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11/22/12 10:45 P


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11/22/12 6:45 A

Well not only did he follow up but yesterday offered to come over with his tools and and give us a hand fixing the house up for sale! So, I think we will go with him.

He seems to only have 12 listings versus some other agents who have 30, 40 or even 50. He was licensed in 1981 for real estate so is not new. I don't know if that is a good or bad sign or that is an average listing amount? I read some agents can actually have too many listings to give yours attention, too.

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11/21/12 9:27 A

Could have been that the Remax agent is local and the other was not in the same town, but i never heard of where the other agent worked for before.

I wouldn't worry about the contact that your buyers are going to have with the broker unless they are working with him directly. Most likely, your buyers will be working with an agent of their own and the agent and broker have the conversations. Now if he runs an open house and a prospective buyer comes in, then he may work directly with the couple.
I don't think a businesslike mentality will turn a prospective buyer off.

My agent gave me a short list of things that i should take care of before listing, but most was cosmetic. She told me that the place shows wonderfully. I kept it clean and uncluttered. Just wish I could have sold it, but with this market condos or I should say 1 bedroom condos are just not selling.

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11/21/12 8:50 A

That's what I thought. He emailed and called us back. The others sent the CMA and that was it.

The people buying the house would either be a younger single person or a young couple wanting a starter home. I just didn't know if they would be turned off by his businesslike manner versus a more personable female agent. It wasn't that he was brusk just not as personable. But that was the only possible negative I saw.

He said they use a new lockbox system that is like a cell phone and so he gets notified every time someone goes to view the property.

Why would one agent have more showings than another? Does that mean they are working harder to promote your house or that they have more connections?

The other thing was the guy agent seemed like he was looking for more positive things than the things wrong with it as the others were doing. A big selling point for the house is the oversized 2 car garage and he was the only one who went out to see it and went inside it. Being that he is a guy maybe he would sell those types of things harder too.

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11/21/12 8:43 A

I had one agent who listed my condo (which I wound up having to rent out), but she was horrible. She listed the condo on several websites but I had next to no showings and she barely called me. She was highly recommended by a friend but i found her mannerisms to be lacking.
One other friend recommended two people to me. One was from Prudential and the other Remax. I wanted a big company so he pushed me towards Remax. I talked to this woman, told her my needs. We listed the place under Remax and suddenly I had 5 showings in a two month period. Again not that great, but the market is not really running toward condos when someone can get a house for the same price.

I also wound up using her as my stand in landlord. She was great with rental showings. Hopefully in the next few years when the market goes up, I can get in on the sell list again. for now, I got a tenant.

Brokers are fine. More businesslike as you said. i think it is just who do you feel more comfortable with. I didn't really feel comfortable with my first agent, but fell in love with my second. And of course, the one who calls you back really wants your business.

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11/21/12 8:40 A

follow your instinct. It's a business transaction go with the broker, he will have all his agents working on it as well as the MLS service.

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11/21/12 8:36 A

We are selling my father's house as he recently passed away. We have interviewed four agents, all were recommended by friends or family, gave a similar market analysis, and have double digit years of experience in selling homes in the local market.

We think we are going to go with the one who seemed to pay attention to the details the most, is a broker rather than an agent and also was the only one who followed up with us after sending the market analysis out. However, his manner seemed more businesslike as compared to the other female agents who seemed a bit more outgoing.

However it seems since the prices agree and the property will go out on the MLS to be seen by everyone, the actual agent for the house may not have a big impact (unless they are very bad in communicating with us what is going on - we will be out of town.)

What makes one agent stand out from another in selling a house?

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