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If increasing fitness doesn't increase calories, then your goal of how much weight to lose each week is too rapid.

Eg 1200-1550 is the minimum, so if your maths works out at 800 daily, you'll get that range. Increase exercise and maybe your maths now works out at 1050 daily - you'll still be on 1200-1550.

You may want to reconsider your goal date and whether a slower rate of loss might not be more healthy for you.

If you're still getting a warning message about logged fitness even after adjusting it, I would say you did not manually specify how many calories your planned fitness will burn, and the site estimated for you an amount that is less than you track. For me it was the other way around - Spark estimated I'd burn something like 400 calories for 30 minutes and I struggled to make 300 - so if I didn't manually set the calorie goal I was always way under just on letting the site estimate based purely on a time goal.

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Hi there

On January 1st I joined (like many others, I suspect, the Official January Jumpstart Challenge. And to my amazement, I'm sticking to it and enjoying it! Before then I was very sedentary and seldom logged any exercise, though I would walk the dog a few times a week. I had set my fitness tracker to 10 minutes of exercise a day, and seldom met that with any regularity. But now I am trying to eat right and log my nutrition and fitness realistically. I am working out a lot more, and doing 30 - 60 minutes of exercise daily.

In my fitness tracker, I have been getting messages warning me that I am burning too many calories for what I'm eating and I should change my fitness settings, so I went in and entered my new details: 7 miles a week, 3 days of strength training and 5 of cardio at 30 minutes a day. My calorie allowance stayed the same (1200 - 1550), but it's still complaining and telling me that I need to adjust my fitness settings.

Also, I wondered if I am eating too few calories, as after 10 days on this plan I haven't lost anything at all.

What should I do?

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