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1/22/12 11:13 P

I will admit my bias up front, I am a personal trainer who has a majority of women as clients and would never have them doing anything similar to this type of workout since it is basically, in my opinion not a work out. You can run this series as a three day in a row then a rest day without overworking anything. The reason you can is that you are basically working small muscle groups with non challenging weights.

I will agree with Skywatcherrs that in time you will find that full body workouts combined with compound movement exercises to be more effective and productive. For now I suggest you lose the mini weights and find weights which challenge you to complete more than 8 to 10 repetitions with proper form. Repetitions in 3excess of that number are about endurance and not increasing muscle function.

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1/22/12 10:05 P

Thanks for replying. Well my goal is to lose 40lbs. I never realized that about working the whole body vs splitting the body up per se. I could always just do the upper and lower body in one day.

1/22/12 6:29 P

In general, for best fat loss and general health results, you'll need strength training 2-3 times per week.

On a split routine like the one you're describing, you just need to make sure that you're not doing the same muscle groups back-to-back. You need at least 1 day of rest in between workouts of the same muscle group. So if you do chest and triceps on Monday, don't do chest and triceps again until Wednesday at the earliest, see what I'm saying? You might want two days of rest if you are just beginning.

I would also advise that you work up to heavier weights whenever you can. The heavier you lift, the better your results will be from a fat-burning standpoint. This is especially true with a split routine. Because you're splitting up the body parts (that is, you are not working the total body in one session) using heavier weights will produce higher calorie burn for you. Working fewer body parts per session means that you burn fewer calories unless you lift challenging weights or do several exercises for each body part.

If you still have fat to lose after finishing with this video, I would encourage you to start doing your strength workouts in a total body format. Generally, total body strength workouts produce the best fat loss results, especially in new exercisers. You don't HAVE to, of course, but most people see better results from a total body workout when they're trying to lose body fat. Just a suggestion.

ALIRY2012 Posts: 30
1/22/12 2:23 P

I just started doing this DVD called Margaret Richards Body Electric. Its a upper and lower body work out. Program A: triceps,biceps, shoulders,chest. Program B works inner,outer thighs,abs. Program c works quads,hamstrings, gluts. Each program is 20mins. I use 5lb weights for the upper body. My question is how often should I do this video ? Twice a week? Every other day? and just make sure I am not doing the same body part twice? Thanks!

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