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1/27/14 11:15 P

I can relate in part to what you say:

I don't have *WHITE* teeth, but *WHITE* looks so fake. My teeth aren't stained, tho'! I don't eat or drink foods that do that.

I have dry, flaky skin, BUT I have a good soap substitute (get even more itchy with soaps) and I use it every day - sometimes 2-3 times a day, or more. I use a slightly rough flannel to wash my arms and legs, with the emulsifying ointment (soap substitute) and the combination gets rid of the flaky skin and provides a good moisturizing cover.

I don't wear makeup and haven't for about 30 years (allergies)

I don't have a tiny waist.

I also don't drink alcohol or smoke, and don't spend much time outdoors (NZ has a very harsh ozone problem, but isn't why I don't go out much) and those 3 things are probably the most important things that you can do for your skin/appearance, apart from eat plenty of fruit/veges, and remain well hydrated.

I am SLIGHTLY overweight, still, but at a very healthy weight, and my bloods are now excellent. My Dr wanted me to stop losing a couple kg ago, but I went just that tiny bit further. I turn 60 in 2 months ........ but a LOT of people think I am in my mid 40's. I don't have many lines/wrinkles which in a large part is down to the no smoking/drinking alcohol/sun.

However, after having said all of that, I DO take pride in my appearance when I go out. I dress in clean clothes (those that need ironing are ironed) that fit the occasion. Since I have lost a lot of weight, I can now wear a variety of clothes that are complimentary to me - colouring and style, and that can make all the difference.

Have you SEEN the *A List* looks ...... without makeup or touched up photos? Some of them look like the duckling BEFORE they turned into a swan.

The world MAY be competitive, but unless you are in a market like TV, Films, Modeling, etc., then looks don't actually get you any further than 'Plain Jane'! As I said earlier, it is what is inside that gets you there (and sometimes who you know!)


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1/27/14 12:04 P

Well under-eye circles can be dealt with by getting a good night's sleep every night. Sleep does wonders for your skin too. Aloe vera is a great moisturizer that doesn't have extra additives and relatively cheap to boot. Brush with baking soda for whiter teeth. We all have to remember that the images of celebrities we see in magazines have been airbrushed and manipulated, not to mention the celebrities themselves. :P

Like other posters have said, beauty comes from the inside and works its way outwards.

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1/27/14 11:53 A

I tried Pilates before - total waste of time for me. My body didn't respond to it. The only thing that got leaner was my bank account : ( I am not obsessed with my looks (if I was I'd probably be running up credit card bills for spa days) or shallow but I think it'd be nice to have A-list looks, as the world is a very competitive place. I'm average looking but would look better with less severe under eye circles, whiter teeth and skin that wasn't flaky, in addition to a fat free body. I have no intention of wearing makeup. I want to wake up looking good. When I was younger it was easier to keep a 27 inch waist. 28 inch is about the smallest I can keep with ease these days, but I'm not trying hard enough and you have to get to a 28 before you can get to a 27.anyway : ) I'm 5 ft 2 , btw . I can't go to the gym but I can tell you I don't have very big love handles.

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1/27/14 3:47 A

You know, it doesn't matter how physically beautiful a person is because if a person is shallow or obsessed with their looks, then it reflects and detracts from the inner beauty that would otherwise shine through.

You don't say how tall you are. It might be that a 25" waist is totally unrealistic for you. You also say you are about 20lb fatter than you 'want' to be. I wonder if your goal is based on 'wants' rather than 'needs' ..... there is a big difference, and it could make the difference between being healthy or not.

I would be more inclined to go with your body fat %, and for that you can get measured at most gyms, doing the 9 point caliper skin test, but ensure that the person doing it is qualified to do so. It may be that rather than weight-loss per se, it is toning that you would benefit from. Doing Mat Pilates would also tone your body beautifully. It encourages correct breathing technique which in turn oxygenates your body properly, and then in turn reflects in the quality of your skin and hair. It encourages good posture which in itself can make a person appear to have lost weight. It can also drop a clothes size - at times more - even if no weight is lost. It is AMAZING what it can do.

Of course, it doesn't negate good nutrition. Ensure that you meet ALL your goals - i.e. calories and fats/carbs/protein.

Finally, where it comes to weight-loss, it needed cost a penny extra to lose the weight, and in fact, you may be surprised to find that you can actually SAVE money!


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1/27/14 2:34 A

Start a daily list of GRATITUDES.
Taking time to be thankful for the MANY blessings you have will grow your heart--from the inside out. It is too easy to look around and wish for something different (think genie in a bottle), but a wise person is the one who find joy in the day and shares that with others!

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1/26/14 5:11 P

Tough question. Do you consider yourself attractive now? Wanting to be EXTREMELY attractive is subjective. My most attractive friends are the ones with good personalities, extreme outgoingness, good sense of humor and self confidence. All of those attributes win people over. Many of them are overweight, but I never notice. I do notice that I like their positive energy. They naturally attract people as negative people drive others away like "Debbie owner". COST = nothing

Care about other people, listen to what they have to say, encourage them.

Exercise is free and natural beauty treatments can be found in your kitchen. Boil a pot of water and stick your head over it and cover your head with a towel - Once you've opened your pores, apply a beaten egg yolk with a cotton ball. Let it dry. It will draw out the impurities- then wash with cold water. Olive oil applied to your skin before bed with leave your skin baby smooth by morning.

There are so many more free options. Do try to build up to an hour of cardio a day and strength train. Your waist is genetic. I had an 18" waist in high school - after children I can get to 24" but that's it. But it's genetics. Even my very overweight sister has a very small waist.

Good luck.

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1/26/14 4:53 P

Eating under 1200 cals is not advisable particularly to someone who exercises. I lose weight quickly eating anything under 2200 cals and I'm small at 5'2 and 115 lbs. When I eat 1500 cals I'm starving and wind up binge eating. Eat an amount you are comfortable with and that is not torture mentally and physically.

My answer is weight lift and eat enough. Getting extremely skinny will not get you a smaller waist without the cost of losing where you'd rather not. I'm not sure what money has to do with it... I lost 60 lbs and it barely cost me anything. I just tracked what went in my mouth and exercised with emphasis on weight/resistance training.

I'm sure we all wouldn't mind being gorgeous but it's relative you know, subjective and fleeting. If you can't love and be happy with yourself at any shape and accept how you look, you never will. There will always be something you want to change, something you see to pick on about yourself. Perhaps discovering some less superficial goals/dreams to focus on?

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1/26/14 4:47 P

Beauty goals?

Wear sunscreen, drink water, use olive oil inside and out, stay out of the sun...

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1/26/14 4:33 P

Uhmmm emoticon well, I just reduce my calorie intake. You don't need any extra money to do that...
Eating around 1000-1400 calories is usually cheaper than eating 3000+

I don't know how tall you are, but having a 27-inch waist sounds like a very achievable goal emoticon

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1/26/14 2:48 P


Was your waist ever 27 inches ? What frame size are you ? Some women no matter how much they diet or exercise will never have a 27 inch waist. And that's just the way the genetic ball bounced. Do any other women in your family, mom, aunts, cousins, grand mothers have a small waist ? Do you come from a family of women who have small waists ? If so, there is a chance you could reduce your waist. If not, you may be asking too much of your body. When a person sets a goal, that goal should be realistic. Setting a goal that is too ambitious or unattainable sets a person up for failure. And that's not healthy.

What to do ? If you want to decrease the size of your waist, then you must do your best to learn to EAT right first. When it comes to losing or gaining weight, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition and portion control take the weight off and keep it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit. Will you lose three inches by eating right ? Maybe, maybe not. You're just going to have to wait and see how your body adapts to the changes.

Here's the thing about being beautiful. Beauty comes from within. If your insides are healthy, that reflects on your outsides. So, if you are eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, you will have the glow of good health from the inside out.

Do you smoke ? not to get nosy, but if you want to be beautiful, you should consider stopping. Nothing ages a person's skin like smoking.

Remember, if you want to take the weight off and keep it off, all the changes you make must be changes you keep for the rest of your life. If you want to take the weight off and keep it off, you need to eat right, watch your portions and get some regular exercise that includes some strength training. Think lifestyle change, not portion control.

And yes, there are many women (including me) who did NOT spend a lot of money to lose weight and be healthy. If you're looking for a great form of cardiovascular exercise, take a daily walk. There are members who will tell you how they lost 100+ pounds just by walking and watching what they eat.

One small piece of advice, try to appreciate your body for what it CAN do and don't beat yourself up because you don't look a certain way.

LACOYTA Posts: 618
1/26/14 2:33 P

I am 29 female about 20 lbs fatter than I want to be ( I have about a 30 inch waist) I workout around 30-40 mins 4 times a week. I'm planning on increasing the workouts to at least 5 times a week for closer to an hour. I am also cutting down to 120 grams of carbs. Two of my (many) goals in life are to have a fabulous body with a 27 inch (or smaller) waist and be extremely good looking. Unfortunately, I have to focus on doing the improvements that I can for free, for now. So, what do you folks do that doesn't cost anything but aids you to achieving your fitness and beauty goals? Thank you.
I know you can't "spot reduce". But the only measurement I take is a waist measurement so I referenced that

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