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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
2/20/14 9:17 A

I have adjusted several times. I started with 3000-3500 when I was 360 lbs., and dropped to 2500-2800 when I was below 300. Then I dropped again to 1800-2200 when I got below 250.

As long as you are losing, don't change anything. SP provides the calorie ranges because most people have no idea what they should be eating, and have no idea how to set up their own ranges. Sometimes they are off by a little based on accuracy of fitness minutes, and they have trouble with short, light people, or really heavy people. So, I would use them to get close to what you should be eating calorie-wise, but tweak it a little based on how you respond to the range. If you are barely losing, drop 100 calories, and if you are losing too fats, raise the amount of calories.

These tweaks should be made over long periods of time, months, and you should stick to a narrow range as much as possible, so you are sure that eating in that range is causing too much, or too little weight loss. Only then would you want to make small changes.

One of the reasons that you do not need to make a lot of changes, is that as you lose weight, your caloric needs should start to drop, except that you naturally become more active, and burn more calories, as you start to get healthier. So for 6 months at a time, it is possible to drop weight, and burn the same amount of calories, due to extra exercise. Don't lower calories till you stop losing weight almost completely, and then just drop 100 or so, and see what happens.

The changing daily based on calories burned makes sense on paper, and in theory works, because it keeps you caloric deficit at the same level, but most of us don't accurately measure exercise, or even all our calories correctly, so we tend to have days we lose, and others we gain even when we think we ate and burned the same amount of calories. If you have great control with steady weight loss, this works, but I find that when I work out harder, I just enjoy a little more weight loss. As long as it isn't steadily over 3 lbs a week, it isn't a problem.

MNCYCLIST Posts: 6,988
2/20/14 5:42 A

Daily depending on what I've done for exercise.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/19/14 4:57 P

If you've been losing weight using 1420-1770, stick with that! Why mess with something that is working!

Oftentimes, people find that sacrificing calories down to the bare minimum does NOT lead to a significant enough increase in speed-of-weight-loss to offset the feelings of hunger and deprivation the minimal eating can cause.

Really, if what you've been doing up till now is working and you are feeling comfortable with it - it's probably the "best for you" way.

NICOLES0305 Posts: 511
2/19/14 3:11 P

I've been at 1420-1770. I've been staying within that range most days. (We all have bad days, right?)

Anyway, I just noticed that my calories are calculated the old way where they don't take into account exercise. If I change it to the new way, I get the 1200-1550 range too. I'm a little scared to change it, and that 1200 number seriously scares me, lol. If I stay at the top end of that, then its not too different from what I normally do right now anyway. I'm just curious which way will work best for me. (And I admit I get impatient sometimes! lol)

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/19/14 2:58 P

My Spark Range has been the same (1200-1550) since the very beginning... and I'm down 73 pounds. I've updated my goals on numerous occassions but it always stays the same - probably because I always put in semi-aggressive goals.

I don't always STICK to that range, though. But of course when I exceed it, my rate of weight loss slows or stops.

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NICOLES0305 Posts: 511
2/19/14 2:04 P

Do you do it every 5 or 10 lbs? Once a month? Whenever you up your minutes of exercise?

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