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For something like this, I create a recipe in the builder for just the marinade ingredients, have it making 4 servings (assuming you don't plan on eating half of the chicken by yourself :)) and then add that to the tracker. I do the same for sauces when I'm dealing with a whole chicken. Then I do a separate tracker entry for whatever pieces of chicken I'm eating, since the calories are quite different if you eat a breast versus a drumstick and thigh, or if you eat the skin or not etc etc. I think you'll end up with numbers that are way off if you try to build the recipe with the whole chicken in it. Also in this case for this marinade, I'd track the whole amount since it's likely not going to leave much liquid behind.

I also do this when I use breading ingredients sometimes, because I might make it the first time with pork, but I might make it again with chicken. For regular marinades where there's a lot of liquid left behind, I track half the amount for the ingredients.

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You could also add the recipe to SparkRecipes (giving credit to the source) and then add the amount you have eaten into your tracker.

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Definitely good thoughts! I'm guessing the main thing I'm trying to figure out is how much olive oil would be in a serving; I'm not against counting it all (as you say, it's impossible to determine how much exactly) but i'm not really sure how many servings this thing is putting out; I guess I can try figuring 4 oz = serving, figure out how many servings are in this bird, then dividing the oil by that many servings? Does that even make sense?

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Ok, so I read the recipe and it sounds fabulous! I see your dilemma though-- I played with the nutrtion tracker a little bit. From the USDA website, whole roasting chicken without skin is 160 calories per 3 ounces. There's a listing in the tracker for Chicken, whole, meat and skin (by NELKATA) that gives 3 ounces as 200 calories. Which might be about the closest.

I reckon what I would do (If it was me, and after reading the recipe I think sometime in the near future it WILL be me) is use that listing by NELKATA for the chicken in the recipe. As for the olive oil you marinade the chicken in-- I think I'd bite the bullet on that one and not try to figure out how much of it didn't actually stick to or get absorbed into the chicken-- I'd just include the whole amount in the recipe and take the hit for all the calories.

I will admit though that I am not anal about counting calories-- I try to get as close as possible and will usually err on the side of overestimating. But I won't spend hours trying to figure out exactly how many calories there are or lose any sleep over it. It's one meal.

edited to add: I'm assuming you're going to enter the recipe into the tracker.

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Okay, I've never really done a recipe like this, so I'd like to know how to enter it. I'm roasting an entire chicken, but it's going to be marinating in olive oil, rosemary, and garlic overnight. Ordinarily, I roast without any added fats or other extra ingredients (just dry rubs) so I just count the chicken itself.

So how do I do this? I have a roughly 3 lb chicken, whole. I'm adding 1/2 cup of olive oil to the surface. .25 overnight, then the rest will go on right before cooking.

I've read that a 3 lb roasted chicken will yield roughly 2 lbs of meat. I do intend to eat the skin and the dark meat (the dark meat's my favorite!) but there's really no way to enter this directly!

So, guidance? For your reference, here is the source recipe I'm using:

This thing is in the refrigerator marinating now, so this is dinner tomorrow. :) Help tracking? I could just track the cooked meat when I'm done, but that leaves out the potential added calories from the olive oil.

I know how to track the sauce and vegetables, but this whole chicken cooking thing is... mindboggling. ;)

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