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PATTIMET Posts: 657
9/2/13 1:43 P

A zombie run will be slower than a normal 5K. If there is a specified time that you need to be off the course the website for the event will list it. I am a runner - each year I try to push my self for something new. This year - I pushed and completed my first triathlon, I will do my 2nd in 3 weeks. But I learned that bike riding increased my speed for running. It has been great to cross train. To increase your speed - maybe do some cross training with a bike. Good luck.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
9/2/13 12:13 P

Is it an obstacle course type race, where you have your zombies, and you have your survivors? And the zombies try to catch the survivors and "infect" them? If so, an hour isn't that unrealistic - my first 5k was an obstacle mud run, and despite the fact that I can usually do a 12-13 minute mile and was in pretty good shape, it still took me 49 minutes (it was the hills that killed me!). Many other people took 1.5 or even 2 hours. When you sign up for obstacle runs, they generally advise that if you think you may take longer, choose a starting wave earlier in the day (at the very least not the last 2) to give you plenty of time.

If it's more of a flat 5k and everyone dresses up like zombies, I don't have experience there but I'm sure you'll have your runners and your shamblers, and everything in between. After all, not all zombies can be fast - that would be blasphemous.

If it's an event that happens year after year, see if you can find previous photos/finish times/articles on it - anything that will give you an idea of the feeling of the race (if it's super competitive, just a place for people to dress like zombies, or everything in between) - though fun runs or ones that require/encourage costumes generally aren't super competitive.


MLAN613 Posts: 18,842
9/2/13 8:57 A

A 20 mile split should be okay but I agree that you should check the race website and, if that's not clear, email the race director. I have asked questions a few times when the answer wasn't available or clear and the people have always been responsive and nice.

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9/1/13 9:59 P

check the race website, they usually have time limits posted, and if still in doubt, email the race director.

9/1/13 9:52 P

I have been exercising consistently for over half a year and while I am getting stronger... I'm not really get faster. I'm ok with that. My question is:

I really want to sign up for the zombie 5K next year, but will it be ok that it might take me an hour to do the whole thing?

I figure I should be able to do 20 minute miles by then, but I don't want to like have thing be over by the time I get to the end. haha. What has been your experience?

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