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There are many good ideas in the responses you have received,
but I did not see the one that did the most for me. High
Intensity Interval Training. This is the most effective form of
exercise to burn fat and tone up your hormones. It also helps
burn off stress which can seriously slow your metabolism.

You are already exercising so the transition will be easier for
you. I would recommending checking with your doctor before
you start as it is intense. The good news you spend a lot less
time and get a lot faster results. You should only do HIIT
three times a week for about 20-30 minutes. That is it.
It is emoticon

Research online. There are several good methods to choose.
A heart monitor also really helps. Let me know if I can help
you get started.

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2/24/11 1:04 P

I just read an article in the Townsend Newsletter of diets and nutrition and none of the experts agree. I think my system gets sluggish due to the ineffective way my liver works and age. But that's not an excuse it's just a personal challenge to over come. For me being pure with my food, keeping it simple, non-processed so the liver can just focus on the processing of fats is key. Another shock for me was using the wrong kinds of fats at various temperatures causes free radicals. This link is good for the over view of fats

this link is good for putting on the refrigerator so when you buy you make a choice that good for you.

I don't necessarily advocate this company's product but they lay out information for informed choices so you don't heat a good oil at the wrong temperature which is thought to turn to free radicals in some research. Regardless of which oil I chose I look at is it organic and expeller pressed then I'm aware of what of those selection meet how I'm cooking.

On this website it tells how oils and fat burning are associated and I don't want to paraphrase, there is some good information that you can then translate to your research of other companies.

Mary Enig's did her Phd on oils and stirred up controversy based on her findings. The food industry was up in arms at the conclusions she drew but some 10 years later no research could refute her findings that trans fat and hydrogenated fats were not good for you. The FDA (slow to respond) now makes manufacturers label the oils.

Oils are only a small part of metabolism but it's the tiny changes that make us turn the corner to good health, have the fuel to go just a bit further and in the end make us lose a bit more weight.

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2/24/11 11:04 A

Delores204 Thank you for the list. It is a combination of what everyone has said and puts it in persective. This has been very frustrating but I know better than to do this so called "diet stuff". Now time to get to work on it!

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2/23/11 5:04 P

10 Ways to kick up your metabolism:

1. Build muscle through strength training
2. Kick your exercise up a notch then slow down so you rev up/down within the workout.
3. Drink more water
4. Have your water on ice as the stomach absorbs it quicker.
5. Smaller more frequent meals, large meals with many hours in between, trains your metabolism to slow down. Having a small meal/ snack every 3 to 4 hours keeps your metabolism cranking, so you burn more calories over the course of a day. Several studies have also shown that people who snack regularly eat less at meal time.
6. Spicy foods can kick up your metabolism 26%.
7. The body burns up to twice as many calories digesting protein as it uses for fat or carbohydrates. Eat a balanced diet, replace some carbs with lean, protein-rich foods to jump-start the metabolism. Healthy sources of protein include lean beef and pork, fish, white meat chicken, nuts, beans, eggs, and using small amounts of dairy products.
8. Drink coffee black and in small quantities 1 cup a day - can kick up your metabolism
9. Drink tea 2-4 times a day can burn 50 extra calories a day
10. Your diet should not be less than 1,000 calories a day or it slows your metabolism
11. Build muscle and stay active

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2/23/11 4:25 P

Thank you everyone. I will hide the scale and work hard at this. All your tips are very helpful.

2/23/11 1:45 P

TACDGB, Thank you for mentioning the pepper. I do the black pepper and cayenne as well but couldn't remember the source or if there was any science behind it, so I didn't want to post it. Adding them to every lunch and dinner did help, though. (Not a crazy burn product or concoction, though. Since I already used fresh black pepper to cook with, it was easy to just add a lot more to my plate.)

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2/23/11 1:07 P

I saw DR. Oz and I also read this yesterday. that certain foods will help with your metabolism. Ice water, Cayane pepper, black pepper tea and coffee help to boost your metabolism. I'd give that a try.

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2/23/11 12:20 P

If you're still trying to lose weight, I would suggest calorie cycling or a "zig-zag diet" to keep your body guessing. Here's a good page about it

I don't know if this will help an already stressed metabolism, but it definitely will keep you from ruining it while dieting.

2/23/11 12:03 P

I hear you! In addition to the above, one thing that's helped me is to alternate between the high end and the low end of my calorie range. I stay in range and eat nutritionally, but for lack of a better term keep my body "guessing" how many calories it's going to get. My weight loss is also more consistent when I eat a variety of foods. When I get in a food rut (no matter what those foods are), it seems to slow down. There may be no medical science to support this, but it's true for me. Finally, Dr. Oz suggests drinking a big glass of ice water first thing in the morning. A cup of hot green tea or hot lemon water works better for me because I have other health issues that get in the way, but Dr. Oz says for most people ice water first thing will help rev things up.

Oh, and CJ's right: hide your scale! I've blogged about my battles with this, but weighing no more than once every 2 weeks is hugely important to maintaining my sanity. I dream of making it to a month!

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Although you asked the question on the diet and nutrition board, I also would recommend that you pursue an exercise plan that will support or boost your metabolism. In two words - strength training. The more muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn (that's why men - lucky dogs - usually get to eat more than women do even if they weigh the same).

It is very tempting when you're trying to lose weight to over-emphasize calorie-burning cardio activities. After all, those activities burn off pounds and allow you to eat a little more while still losing weight. But if you just do cardio, you'll end up losing muscle as well as fat, and at the end of the day your body will need fewer calories to maintain your weight than it did before. The solution is to incorporate strength training that works larger muscle groups (e.g., legs, back, shoulders, chest). You don't need to spend hours and hours at the gym. Every little bit will help - maybe you could aim for 3 30 minute strength training sessions per week, plus some cardio.

The other benefit of strength training - if it's done right - is that it strengthens and stabilizes body parts so that you're better able to pursue an active life (e.g., running) without injuring yourself. And it helps prevents or slows the rate of bone loss.

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2/23/11 11:04 A

It's not really a matter of restarting it, it's more getting the metabolism back to normal. It's a long process and it doesn't happen overnight. And if you weigh during the time, you're going to see your "scale number" creep up and up, but that's completely and 100% normal. I advise hiding your scale.

Set your fitness goals, your weight loss goal, and a reasonable amount of time in which you want to meet that goal (and seriously, be reasonable about it, none of thise 30 pounds in 3 months thing). Once those three variables on your Spark start page are set, Spark will calculate your nutritional needs.

Follow those. Do not eat under and do not go way over. If you put the three variables in right, your nutrition range should be correct too. Once you eat at that level for 2-4 weeks, I'd expect your metabolism to get the picture that you aren't crash dieting or starving yourself, and then it will return to burning fat and not storing it.

There's nothing wrong with drinking shakes as long as they have the right nutrients and carbs/fats/protein. But, they should be rare - solid food is the best thing to have for the body because it can break it down easily and quickly.

Best of luck, and seriously, hide your scale so you don't get discouraged. I gained 20 pounds in about three months after I was in starvation mode for the previous three months. I'm a guy and heavier, but expect some weight to come back on before you can begin to lose it again. It's all a learning process.

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2/23/11 10:33 A

I am fairly sure that due to trying different types of "diets" and drinking a shake for breakfast and lunch with a good dinner I have hurt my metabolism . How can I get it back up and running so that I can finally lose weight? I am excersing on a treadclimber pretty much every day. Suggestions?

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