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5/15/14 4:32 P

these are some great ideas. I've been living in a hotel so utilizing the bodyweight concept would be something for me to try. thanks for sharing!

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5/14/14 9:31 A

google search "nerdfitness batman bodyweight workout"


not boring and if done 2 or 3 times a week.... well - let's just say - I went from being a 'walker' type exerciser - to a spartan/tough mudder addict.

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5/14/14 9:03 A

Learn to:
- low bar squat. Not trivial at all. This will keep your mind busy too, because it is not as simple as grabbing some bar with weights attached and squatting. In order to put the bar in the correct location in your back and fix it between your back and your arms, you need sufficient shoulder flexibility. There you go, you need to do some mobility work as well.
- bench press. Not at all trivial. Learn to squeeze your shoulder blades together and lift the barbell with your arms at the correct angle to lift more weight and to prevent injury. Learn to engage all of your body to be able to lift heavy weight.
- overhead press. Again not trivial to do. How to steer clear of your chin and nose while lifting with maximum effort.

The point I am trying to make is, weight lifting is not boring if you try to lift heavy enough with correct form, because achieving correct form and lifting heavy requires enormous focus. There have been times that I left the gym without finishing the lifts because I could not focus on them to lift heavy enough (for whatever problems that occupied my mind then).

But I agree that there is a pleasant lightness that result from jogging listening to some good music or a good audiobook.

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5/13/14 11:56 A

I've been using for at home work outs. They are high intensity interval training and most of the workouts are body weight. I have found that they are very effective

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5/12/14 11:04 A

All good ideas, I think using my own body to work out might be my answer. I actually like that kind of workout.

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5/12/14 10:51 A


Have you ever considered trying suspension training ? TRX is a popular brand of suspension training equipment. But there are less expensive (good quality) bands that can be bought online. If you don't want to lift weights, suspension training may be a good option for you. I'm looking into doing some suspension training at home. All you need is a good secure door or tree branch.

You might also consider something like Body Pump. I know there are many guys who don't like taking group exercise classes, but I've reformed a few. lol. You may find a group weight training class (like Pump or sculpt) to be challenging.

If you don't want to do a class, how about body weight exercises or resistance band workouts ? I know body builders who use bands as part of their workout routines.

Also, thinking outside the box for a moment, ever try yoga ? Yoga isn't just about increasing flexibility. There are many yoga poses that require quite a bit of strength. Taking yoga will help improve your core strength, stability, coordination and balance.

There are techniques I learned in yoga I use when I lift. So, that's something else you might want to try to help increase your strength.

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5/12/14 9:50 A

1. Do compound exercises that work several different muscles at once. This will allow you to get in an all-body workout in just a few moves. A simple but effective compound routine might comprise:
* squats/lunges
* planks
* deadlifts
* pushups
* pullups/dumbbell rows

2. Lift heavier - select a weight heavy enough to fatigue your muscles in 4-6 reps. Not only will this allow you to complete each routine faster, but it is actually more effective strength training than more reps with a lighter weight.

3. Cut the number of sets. You get about 70% of the maximum possible benefit from the 1st set, 90% from the 2nd set, and about 95% with the 3rd set. If you are limited for time, you are better off keeping it to 2 sets, and using the time saved to do additional exercises that work different sets of muscles.


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5/12/14 9:07 A

If it's just the act of lifting metal weights that bores you, then body weight exercises like those shown in "You Are Your Own Gym" by Mark Lauren (a former SEAL) might be of interest. Or just googling "Body weight workouts" would yield some good sample workouts. For me, strength training isn't particularly boring because I have to concentrate to keep from dropping the weights I'm using on a vital body part :P. It takes as much mental fortitude for me to complete my strength workout as it does to complete my speed workout.

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5/12/14 8:58 A

I am now in the phase of my healthy life style where I need to build some more quality muscle. My problem is that I cannot stand to lift weights. I go to the gym and start out doing 3 sets of 10 of different weight exercises and about 20 minutes into it I am so bored that I end up going for a run to escape the boredom. What other ways can I build quality muscle?

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