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2/5/13 11:52 A

I always hear that exercise has little to do with weight loss, and personally, I don't agree... it might not DIRECTLY contribute to a ton of weight loss, but what exercise does do, is put me in a healthy mindset... I am 1000x less likely to cheat or binge or eat crappy foods if I work out earlier in the day... also, burning 400-500 cals per day through walking or running on a treadmill or outdoors certainly helps weight loss along :)

agreed that weight loss starts in the kitchen, but I do think that exercise is the glue that keeps diet and weight loss on track

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2/5/13 11:02 A

I eat my 1700 calorie allowance per day. My work out consists of 15 min on the Eliptical and 25 on the treadmill for now.

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2/5/13 10:57 A

WEight loss is not about exercise. Consistent exercise is important, but if you're not tracking your food intake, you may find no results at all. You can't out-exercise a bad diet!

How long it takes to see results is so individual that no one can really give you an answer that will help you. It will take as long as it takes. :)

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2/5/13 10:30 A

Do you mean exercise results (you might need to be a bit more specific on what you mean by that: improved cardio endurance, strength gain?) or weight loss results?

if it is the latter, exercise has very little to effect weight loss, getting your diet in order is far more important for weight loss.

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2/5/13 10:03 A

It's really hard to say. Don't know the intensity, duration or frequency of your workouts. Your internal organs and things will start noticing immediately that something changed, but your external may take a while. Just keep with it.
Measure yourself before you start and maybe every week or two measure again.
Combine strength with cardio. (personally my cardio is in my surge training which only takes me 12 minutes).
I will say that with my surge training, I lost about 50 inches all over. My waist went down about 8 inches, my thighs each went down about 3 inches and so forth. I also slept better and had more energy. However this took months.

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2/5/13 9:56 A


I am a newbie at Spark People and have been doing it for a month now. I have been lazy with incorporating the excercise and have 80 lbs left to lose. When you started working out, how quickly did you see results? I am obviously a person that likes results... lol

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