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2/13/13 2:15 P

Thanks for the input. My normal workout was basically walking four or five miles a day everyday. When its summer thats about all I can work in because of part time job and the garden and yard. I guess you can say I was getting a little bored this winter as my job is at a greenhouse and we close from Christmas until maybe the end of March, so had more free time. I thought if I exercised more I could get ahead and lose more weight, I guess I really didn't think it though. But with all the suggestions I am trying to increased my calorie intake, but its hard for me to do that I just never ate that much food. I am trying more raw vegetables to start with. I just don't want to use my calories with unwanted fats just to reach my targget calories.

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2/12/13 1:16 P

It sounds like you stop losing weight when you have too much of a deficit between burning and eating, and start losing when you allow that deficit to be smaller again.

You really need to focus on getting into that 1200-1550 range every day, right in the range, not just 1200. You have very little weight to lose and will soon be maintaining, which will be somewhere around 1700-2000 calories depending on your lifestyle. So you need to know how to eat that much.

Stop focusing on your exercise. Go back to your previous level, whatever level for you is "comfortable and I can keep doing this weekly workout for the rest of my life". Then ensure to EAT. You need to make sure you're getting enough nutrients.

At your weight, if you create too large a deficit by not eating enough, it's very easy for weight loss to stall.

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2/11/13 8:27 P

I would consider varying my workout. Have you ever tried interval training, weights, pilates, or yoga?

2/11/13 6:52 P

What is your calorie range here at SP? 1200-1550?
Eating within your range daily, would be a good goal to start with (especially since you say you have not been reaching even 1200 calories daily).
SP dietitian becky

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2/11/13 4:19 P

I've been having a problem with a plateau, however I lost weight when I upped my calorie count. To make sense of this I started exercising more 2 one hour sessions on the treadmill so about 7 miles a day plus doing flights of steps. But, I did'nt lose any weight so I increased my calories and I lost this week. So now I was wondering how to change my calorie count on my tracker. I would like to have some guidelines on what to increase and what should remain the same. I do have a hard time reaching my 1200 calories everyday so actually that is my new goal for myself to eat all calories thats in my tracker.

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