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4/17/12 1:33 P

Just a funny thought....

When I first saw this, I wasn't thinking raw fish or mercury. I was thinking that you might want to be careful about eating all that white rice!

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4/17/12 12:48 P

Sunshine: All sushi that is available in the EU and most to nearly all the sushi that is available in the US is not made with fresh raw fish. It is made with fish that has been pre-frozen for over 24 hour which kills off any possible parasites.

The point is that there is a risk to eating anything. I work in what you could call a parasite-heavy situation (I'm a deep jungle archaeologist). I know three people who have gotten giardia from water. Two who have gotten salmonella from some meat. I got salmonella from peanuts (remember that outbreak? I got it). One poor girl who got a farm parasite from somewhere. Plus I know two people who got dysentery (water we think) and a lady who got a flesh eating virus called "el chiclero'. A friend of mine got a form of hepatits from a salad bar in Atlanta. I don't know anyone who has ever gotten anything from sushi.

Also, sushi has no more (and no less) mercury than any other form of the same seafood. The mercury in raw salmon is the same as mercury in cooked salmon. If you never eat fish ever, fine. If you do eat fish, no need for caps.

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4/17/12 9:36 A

Raw fish, including sushi and sashimi, and undercooked finfish & shellfish which include oysters, clams, mussels, &scallops are more likely to contain parasites or bacteria, more than cooked fish. Over time this can possibly cause heart disease and damage the central nervous system, and the health risks can outweigh the benefits

If you've been eating sushi with worm eggs in it, you have worms. Sushi can also cause tapeworm, flatworm, parasites, like roundworms which can burrow in your stomach lining causing pain or inflammation. If you experience any symptoms after eating raw fish, like sushi, you should seek medical assistance immediately. SUSHI ALSO HAS HIGH LEVELS OF MERCURY.

Sushi is not for me anytime. if you continue to eat sushi please be careful.

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4/17/12 9:35 A

Why do you think eating fish isn't safe?

I'm guessing you mean mercury?

You pretty much have to eat sushi every single day (and quite a bit of it) to get mercury poisoning AND that would have to be sushi made from fish who were high up the food chain and thus had higher mercury content (ie swordfish, sea bass etc). Salmon is quite low in mercury so you could probably eat it every single day with no problems whatsoever.

If you actually are worried because the fish is raw, number of times you eat it isn't a factor at all. Bad fish is bad fish (just like bad anything is bad anything). If the sushi is prepared properly you need not worry and see above. If it is prepared improperly, like any other food, moderation isn't going to help you. That would be like asking if eating spoiled chicken once every two weeks was okay!

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4/17/12 9:35 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

4/17/12 9:08 A

We have a Panda Sushi place on campus. I like the ones that are just salmon on top of rice. It's a pretty low-calorie lunch, and I've started eating sushi once every few weeks. Would it be safe to have it once a week? Or should I stick with every other or so?

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