so I improved my time for a mile and I spent more time in my sessions, but I've seen no improvement.

I'm wondering, is this a psychological thing? Am I just not appreciating what my body is capable of enough? I've made strides of progress lately and I really haven't taken the time to appreciate it, but somehow I feel like there's some key to achieving that feeling again without looking at my psyche. Any tips of any kind would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! :)


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